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My interest in flogging began the first time I attended a play party. I met the couple at Munch, and we met again the night of the play party with escorts. Early in the evening, the Dom placed his wife-slave on a chaise lounge in the middle of the large living room and took care of her for a good 30 minutes. What happened that night was nothing like I had imagined or seen in an adult movie. It was natural, moving, and hot! I watched as he used multiple whips on her. He changed his pace. He changed the intensity of his tail toss. His wife’s reaction was amazing! When the follow-up was over, I spoke to them both. She told me how amazing it was. It exceeded my expectations and was exciting to watch. Of course, I got addicted. That night, I was caned for the first time; the rest was history. Some sub missives told me they enjoyed my lashes so much that they wanted them as a reward, not a punishment. That’s OK with me! I love it, too.

Security First

Nothing I’ve said in this article is a substitute for the experience you can have with a whip or the advice you can get from someone who can show you what to do in real time. Make sure you do your research before attempting this on a natural person, or better yet, seek the help of someone who has experience with whips. I’ll say the same thing my Dom told me on the first night:

  • Look at your target from behind.
  • Draw an imaginary line along their spine.
  • Make a cross where their kidneys are.

These areas are taboo. Even a light whip can cause damage if it hits you in the wrong place. Focus on fleshy areas like the buttocks, shoulders,  thighs, hamstrings, and calves. Avoid the head, joints, and the bony regions. In other words, use common sense. Whiplash is usually a marathon, not a sprint. It’s much more effective (and safer) to let the pain and heat build up slowly and gently than to whine at full force. Forget everything you’ve seen in movies and video clips; reality is much better and safer. Take your time.

Your Instrument

I hope you have the opportunity to try out a few whips before purchasing your own. When I first bought a whip, I had a pretty good idea of ​​what I wanted and tried a custom piece  I purchased online. I ended up with a tremendous whip that I still use today.  When it comes to whips, there are a lot of different factors to consider.

  • What material should it be made from? Some whips are soft and fun, while others are “dull” or stingy. Some are downright vicious. How long do you want the handle to be?
  • How long should the handle be?
  • How long should the trap be?
  • How many strands do you need? What colors do you want? Hey, could you not take it the wrong way? Picking the same colors over and over will create consistency in your toy bag and make it easier to find your toys.

I recommend buying a medium-sized custom-made suede whip for your first whipas I did. The great thing about suede whips is that they are not too heavy, so you can learn to slowly increase the number of whipping strokes you deliver to your bottom/submissive female.


Before throwing a whip at someone else, you must measure your range and impact. Ideally,  all your strokes should come together in one place. You also need to be able to vary your blows from the lightest possible touch to a nearly full-force strike without compromising your accuracy.  How do you do that without seeing a person? Try using a pillow first. Have her lie down on the couch and hit her with a pillow over and over again until you feel like you have control over the whip. Then, do some more.  As you gain experience, you will find your style, but here is how I approach flogging.  I usually start by dragging my cock over the submissive’s body. If it’s a suede whip, it’s very stimulating and prepares him for what’s to come.  I step back and slowly and carefully find the distance between me and the target. Once I know the distance, I start working. The back is an excellent place to start. But don’t attack just one spot. Focus on the butt, but also work the shoulders and sometimes try the back of the leg. Keep moving and remain unpredictable. I think about pressure in stages. For example, start at level 1, then move to level 2, then reach level 3 and start again. I like to hit hard now and then to get a reaction and see where my partner stands. If we keep doing the same thing, we’ll both get bored. Increase the intensity over time, and keep talking to your partner constantly. Some people like being whipped like an intense massage. Others like to be criticized and challenged.  Plus, even if you think you know what they want, there are days when your buffalo escorts want more or less. Keep in touch with your partner throughout the whipping, every time.

Also, remember that flogging can be hard on the female body. Leaning your partner against a wall can help him feel more stable. Some people use restraints or bondage furniture to help him. You don’t have to stand; placing him on a couch or bed is fine.  Once your partner becomes unresponsive or loses balance, it’s over. Complete the session and return to follow-up care as usual. If you have had a long or intense caning session, your partner may be experiencing subspace. For me, the easiest way to introduce a partner to subspace is always with caning. This rhythmic build-up of pain is so effective at initiating subspace.

Some Additional things

There are some very unusual types of whipping, such as Florentine and other methods, and they are great. But unless you are doing a stage show or trying to demonstrate your skills, all that matters is giving your partner the experience. If what you are doing is not good, that is not a bad thing at all. Find your style and be comfortable with it. Apart from that, you will get the opportunity to learn fancy whipping techniques and play with new whipping buddies from your local BDSM group. Ask expert questions or have someone watch and give you advice. Watch other people throw whips and learn from them. It’s always a good idea to join a local group to get better and be safer. There are lots of whip demonstrations on YouTube and elsewhere. They’re not as good as a live demonstration, but they can give you a good idea of ​​the different styles and some tips to follow. What I say next will upset some people, especially those who have never done this. Having someone else whip you lets you know what it feels like and can be enlightening. Have I been whipped? Yes, frequently, and it has made me better at whipping. Finally, I want to emphasize that whipping can be fun and rewarding for all involved. Never forget to have fun, and you will get better at it. Like any other skill, you should try new things and find different ways to whip.

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