Top 3 Low Investment Small Business Ideas

The entire business landscape had already begun to change due to the rapidly evolving technology. However, with the advent of Covid, an unexpected surge came in the context of businesses moving online. This was leading to the accelerated growth of online businesses. If you too have been toying with an idea to be an entrepreneur and need a low investment small business idea in 2021. Read on about the top 3 ideas to unleash the entrepreneur in you: 

Low Investment Small Business Idea

Online Consulting/Coaching 

In the wake of education transformation all across the globe, online coaching has emerged as one of the best small business ideas. Countless teachers and experts from various industry verticals are sharing their expertise. In the form of their subject knowledge through varied online coaching and consulting portals. If you are an expert on a specific subject matter, there can be no better time than now to jump on the bandwagon of converting your knowledge into a reliable and authentic source of substantial income. By offering professional consulting and online coaching, you can also build a community. Moreover, by making your presence felt across varied social media platforms. Especially in the gamut of professional online consulting, podcasts have emerged as the most potent tool to build your authority.  

If you are somewhat skeptical about creating your platform from scratch, you can easily register yourself with thriving online coaching and consulting platforms that enable you to start quickly. However, to deliver your coaching or consulting services flawlessly, either you will have to acquire basic knowledge related to camera, editing skills, and relevant software, or you will have to hire the required talent to do the needful.   


Selling products online has emerged as one of the most lucrative small business ideas. However, for profit-making small businesses Ecommerce ideas, you require conducting thorough research to optimize the opportunities. An in-depth analysis will impart you a clear idea about which products are in high demand and fall in the category of top-selling products. You can turn to e-commerce leaders like Amazon to gain insights about top-performing products and related brands.  

Selling a product online is no more a distant dream. With the advent of dynamic shopping portals like Shopify, Amazon, and others. These platforms allow modern businessmen to sell their products online devoid of technical know-how. All you need to do is add product information and upload your products while choosing an appealing theme. Set up your shipping criteria, conduct final QA checks, and you are all set to make your presence felt on the eCommerce site. However, selling products online goes beyond simply launching an eCommerce website. You need to come up with creative strategies related to getting website traffic despite the latest technology at your disposal. There is a greater possibility of accomplishing business success if your creative business ideas are based around something you are passionate about and products that are in great demand.  

Mobile and Web development 

As more and more offline businesses are converting themselves into online businesses, mobile and web development have emerged as one of the most creative business ideas of the recent technology-driven era. Interestingly, you need not even require being an expert in this domain. A lot of people devoid of technical know-how have built successful mobile and web development businesses. By investing in apt technology and the best human assets possessing advanced technical knowledge. If you sincerely need a business idea small business industry, there are many reasons to embrace this thriving business. By adding more related services like Digital marketing, ad sense services, digital branding services, social media marketing. Furthermore, add data and analytics, AI, content marketing, you can build authority in this industry at a low cost.  

Acknowledging the immense potential and scope related to these services. Even students all over the world are keen to make their career in this field. As they are looking to gain familiarity with frameworks, trends, and supporting technologies. You can start selling online courses to teach them the nuances of web development, mobile development, and anything digital.  

The bottom line  

There are many reasons that make these three low investment business ideas the best small business ideas. Moreover, these future-proof business ideas are also Covid-proof. You can start these business ideas right from the comfort and convenience of your home. Stay-at-home mothers, college students, and even teenagers worldwide have tried these three remarkable low investment business ideas and have experienced impressive returns. Most importantly, you can embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey with these creative business ideas. You may either do it as a part-time side business or a full-time small-scale business.

After your business starts to grow and the need for team members arises. Please make sure to have an employee healthcare benefits plan that may help them during the pandemic and beyond.

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