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What would be The Best Materials and Finishes for a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet?

Almost every bathroom has at least one utility cabinet for storing bathroom essentials including toiletries and towels, linens, and much more. Such cabinets should be strong as they are exposed to steam, water splashes, and even dripping options, daily. At the same time, they should be maintained well. Considering today’s hectic life, it’s hardly possible to devote much time to bathroom maintenance. And therefore, the homeowners want to keep it hassle-free. To ensure that, it’s needed to select the right surface finish, base material, and countertop material.

Different types of bathroom cabinets

To continue the discussion further, it’s important to have a clear idea about different kinds of discount bathroom vanities. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Popular bathroom cabinets are usually installed below the countertop. The cabinets are a perfect combination of shutters and drawers.
  • If there is a pedestal sink in the bathroom, the furniture pieces are usually installed above the sink. Such cabinets comprise a front mirror and come with a depth of 6 to 8 inches to store toiletries and bathroom essentials.
  • Some cabinets are installed as a standalone floor or wall-mounted piece.

Basic criteria to choose the cabinet material

Here are the key things to consider while choosing the right material for your bathroom:

  • The bathroom tends to stay damp. It is a moisture-laden space. So, the material should be moisture- and humidity-resistance.
  • The material must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the stone countertops. Countertops are mostly made of granite, quartz, and marble.
  • Though some homeowners prefer wood for the bathroom, it won’t be ideal. Solid woods tend to expand and contract while exposed to moisture and humidity.
  • Ready made bathroom vanity made of particle board is not recommended. The material will sag under the stone countertops. Particleboards also tend to break down in steam or water.
  • Ready made RTA cabinets made of PVC could be a good option for your bathroom. They are cost-efficient as well. But the material is not much durable and can sag over years. However, if you stay in a rented home or apartment, this can be ideal for you. On the other hand, this might not be the right option if you own a house.

Right materials for surface finish of the bathroom vanities

  • This is another important thing to take care of.
  • For restroom cabinets, laminate would be the ideal solution as the material is resistant to stains and water. But always go for a matte-finish version. This won’t show up scratches, stains, and smudges prominently.
  • Wood veneers won’t be a good option. They are delicate and need daily maintenance which is hardly possible for busy homeowners.
  • The basic structure of the bathroom can be fabricated with plywood. But don’t forget to use a glass shutter to ensure a modern appearance to the room. Glass also brings out the element of lightness within the room.
  • If you’re on a strict budget. Oil- or latex-based primers and paints would be a less-expensive option for you.

Right materials for cabinet countertops

Now finally, it comes to choosing the cabinet countertops. Let’s have a look at the following before choosing the material for the same.

  • Granite would be the right material. It gives a classy and sleek look. The materials don’t need much maintenance and are available in different patterns and colours.
  • Marble is preferred for its natural veins though it’s expensive. However, it tends to get stained and scratched. To prevent this, it’s needed to seal the countertop.
  • Glass mosaic, ceramic tiles, or porcelain tiles on the countertop provides an unusual look. But keeping the gout lines clean is a hectic process. As a result, mold or mildew may grow.
  • A solid surface made of crushed stones and acrylic resins is another good option. You can sand them for minor scratches. But they can get damaged owing to heat exposure.

These are a few important things that you should consider while choosing the finishes and materials for your bathroom vanities.

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