What is a Face Toner and Why Do You Need One?

order today and welcome this important family member into your cosmetic kit. Has it ever happened to you that you returned home from a hectic day of work and looked at yourself in the mirror just to get shocked at the number of pollutants on your skin? Yes, this is a common problem that women face, especially when they go out and expose their skin. The dust and dirt, along with sweat, accumulate on the face and leave behind a layer of dirt and oil that feels very greasy and is uneasy while touching. You may have faced the issue of not being able to clean your face completely even after using a face wash. But do you know why that happens? If you haven’t already figured it out, your skincare regime is missing an essential product. This product is none other than a face toner

What is a Face Toner?

A toner is an important part of a woman’s skincare routine. This is a water-based liquid that is infused with components that help in keeping the skin clean. A toner is usually preferred as the second product to be used while cleansing the face. Let us take a look at why a face toner should be in your cosmetic kit all the time. 

Why Do You Need a Toner?

Describing the benefits of a toner in one word is not possible. Sounds weird, right? You probably did not get a chance to find out all how toner can make you look beautiful. 

  • Removes Oil:

    A toner is a water-based cleaning product for the skin. Because of its composition, a toner is very popular among those people who have oily skin. A toner removes the excel oil from the face in one swipe and helps to remove any other make-up or cosmetic product that might have been applied before. Because it helps to keep oil away, the growth of bacteria is reduced. This is how a toner helps to fight the growth of acne. 

  • Reduces Pore Size:

    Have you ever noticed that just after applying the toner, the pores on your skin start to become smaller in size? Toner has the property to reduce the pore sizes for real. So, as you keep using a toner, your pores start diminishing, and you get back your clear soft skin. 

  • Restores pH Balance:

    A toner is the second product that we use after a face wash, and a face wash is alkaline in nature. This is where the toner plays its role in balancing. Its naturally acidic pH comes in contact with the alkaline solution left behind by the face wash and neutralizes the skin’s pH balance. 

  • Moisturises the Skin:

    If you think toners will make your skin dry, you are highly mistaken. A toner is infused with essential ingredients like aloe vera, rose, lavender, witch hazel, and more. These ingredients bind to the skin’s uppermost layers and give the skin the nourishment it requires, thereby making it soft and supple. 

  • Reduce Ingrown Hair:

    Usually, toners have an essential acid in their formula – glycolic acid or any other alpha hydroxy acid. For those women who suffer from facial hair ingrowth, a toner can be the messiah in the days to come. These acids stop the growth of hair and give a smooth texture to the skin. 

Well, sounds convincing. So, when are you buying your toner? Oh, wait! You may be a little confused because you may not know which brand to trust, especially with so many varieties available in the market. Let us give you a suggestion. Dermatologists and beauty bloggers have been recommending the brand, Mamaearth, lately. This brand has a bestselling toner, the Vitamin C Face Toner, suitable for all skin types. The toner even has aloe vera and cucumber! Now, what are you waiting for? Place your  


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