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10 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram can be a highly targeted, visible advertising channel in your logo and a way to build a loyal target market that grows with your business.

More than 500 million Instagram customers browse the app every day, making it home to some of the most engaged audiences.

In this guide, we’ll show you a way to develop your Instagram follower profile and increase engagement, while also building a massive following over time – one made up of real fans who are now no longer bots or fake followers.

10 ways to get more Instagram followers

1. Give people a reason to follow you

Rather than (or go further) by simply adding your credentials, tagline, or quote to your Instagram bio, you’re giving your fans a clear picture of what they can count on by sticking with you. For example:

  • Follow for dog training tips; composed for cuteness overload.
  • Follow me when it comes to securing your financial fate and binary options.
  • Your one-stop shop for short promotional tips and brilliant, unique memes.
  • Cooking tips for people with culinary requirements.

2. Test and Vary Content Formats

Instagram allows you to show single or more than one photo, short movies and stories in percentage. In addition, if you use IGTV, you can make longer movies in percentage and send short previews to them. Varying the type of content you submit makes it easier to keep your Instagram engaging and exciting for brand new viewers.

Videos are one of the most compelling types of content to use on any social platform. Stories are also very useful because you can only post something for 24 hours, so your fans will want to check it out as soon as possible so as not to miss it. Varied content material makes your account more attractive and interesting.

3. Run a giveaway

Now, one of the high-quality types of feedback you can get on any social media post isn’t just Instagram when a person tags a friend. Last but not least, this feedback contributes to the engagement of your post, which in turn favors the Instagram algorithm, but each tag brings you a brand new target audience that has arrived via a clue that you may be able to gain as a follower.

One way to encourage this behavior is to post recognizable content that asks for a 1:1 split (for example, a gym meme asking you to tag a buddy who skips leg day). But a more reliable way is by using a giveaway that encourages your target audience to tag a friend and check out your account.

4. Make sure it’s a business profile

An Instagram commercial business profile gives you access to analytics to show you who your fans are, what content they prefer, and whether you’re winning or losing them. If you haven’t made the switch yet, go to the hamburger at the top of your bio, tap Settings, then Switch to Professional Account. Select your category, enter your trading company details and you are good to go.

5. Post Regularly

Posting every day is what I plan to do because if I can only find five minutes out of my day to spend some money on my audience then I’ve seen it as a fulfillment of the day. The goal for me is to spend at least 1 minute posting something in my stories, e.g. B. behind the scenes.

Posting regularly on the platform is crucial if you want to grow your fans with a truly perfect audience.

If a person checks your account and sees that there are now no more tickets, otherwise you submit sporadically, they may conclude that you are not really worth chasing right now. Plus, by posting regularly, you can include more of your posts in hashtags and popular searches. The more you submit, the more likely your posts will be seen. If you need to create posts regularly, create a calendar to help you, or use a scheduling tool like Tailwind, the Plann app, or the Preview app.

6. Ask for more followers

It sounds obvious, but it must be said: don’t be afraid to ask your target group to follow you every now and then.

Just like YouTubers ask their visitors to follow them in their videos, you can also ask visitors to follow you for more content.

Sometimes people may genuinely know what you’ve posted on Instagram, but want a push before they actually agree with you.

You can also try this out in your Instagram captions, including it in your content, pointing out what your audience will get if they agree with you, or pointing out content that is evolving that they shouldn’t miss.

7. Focus on quality followers

There are (literally) a thousand million Instagram users. But do you need disengaged viewers who don’t want your account to exist? Volatile fans who follow just as quickly? Didn’t suspect that. You need fans who:

  • Comment, like, and give a percentage of your posts.
  • Appreciate your content and convey a sense of purpose.
  • Convert into leads and customers.
  • Help you attract particularly outstanding followers.

If Instagram fans are candy, stop trying to open and pounce on a pinata now. You try to put together a container of high-quality candies and tame a community.

8. Track Down the Best Hashtags

Your use of hashtags is fundamental to finding your followers. If you could use the maximum applicable hashtags in your photo and combine them with some famous hashtags, you can find people who are pretty much curious about what you have.

You can discover new hashtags applicable to the usage of numerous devices made up of this Instagram hashtag finder. This way you can mix things up so you don’t get caught using identical hashtags over and over. If you use the same hashtags all the time, you will find that you get less engagement with your posts. Make sure to regularly discover and use new appropriate hashtags so that you can find new followers.

9. Organize your Stories into Highlights

Whenever a competency follower lands on your commercial company profile, you have a short time to convince them to join you.

One way to do this is to use the Highlights feature in your profile to organize your Instagram Stories in a way that makes it clear what your account is about.

Since stories have a lifespan of 24 hours, highlights can be used to give them a 2D life and entice others to follow you so they don’t miss out on bigger stories in the future.

Use Story Highlights to grow Instagram followers by:

  • Create trailers that tease what your account is about
  • Order your stories by topic (such as countries you’ve visited for travelogues)
  • Explanation of your goods through photos and videos

10. Learn from Insights to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram Insights can tell you roughly how to develop your followers. If you look for the facts Instagram gives you, you can see records of which posts get the maximum engagement and after they reach engagement.

If you have a commercial business account, you can sort your recent posts by engagement on your Insights page to see what types of posts are helping you achieve your goals. You can change the filters you have to get information about what your posts and behavior look like and which ones help you gain additional fans and different types of engagement.

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