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Update a chic makeover of your vintage caravan tips


Vintage caravan


Vintage caravans are great for a makeover  You who skim the meanders of interior design on Instagram and Pinterest have undoubtedly come across these old revitalized vehicles. Once synonymous with long, stifling family vacations characterized by a lack of personal space, the caravan is now back, and it has never looked so stylish.

The weather, it seems, has been mild with the trailer. Like other relics from the 60s, it’s getting vintage chic – a must-have for all excellent modern nomads—this vintage caravan out of the dustbin and turning them into rolling design playhouses. 

For some, it is a change of lifestyle to the alternative, without a mortgage and equipped a constantly changing vis-à-vis. For others, it is the best accessory ” glamping. ” Whatever impulse tempted you, let it inspire your next summer project. Channel your urge to travel and use these ideas to kickstart your retro vintage caravan!

Choose a theme

Caravans are great for a makeover, as it doesn’t take much to complete the look. With just a few minor details, the fleet becomes a world of its own. To create this world, you first have to adopt a vision.

That is your opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Choose a theme, even one that’s just a color palletize, to establish an essential point of reference. The vintage caravan can hold your vision together when choosing the layouts, decorations, and patterns of House drawing. So, what style will define your little wilderness retreat? Bohemian, country-style Italian, minimalist.

A woven blanket, textured wood, and decor can transform your camper into a bohemian paradise. This interior with yellow and floral accents embodies the “Mid-Century Modern” style with its clean lines and distinguished elements.

Give character to your kitchen with a fun splashback.


In the limited space of your caravan, nothing is hidden, and suddenly the kitchenette is a kind of central room vintage caravan. It is not unpleasant to look at Interesting patterned splashback stickers as a popular option for RV renovations. Affordable, lightweight, and versatile, they are not only easy to set up, but they are also a powerful way to invoke your chosen theme. At Quadrostyle, choose from over 100 styles of splashback stickers. See how people have used our stickers to refresh their caravans in the past. Posting trees

It has reinvigorated its culinary space by renovating its caravan with this vinyl wallpaper of vintage caravan in Agadir Noir Moroccan Style. We chose a revisited retro tone with an indigo blue checkerboard credenza with a pale tint for this makeover of a family caravan.

Don’t neglect the bathroom.


Indeed, the bathroom is not the most famous corner of the caravan. It is cramped, humid, and lacking the privacy required by your sanitary facilities. The vintage caravan is, therefore, your chance to change all that. Follow the example of Tyler and Allison and opt for the walls in white which brighten and expand the space by returning natural light.

Incorporating a colorful accent creates a comforting atmosphere as well as a calming glow. The pink accents in the Italian Syracuse Rose wallpaper, which this couple chose, make the bathroom cooler and, as a bonus, complete the retro look of the vintage caravan. Copy the look with our Syracuse Rose tile stickers, available in tile and wallpaper.

Texturize your layouts


The color and the decor can’t go that far to transform your caravan into a living space. It is by incorporating various textures that your little camper becomes the little one at home. For example, wicker furniture and macrame wall hanging give vintage caravan charm to your interior, while an oriental rug can enrich your home and make it warmer. Furthermore, for those who adore cocooning, cushions, throws, and floor cushions will go a long way in creating a natural hygge haven.

Go for wallpaper


Speaking of texture, don’t ignore the magic that every inclusion of the wallpaper does! Wallpaper is the often forgotten shortcut to energizing your surrounding’s vintage caravan. And it’s even more effective in caravans, where it doesn’t take much to brighten up the mood. In addition, exciting and multi-colored patterns help a lot to compliment your chosen theme.

Quadrostyle vinyl wallpapers are durable, versatile, and characterized by original and diverse tile patterns. Do you lack inspiration? Even if  try the trendy Berber look with this Harlow wallpaper in cream and black. Or add an art deco flair with this geometric Mustard Diamond wallpaper.

Watch out for the ground.


Goodbye to the old-fashioned faux parquet that lines the floors of almost every old vintage caravan. Rip it out! Or even better, Although cover it with tile stickers. Floor stickers are the easiest way to modernize your floor. They are easy to measure, cut, and install, making them suitable for all tricky angles.

They are suitable to cover any floor coverings already in place, and they last up to two years, at which time you can change them to develop your interior further. In addition, the floor stickers are easy to clean and stain-resistant. It’s starting to look pretty good, huh?

Go green


By adding indoor plants, your caravan is not only invigorated. It also receives a good dose of O2, which keeps your air well filtered and fresh. Moreover Hang creeping plants from the ceiling to make your living space more lively and add a lush, green accent. Surround your corner of the bed with plants, and you will have the impression of sleeping in the jungle. 

Finally, a vegetable patch in the kitchen window is the perfect touch to complete your tiny home. The kitchen is the vintage of every home. The same goes for the vintage caravan. When equipped with a lovely mini-vegetable garden, you can finally say that the makeover is complete.

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