What should be considered for tyre change and wheel size changes?

If you wish to replace the original tyre change and wheel size on your car, there are a few things to consider. You can’t just go out and buy a bigger wheel and tyre and expect your car tyres service in Dubai, UAE to perform the same way. Your car is built to roll on a specified size of wheel and tyre. If you don’t plan carefully, changes to either can lead to a cascade of handling and mechanical concerns.

More information about what changing your tyre and wheel size does to your car and how to do it correctly may be found below.

Changes in tyre and wheel sizes have a variety of causes

People change their tyre and wheel sizes for a variety of reasons. If your car’s original tyre size is difficult to discover or unavailable, changing wheel or tyre sizes is a good idea. Many older cars with smaller wheels, for example, may only have a few tyre alternatives in some places. If you drive in specific situations or have a certain driving style, this can be an issue. If you go up a size, you’ll have more tyre selections and variety.

For many people, though, a change in tyre or wheel size is more about aesthetics than anything else. Custom wheels are used by many people to dress up and add value to their vehicles. This usually entails a greater wheel size than previously. However, some people, such as those who drive lowrider cars, frequently shrink their wheels and replace them with wider rims. Call car ignition repairing in dubai, UAE to schedule an appointment for service.

Tire and Wheel Size Changes Cause Issues

An inaccurate speedometer is one of the most prevalent issues that a change in tyre and wheel size can bring. As you drive down the highway, a larger tyre has a larger circle and fewer rotations. The speedometer registers a lower speed because the tyres rotate at a slower rate. Your speedometer reading will be increasingly inaccurate the quicker you drive. Your odometer will also show a decrease in mileage.

Another issue is the deterioration of suspension and braking components. Larger wheels and tyres alter the suspension angles and may even impact the gear ratio of your transmission. Brakes, particularly anti-lock brakes, may be compromised in some circumstances. To compensate for these issues, you may need to make suspension and brake improvements.

Another factor to consider is the amount of clearance you have for a larger tyre. Some wheel wells are extremely cramped. Especially during twists, a larger tyre or wheel may rub on your fender or suspension. Larger tyres and wheels add weight to your vehicle, lowering its gas mileage.

Ways to Reduce the Impact of Tire and Wheel Size Changes

With a few calculations and modifications, you can reduce the negative impacts of a larger tyre and wheel. You may be able to eliminate or lessen difficulties by minimising the total size difference. You might be able to raise your rim size while lowering your profile or increasing your width.

Several things to consider before making a tyre change

  • A wheel must have the necessary lug nut holes and offset (the distance between the recessed hub mounting surface and the centre of the wheel) to fit properly.
  • To ensure that the speedometer, odometer, and general vehicle dynamics aren’t altered, the new tyre should have an overall diameter that closely matches the original rubber.
  • To ensure that the replacement tyres are rated to carry the same weight, they should have the same load capacity or higher. The load capacity index is located on the sidewall of the tyre. After the tyre size, it’s a two- or three-digit number.

It may appear difficult to sort through all of these aspects when choosing alternate wheels and tyres, but tyre manufacturers, local vehicle dealers and tyre shops, and internet tyre retailers can all assist. If you don’t get enough information before switching to a different wheel and tyre combination, the speedometer will be off, the vehicle will not handle properly, and the brakes will not perform as they should.

To ensure correct fit, you should get professional assistance for your break pad replacement in dubai, UAE. Although the wheels may have a suitable bolt pattern, the offset or lower diameter may not give adequate braking clearance.


Despite the fact that many people advise against making large tyre and wheel size modifications, you may be able to do it safely provided you take the proper steps.

If you don’t want to deal with the math, utilise a tyre change calculator to determine what tyre and wheel sizes are appropriate for your vehicle. Some calculators will also tell you how your speedometer will be affected.

A better choice is to speak with F & T tyres, the best tyre change service in Dubai, UAE. We can calculate tyre and wheel sizes for you and show you which ones are optimal for your vehicle. 

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