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Top 6 Fleet Management Trends for 2022

.It has not been very long since we have hoped into the year 2022, yet every industry hopes that this year should provide better results to everyone because the pandemic from the last 2 years has impacted each industry in their own way. Talking about the fleet management industry, many changes are seen by the people who are working in it for a long period, because the improvements in the technology help fleet managers to achieve better results and with the achievement of the final goal.

Now with moving forward let’s put some light on the “Fleet Trends” that can be seen during the year 2022. Integrating fleet management software is essential for streamlining the workflow and improving your business operations. 

Discover the Best Fleet Management Trends for 2022

1. Increased “Electric Vehicle (EV)” Adoption

Since the Electric vehicles have been introduced in the market all around the globe. There are different industries which have started taking advantage of them for cutting their fuel and maintenance costs. EV’s are good for the environment in terms of emissions and the fuel cost. Moreover, maintenance is a little as compared to the vehicles that runs on petrol or diesel.

So, talking about the trend of 2022 the fleet management industry will be focusing more towards EV vehicles. If they plan on purchasing new vehicles, the only problem in India as compared to other countries is that there are fewer charging stations if talk about long routes around the country, and along with that heavy duty EV vehicles have not been in picture till now. Still the fleet managers can accommodate light utility EV vehicles for shorter distances. In supply chain management process because this will help them in cutting down the extra costs. It is added by using vehicles that run on different kinds of fuel.

 2. Labour Shortages

Labour is the most important asset in any industry because without them nothing is possible. Since the pandemic broke out all around the globe many people lost their jobs. Also, many were afraid to work on the field because of the disease that was spreading. At present, fleet industry managers or the fleet management companies in the year 2022 must assure that the physical labour which they hire must stay with them the whole year.

This is because it is hard to find good drivers who know the automobile. They drive and the routes as well as the weather conditions that prevails throughout the year on a particular route. Another thing is that people who are involved in this kind of work are hard to find. As they do not carry any digital identity of their work like other professionals. So, it is best to keep them happy by offering different incentives and proper leaves accordingly.

3. Automation in Fleet Processes

In the present era each and every industry is using different kinds of automated processing softwares according to their needs which are helping them to become effective in highly competitive market scenarios of their own niche. In 2022 if we talk about the fleet management industry, the trend is that you must possess a “Fleet Management Software (FMS)” that helps in streamline all your daily processes and along with that increasing real-time communication, automating your workflows of the supply chain, enhancing mobile capabilities, etc.

Many of the fleet management companies are outsourcing their automated services to different vendors because it is cheaper as you do not have to keep your personal IT team for handling all this fuss, using all these applications helps in improving the communication with the customers and the record is maintained digitally for both the parties. Moreover it helps the supply chains to be more customer-centric and sustainable. Axestrack is a digital logistics company that is identifying anomalies and optimizing routes is an integral part of logistics operations.

Analysing different aspects of fleet management such as analysing the driver’s behaviour and lowering operational cost can be beneficial for overall business growth. Integrating new-age technologies are useful to save time and improve sustainability of the fleet operations. It helps to boost productivity and strengthen the efficiency of the supply chain process. 

4. Fleet Data Accessibility

In the year 2022 one of the most famous trend that will be prevailing in the fleet industry is that keeping a sharp eye over the fleet processes through the technology aka FMS, the fleet managers can easily track all the vehicles through the help of GPS, track the usage of fuel of each vehicle according to their routes, etc.

For instance in India, “FasTags” at most of the highway toll have been introduced, so it helps the drivers in moving fast as well as the fleet managers have all the information about the charges that have been paid officially and this increases transparency. So, this information helps companies in taking real-time decisions quickly and creating a fair image in front of their customers by being reliable. Operating commercial vehicles can be a daunting task, so it is advisable for fleet owners to take essential measures for optimizing the fleet efficiency.

5. Supply Chain Management

In the year 2022, fleet managers will keep an eye on their vehicles and on their maintenance as without them none of the operations is possible, the reason for this is because the spare parts of the vehicles or the new vehicles which were planned to be added pre-pandemic got stuck, and as they were delivered after the predicted time, or even some orders were cancelled by the supplier, this lead to implications on the overall fleet management industry.

Supply chain management will be given great importance by the fleet managers as they will keep backup plans.  All the vehicles in terms of maintenance or the new purchases. Also the importance of keeping a sufficient inventory of the spare parts for all the vehicles will be seen this year. It will be based on what has been experienced in the past 2 years.

6. Uncertain Fuel Prices

In terms of this particular industry around the globe, vehicle fuel is the only one whose prices depend all upon the country-wise norms. For instance, the taxes which they pay to those countries from which the crude oil is imported. If we talk about India at present, the fuel prices fluctuated state wise in the year 2021.

Now, the important thing for the managers who are working in the fleet management industry at present will follow the trend. It is necessary for maintaining a balance between the cost of all operations. Also, keeping in mind the fuel prices, this is because during the pandemic the consumption of fuel decreased. Vice-versa the consumption increased as we move forward gradually.


With this, the topic is concluded and I hope all the personnel who are associated with fleet management companies. Keep a close eye on the above trends which have been discussed in the article. Technology-driven innovations in business processes are essential for the growth of your business. It can enhance the strategic decision-making to make the fleet operations running smoothly and efficiently. In addition, leveraging new-age technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data and Blockchain is necessary to streamline the fleet operations with ease. 

Embracing an efficient fleet management software can help you increase the reliability and reduce costs. Nowadays, implementing FMS has made the transportation system more secure and transparent than ever before. Moreover It can even help you gain a competitive advantage in your business. 

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