3 Reasons to Consider Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes have emerged as a popular choice for many gifts during the holidays. The popularity is due in part to the rising cost of packaging material in many gift items, especially those made of plastic. It’s also because the design has proved time and again to be one of the most effective methods of packaging gifts to ensure maximum visual impact and longevity. If you’re thinking of sending someone a gift but aren’t sure what to get them, then it’s well worth considering the advantages of custom chocolate gift boxes.

Chocolate Can Make A Great Gift


One of the advantages of using custom chocolate boxes is that they offer the highest degree of flexibility when it comes to designing the finished product. These boxes are based on at least two components; one to store the chocolate and another to place the finished product on top to ensure the item is safely protected from heat and moisture are also very easy to put together – even by yourself if that’s what you’re into.



Another advantage of using custom chocolate delivery boxes is that the design possibilities are virtually endless. Chocolate gift boxes can be designed from any sort of design. From whimsical to sophisticated and everything in between, you can design them to meet your personal taste and style. You can even use custom printed boxes to make a statement about your company, brand, or service. These boxes come in a range of colors, which makes it very easy to coordinate with your business’s existing branding, logo, and advertising.

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes

Printing Method

There are two basic printing methods you can choose when you want to order custom chocolate boxes. You can either go for full color printing, or you can go with a simple single sided printing method. Full color printing gives your box high-quality finish and is highly recommended over the single sided printing method, which doesn’t give you as many options when it comes to design. A single sided printing method uses ink cartridges to print on your box’s surface. If you’re printing your chocolate gift box using this method, you’ll be able to choose your desired colors from a wide selection of colors available, and you’ll also be able to mix and match them easily.



Many people love decorative items that are customized, and custom chocolate boxes fall into this category. When you order a box in custom chocolate boxes, you can choose various different types of textures and finishes. Think about whether you want a matte cardboard appearance, or a glossy finish. If you’ve got a design concept in mind, you can usually find a design partner to work with to create your ideal box design. The most popular option is to order custom chocolate boxes in custom wood casings, which can provide a classic appeal that goes beyond the traditional candy canes.

Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes


If you’re worried about the durability of the custom boxes you choose, you’re not alone. Although a lot of the custom printed materials used to create custom boxes are specifically made to withstand shipping, many people have had problems with the boxes after they’ve been opened. While there isn’t a 100 percent guarantee that your custom box will survive after opening, you can alleviate that fear by choosing a box that’s durable enough to take shipping without showing any signs of wear. Some great options for durable custom chocolate boxes include custom corrugated cardboard, which have a hard coating that protects it against tearing, and high density polyethylene (HDPE), which provide a smooth surface that’s free of scratches and creases.



You can get custom printed boxes in just about any design style, including elegant, modern, vintage, decorative, and more. Because many people choose different design themes when creating their custom chocolate boxes, you can choose a design that fits with your overall theme for the event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, holiday, or themed party. Some popular themes include animals, cartoon characters, sports, tropical island, and more. There’s really no limit to the design options available, so whether you need a fun, bright, bold box, or something that’s a little more elegant, you can find a style that fits your needs.


Chocolate Can Make A Great Gift

But if you’re looking for a more unique and personal gift, consider turning your gift basket idea into a chocolate gift box. A customized chocolate box is a fun way to let your recipient know that they’re the real recipient in your life, and it’s an ideal way to send your friends a personalized gift that doesn’t require a specific occasion. Whether you’re printing your own packaging or buying a pre-printed box, this easy DIY gift idea is sure to be a big hit!

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