The Power of Play: 7 Benefits for Child Development

Playing is an activity where a child learns to explore the real world. Good outdoor playgrounds are large enough and designed in such a way that children’s play can be fully expressed, where children can play, run, jump and hide, where they can scream, whistle and explore the natural world. Play area for young children from infants to eight years old. These include the design of the play area, safety concerns, play equipment, accessibility and adult supervision. There is a critical need to develop a disposition for outdoor physical activities in our young children. 

Here are 7 Benefits for Child Development


  • Exercise 

Children should develop large and small motor skills and cardiovascular endurance. Provides a comprehensive discussion of motor development and the acquisition of motor skills in young children, which should be encouraged in outdoor playgrounds. Intensive physical activity is also necessary to solve a growing problem of obesity in American children.

  • Outdoor Enjoyment 

Childhood itself describes playing outdoor and indoor both. Childhood must therefore include outdoor play. Children are always in search to play games, music, explore, experiment etc. and by playing, they develop these things in them and as per the choice they make it a career as well. You can even take them to watch some movies like Avengers or spiderman. But mostly due to the workload parents cannot take children out for sometime. But they also need to relax so in that case you can make the work get done by taking help of some online platform or service who are expert in doing your work on time like EduWorldUSA. Some of our favourite childhood memories are the outdoors. It is not a coincidence. 


  • Experiencing world knowledge 

Playing outdoors allows little children to learn a lot, a lot, a lot about the world. How does ice cream feel and sound? Can the sticks stay in the sand? How do plants grow? How does the mud feel? Why are we sliding down instead of up? How can I make my tricycle go faster? How does the overhang of the building create a cool shade from the sun? What does a chrysalis transform into? Should butterflies learn to fly? Children can play things even at home the parents can arrange material still at home, but the real environment can give them what nature is going to offer them when they progress with age.! In the outdoor play area, kids can learn math, science, ecology, gardening, bird watching, construction, agriculture, vocabulary, seasons, different times of the day and all on the local climate.

  • Knowing environment 

To know his physical and emotional capacities, children must go beyond their limits. How high can I swing? Do I dare to go down the slide? How far can I go? Can I go down the slide with my head down? Children automatically, with the help of support or assistance, adapt to the environment. How well does nature take care of us by providing us with water, shade, soft surfaces and fragrant flowers? How much trouble does it have, such as hard surfaces, scorching sun, and thorns on the bushes? With the growth in age and body, only then a child can learn how these are harmful and not, and according to that, they know how to survive during these situations as well. 


  • Excess energy theory 

Excess energy game theory assumes that play allows people to release accumulated energy over time. Many teachers already know that after so many academic or study activities, children do need time to play and giving them stress at this age is not a good idea as well. To some extent, educators also believe that outdoor play allows children to “rejuvenate” to invigorate themselves by engaging in an activity that is very different from the classroom experience. But mostly the school workload especially of assignments of different subjects do not allow them to play. Well, there are some online sites that provide services like doing the homework for your child and one of them is online assignment help. Let your child relax a little and experts do their work.


  • Enabling children to be children 

Using open space to meet basic childhood needs – jumping, running, climbing, swinging, and running, screaming, rolling, hiding and making a big mess – is the essence of childhood! For various obvious reasons, a lot of these things cannot happen indoors. There are children who are living in well-established societies and apartments but taking them to natural places can help them learn more about nature. High stakes university education; schedule; tense, tired and overworked parents; and fewer opportunities to be children. Freedom, experiment, taking a risk, and adventure are all basic needs of children, and a child needs to have basic need knowledge of the outdoor environment.

  • Encourage different types of play Physical play 

 Cycling, crawling, running etc. are all part of children’s physical play, and it will help them develop physically as well. Tricycle tracks are used for large toys, tricycles, scooters, balls, joggers and carts. Climbing equipment for babies and toddlers should be very simple, including a crawling tunnel, small steps, and a slide. A variety of inclined areas help children learn to adjust their balance on different surfaces. While it is important to encourage specific motor skills, such as the development of fine and gross motor skills, it is more important to support the development of brain and nerve functions and growth. Rolling, crawling, running, climbing and swinging on swings are therefore absolutely essential activities for young children.

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