Zero-Sum Game In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is an excellent basketball game, let’s talk about this game together. I think there is a lot of zero-sum thinking in the game of basketball. Zero-sum thinking treats various situations as a zero-sum game.

Some questions about NBA 2K23

When will NBA 2K23 be released?

The game will be released on September 9, 2022. Now we can pre-order the game, and we’ll get a lot of pre-order bonuses. These rewards include plenty of NBA 2K23 MT. At the same time, we’ll be getting a ton of unique items, like a 12-month League Pass when we pre-order the Champion Edition.

Who is the cover athlete for NBA 2K23?

2K23 has 5 different editions, each with a different cover player. Below we will introduce you to the cover athletes of each edition.

  • Standard edition: Devin Booker
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: Devin Booker
  • WNBA Edition: Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi
  • Michael Jordan Edition: Michael Jordan
  • Championship Edition: Michael Jordan

The covers of these versions of 2K23 have been confirmed, and the release time of this game is getting closer and closer. What we can do now is pay attention to the information announced by 2K Game, which can let us know the changes in the game the first time.

What is a zero-sum game?

Zero-sum thinking treats situations as a zero-sum game, where one person’s gain is another’s loss. In other words, one party’s gain means the other party’s loss. Our success means each other’s failure, and in any case, there must be a winner and a loser.

Zero-sum game in NBA 2K23

If you participate in discussions in the basketball game community, you will encounter zero-sum games in many places. This is not unique to basketball games, it exists in many places. But that doesn’t help in developing better basketball video games.

Basketball is a competitive game and there must be a winner and a loser. The nature of competition means that there are winners and losers. This also has corresponding consequences, such as ranking up or down, being eliminated, winning championships, etc. In virtual games, this also means more or less virtual currency, experience points, etc.

Zero-sum games lead to unnecessary competition

Many players prefer their preferred mode to support each other with other players and make basketball video games better. When we enter the game, we naturally focus on what we care about most. However, based on the zero-sum game we get what we want in an adversarial way. This is an act of obtaining various rewards at the expense of others, and what we gain must be lost by others.

Take, for example, the use of AI players in online team game modes. Despite the sarcasm of elites, few online gamers believe that having an AI player is a better option. However, there are also Team Pro-Am players who prefer AI players to fill the options for both sides, rather than Park-like 3v3 Pro-Am, or Rec that deals with toxicity. Of course, some players want to be able to control all of their characters, which is understandable. This problem can be solved by adding a more in-depth pairing mechanism. We can choose whether to join the AI player’s game according to our own preferences.

Disappointingly, not everyone thinks so. In this example, the Pro-Am team players who seem to oppose the use of AI players want the mode to fully reflect their vision. This option allows them to play the game the way they want without having to deal with AI players. People who disagree with the model also get their way, meaning that neither group will cater to them at the expense of the other. There will be no winners and losers in this situation.

This competition is childish

There will be winners and losers in every game in virtual games. That’s the nature of the sport. We have no reason to object to adding content that allows everyone to enjoy the game the way they want. If you prefer MyTEAM, it is understandable that you are primarily interested in improvements to the mode. That’s not to say My Career players should give up, and vice versa. We can support the mode of our choice while supporting our fellow players and their interests.

Players will think that the game lacks improved usage in one area because it has gained huge attention in another area. In some ways this makes sense. Money-making models like MyCAREER and MyTEAM will be in focus. Because players can get a lot of NBA MT through these modes.

If one thinks that certain modes and functions have priority over others, then there is no denying that. As I mentioned, the model with the recurring revenue mechanism needs to be preferred. This is something that people often ignore or try to deny.

Why do players reject other modes?

When you focus on one pattern you think the other patterns are full of shortcomings. Likewise, any change when you get used to a pattern can threaten your enjoyment. This is understandable, but this mentality is rife with elitism, gatekeeping, and zero-sum thinking.

We can see this problem in NBA 2K22. Alley-oop and dunk meters exist in this game. However, this has been rejected by many players. This is the height of toxicity and zero-sum thinking in the basketball game scene. You can at least understand the frustration and concern people feel when their favorite patterns aren’t getting enough attention. The idea that basketball is a genre that only caters to truly elite players and weeds out those who don’t fit the bill is absurd.

How to be loved by all players?

It’s impossible to please all players, but ideally, the developers of NBA 2K will strive to satisfy most of them. This means providing players with an enjoyable experience no matter which model they choose. This requires developers to provide some options without disrupting other players’ gaming experience. There are many ways to do this. Progress would be much easier without the backlash from elitists who engage in selfishness and zero-sum thinking.

Finally, we need to know that it is very important for a game to improve. Not only does this clean up bugs from the game, but it also brings the game a step closer. Instead of immersion and zero-sum games, we should face change in games.

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