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11 Things To Know About Joint Replacement Surgery

A joint replacement surgery involves removing affected parts of the joint such as hips, shoulders, fingers, ankles, elbows, and knees. The surgery consists of the replacement of damaged parts by new ones, which are artificial with healing potential. 

You don’t have to wait for the best time to get this surgery as it doesn’t create any harm and hence, brings you back to the same position after the healing period. Joint replacement surgery in India has a wide array of specializations. 

You can get the best treatment with up-to-date technologies in top hospitals such as Max Institute of Musculoskeletal Sciences, which delivers massive professional expertise and patient care level.

Things To Know

Here are few most important things that you must know if you are up to joint replacement surgery of yourself or any relative:

  • Most Efficient Recovery

There is a general fear among all the surgery patients about the aftermath of the surgery. But, this fear is a myth and trouble for your mental health. You will have to go through a dedicated rehabilitation after the surgery.

It’s essential to follow the doctor’s advice to recover fast. You must follow regular physiotherapy of the related joint and have patience for the results to appear. It will take just a few months, after which you will be able to jump the same way as before the surgery.

  • More The Experience, The More Success.

It would be best to keep in mind to prefer the most experienced professional for your joint treatment. Various studies suggest that failure options are more with professionals having experience of fewer than 20 surgeries a year. Hence, be on the safer side.

  • Help Your Recovery

After the joint replacement surgery, you must be responsible for your recovery. Moreover, you should not wholly rely on your doctor or physician. Instead, take action by yourself, do regular exercise and movements for a speedy recovery, and be safe from any failure.

  • Cost

Joint replacement surgery in India is the best option with the best treatment and average cost. In most people, there is a myth that surgeries abroad are more successful. However, in reality, India also has the best doctors.

The expense rate of joint replacement surgery abroad is multiple times greater than that of India. Hence, it is advised to prefer India for your surgery for the best treatment and cost.

  • Don’t Wait For Old Age To Get The Surgery Done.

There is no right or wrong time to opt for joint replacement surgery. However, if you find the symptoms in your 30s and 40s, there is no point in waiting further. You can get more speedy recovery at this age as you will be more energetic and enthusiastic.

Knee and joint replacement surgeries are most common among the age group of 45-70 years. Hence, whatever the age is, never wait for the worst to happen because you can always get better after the treatment.

  • The Durability Of New Joints Is Not 100% Perfect.

Every year, the durability of the new parts are increased to avoid failure. However, there is always a per cent chance that your operation can fail in the first year of surgery. Hence, avoid any accidents post-surgery and follow doctors’ advice to recover completely.

  • All The Joints Are Different. 

Out of all the artificial joint products, none of them is entirely similar to each other. For example, metal on plastic is considered to last for a longer duration than metal-on-metal. Hence, based on your past medical history and allergies, prefer the particular metal type for your joints.

  • Obesity Is A Threat.

The obese population is more likely to experience fatal complications post-surgery. Hence, you should regularly exercise even if you don’t have surgery. Obese people have cons in almost every health area. 

Therefore, you are not suggested to be on a diet, but physical exercises like morning walks, running, cycling can create a lot of difference. 

  • The Second Implant Is Possible.

About 10% of the surgery patients need to have a second implant by replacing the first one because of the metal and other factors. Hence, don’t stop the rehabilitation exercise even after getting cured.

  • Knuckle Replacement

Apart from other joints, knuckle replacement also exists because the hand is one of the most affected areas in any accident or injury.

  • Risks

Even with the most advanced technology, a certain amount of risk is possible such as infection, dislocation, etc. Hence careful review and multiple recommendations are essential.


Joint replacement surgery in India is increasing day by day due to poor lifestyles. Hence, you must follow a healthy lifestyle and schedule which involves both physical and mental exercises. You must know all the details mentioned above before the surgery. You can go on the Max Healthcare website to find the best doctor and treatment near your area.

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