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Types of Access Control System

Access controls are classified into two types:

  • Autonomous Access Control Systems
  • Network Access Control Systems

Autonomous Access Control Systems

They are systems that allow one or more doors to be controlled without being connected to a PC or a central system. Therefore, they do not keep a record of events.

Although this is the main limitation, some autonomous access controls cannot limit access by schedules or by groups of doors; this depends on the robustness of the brand. That is, the simplest only use the identification method (either key, proximity, or biometrics) as an electronic “key.”

Network Access Control Systems

They are integrated systems through a local or remote PC, where access control system software is used that allows keeping a record of all operations carried out on the system with date, time, authorization, etc.

They range from simple applications to very complex and sophisticated systems as required.

What is an access control system?

The most generalized definition of an access control system refers to the mechanism that allows access to data or resources based on the already authenticated identification. We find access control systems in multiple forms and for various applications.

For example, we find software access control systems when we enter our password to open the mail; another example is when we must place our fingerprint on a reader to turn on the PC.

The previous cases are examples that allow access to data. However, our focus on electronic security is related to access to resources, in our case, opening a door, a turnstile, or a gate, for example.

Of course, the definition that interests us must be give in terms of electronic security:

An access control system is an electronic system that restricts or allows the access of a user to a specific area with CCTV records, validating the identification through different types of reading (key by keyboard, proximity tags, or biometrics) and in turn controlling the resource (door, turnstile or gate) by means of an electrical device such as an electromagnet, corner plate, latch or motor.

Suprema Voted # 1 Brand in Access Control Management Software and Mobile Access Solution:

The survey, conducted by A & A&S magazine, a recognized industry outlet, asked system integrators, distributors, consultants, and end-users from various verticals to choose the top brands in access control management software and mobile access solutions, and wireless locks.

Respondents cited integration ability, security measures such as GDPR, and cybersecurity compliance as top considerations for access control management software.

Suprema Bio Star 2 meets integration and security needs with SDK. Web API support and ISO certifications for data protection and management.

In choosing the best brand for the mobile access solution. Respondents said they looked at performance, ease of use, and compatibility with various phone models and transmission technologies.

High performance with NFC and BLE technologies and fast authentication speed of less than one second explains the appeal of Supreme Mobile Access.

“We believe that partners and customers recognize Suprema’s continued effort to offer flexible, convenient, and secure solutions. Not only in the field of biometric access control terminals but also in software platforms and services. Said Hanchul Kim, Executive Vice President of Suprema Inc. “Suprema will continue to strive to exceed the expectations of its partners and customers, establishing a strong presence as a provider of total security solutions,” added Kim.

Essential features of a modern access control system

Currently, there are sufficiently robust and proven access control systems capable of protecting people, assets, and information within organizations in an acceptable way.

When an organization installs an access control system, it does so with three purposes in mind:

  • Take care of the physical integrity of people, that is, prevent them from attacking someone.
  • Protect company information: databases, sensitive material, etc.

We are providing company resources such as electronic equipment or any other good product for sale.

Decades ago, lock and key systems were used; however, in addition to being vulnerable, stolen or lost keys represented additional costs for companies.

The incursion of technology in the different social spheres induced very important changes, even in criminal modalities, then access control migrated to more robust systems, with electronic credentials or biometric identification to grant or deny entry to a building or property.

It is worrying, not to say risky, that in the middle of 2020, many organizations will protect themselves with security systems designed in the last century. This article will present some recommendations to implement a modern access control system as well as its characteristics.

How much should I invest in an access control system?

Before implementing a system, it is necessary to reflect on the needs and the cost of the investment. When the risks are unknown in technology matters, it is very likely to end up leaning towards the price factor.

It’s clear: you can’t have high-security expectations with little investment. Unfortunately, in the market, there are providers selling outdated and vulnerable technology, which generate confusion in users, which leads to economic losses, either due to the vulnerability they represent, their after-sales service (some do not even have support in Spanish), or due to the operational problems they generate.

An example of the previous idea is the readers: in the case of biometrics, if the fingerprint sensor is of low quality. It will not have enough reference points to perform rapid authentication, generating waiting queues.

In the case of card readers, they will only accept legacy technologies, without any security. Promoting card cloning, a very common crime in Latin America.

For this reason, it is important to think in the medium and long term and analyze the return on investment from the question: What would be the costs of not protecting the data, assets, and people of my organization?

A secure system

A secure access control system is encrypt from end to end; this is achieve, first of all, with an identification technology (biometric or card) that guarantees that it is not duplicable or clone.

Second, the communication between the reader and the control panel must be encrypted and monitored using standards such as OSDP (Open Supervised Devise Protocol) and, finally, with software that offers the security levels to maintain the database. Protected, whether it is a client-server solution or in the cloud.

To call an access control system modern, you must first ensure. Each of the elements that make it up is safe and that its operation is proven in the market.

To ensure this reliability, you should opt for technologies that establish, verify and manage identities. That guarantee complete credential management throughout the identification life cycle; From the moment trust is established to the withdrawal of a credential.

A modern system must have strong multi-factor authentication that does not disrupt the workflow and productivity of users.

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