Your Ultimate Checklist Before Buying Used Machinery

Purchasing used machinery and equipment is one of the best ways to get good quality equipment at reasonable prices. However, looking for good quality equipment is easier said than done. It requires proper planning and a lot of knowledge. While one can always hire a good broker to liaison all the purchase details, some might not want the extra expense of hiring one.

If you have decided to buy used machinery from a used machinery shop or industrial machine auction, the checklist given below will help you navigate through the lengthy buying process.

Ultimate Checklist Before Buying Used Machinery

Make a Requirements Checklist Before-hand

Making a detailed requirement checklist is the first thing you should do before checking out any machinery. Since hundreds of used equipment shops online and offline, along with auction houses, you will be provided with a plethora of options that can easily confuse your choice.

Having a ready requirement checklist can help you short-list these options into finding the perfect machinery of your choice.

Make a Planned Budget

Making a planned budget is one of the most important steps of buying used machinery. You should make a budget before buying a machine. You should include all costs like brokerage, delivery, installation charges, and others for a rough estimate. Accordingly, you can look for used machinery on various websites and auctions. For example, Doosan lathe by prestige equipment is offered at a very affordable rate on their auctions. You can check them out if they fit your budget.

Do Ample Research

Before buying any machines, make sure do enough background research on the type of machinery it is, the availability of its spare parts in the market, different brands, types of models, upgrades, and other factors. This will help you search for the best possible machines with the required availability of models and parts. You can also keep a lookout for any available service centers nearby for ensure good servicing if anything goes wrong.

For example, people who buy a used Doosan lathe face no problems as it is a well-known brand and its spare parts are readily available in the market.

Make Sure The Equipment Manufacturer is Reliable and Well-Known

The brand of equipment you buy is an essential factor for consideration. If you are looking at Doosan CNC lathe for sale, you have nothing to worry about as a trusted brand. However, if you are looking for lesser-known brands, we suggest making background checks for their machines work in a good state.

Ensure The Owner Has Treated The Equipment Well

It is imperative to know whether the previous owner left the equipment in a good state. For example, if you buy a used Doosan lathe from an owner who handled it callously, the equipment is likely to malfunction despite being from a known brand.

Thus you can visit the machinery at its owner’s place for yourself the way they handle the machinery for longevity.

Any Visible Damages on the Equipment

Making a visual inspection before buying any machinery is paramount. Since used machines do not fall under any guarantees, one must make a visual check for proper condition. You can find out any visible damages at this point.

Take A Preliminary Test Drive

You should not buy any used machinery without taking a preliminary test drive. You should ask the seller to plug in the machinery and run it for 10-15 minutes. If there is any smoke, suspicious noises, or any internal damage, you can find out about it. You can also look for maintenance records to find out the actual condition of the machines. Also, many companies offer professional revaluation. For example, at Prestige equipment’s machinery auctions, one can get official revolutions for detailed and accurate reports.

Make Sure The Equipment Matches Seller Description

You should ensure that the machinery you see fits the exact description the seller provided. If you see any noticeable difference, you should back out of the transaction immediately. You should do a considerable amount of background research for the basics of the machines well so that you can pinpoint these differences if any. However, if you buy from well-known, reputed second-hand machinery dealers, you will not face these problems.

For example, Prestige equipment’s machinery auctions are very well-known and provide the best machinery with correct details and even provide professional evaluations.

Ensure Condition and Age of Equipment Works For You

You should ensure that the condition and age of the machinery fit your usage. For example, if you are looking for machinery occasionally, you can afford an older heavily-used model. On the other hand, if you are planning for a lot of use out of your machines, you should look for newer models with less use.

Again, buying an older model might require more expenses on maintenance, while newer ones require less maintenance.

Ensure The Company Provides Required Services

Ensure the user machinery manufacturer provides certain services like loading, packing, delivering, dismantling, and assembling machines. This is essential as the proper function of your machinery depends on this.

Get Everything Written on Paper

everything documented is one of the most important factors while buying used machinery. Be it seller liability, mode of payment, machine description, quotation, delivery terms, buyer liability, or accompanying machinery accessories, have it written on paper to avoid any future disputes.


Buying used machines might be trickier and lengthier than you can anticipate. You will require a little time and patience regarding the best-used machinery. We hope you use the above checklist while looking for a second-hand machine before getting the best possible product at a suitable price and condition.

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