The Importance of Rekeying Your Locks: The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach Explains

Every year, about 2 million burglaries happen in the U.S. This shows how important it is to keep your home safe. Rekeying your locks is a key step in making your home secure. The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach explains why rekeying is vital for both homeowners and businesses.

Boynton Beach Lock And Key has been keeping homes safe for over ten years. They are known for their reliable service in the area. They offer top-quality locks for repairs and replacements. Their team is skilled in rekeying locks, making it a fast and budget-friendly option instead of full lock changes.

Key Takeaways

  • Rekeying locks is an affordable way to enhance home safety without investing in new locks and security devices.
  • The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach offers 24/7 emergency lockout services and expertise in duplicate key services.
  • The company provides security consultations to offer tailored security solutions for each property.
  • The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach has been the number one choice for residential key cutting services in the area.
  • Rekeying locks is an essential step in maintaining the security of your home or property.

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying lets people change a lock’s inside parts without getting a new lock. It’s a way to keep the lock you have but use a new key for better security.

Explanation of the Lock Rekeying Process

A locksmith starts by taking out the lock cylinder from the door. Then, they change the pin tumblers inside. These tumblers match the key’s ridges. This makes a new key that only the lock will accept.

This method is cheaper than getting a new lock. It keeps the lock’s hardware the same. You don’t need to make extra keys because a new one is made for the changed lock pin tumblers. The lock mechanism stays the same, making it a smart and easy choice.

“Rekeying a lock is an effective way to enhance security without the expense of installing a brand-new lock.”

Lock rekeying is a great option for those wanting better security without the big cost of a new lock.

Reasons to Rekey Your Locks

Keeping your property safe is very important. Rekeying your locks is a key step in protecting your space. There are many situations where you might need to rekey your locks.

For example, when a new tenant moves in, you might want to make sure the old tenant can’t get back in. Rekeying the locks lets you control who can enter the property.

  • Rekeying is key when an employee leaves, to stop them from coming back to the workplace. It keeps the company safe.
  • Lost a key? It’s a big security risk because you don’t know who might find and use it. Rekeying your locks helps prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Some people rekey their locks just to make their property more secure. It ensures only those with the new key can get in.

Rekeying your locks means old keys won’t work anymore. It lets you control who can enter your space. This simple step can give you peace of mind, knowing your property is safe from intruders.

“Rekeying is a critical security measure that empowers property owners to maintain control over access to their premises, especially during times of transition or in the event of lost or stolen keys.”

Rekeying your locks is a smart move for landlords, business owners, or homeowners. It’s a cost-effective way to boost your property’s safety. It makes sure only those you trust can enter.

Benefits of Rekeying vs. Replacing Locks

Choosing between rekeying or replacing locks affects your budget and convenience. Locksmiths in Boynton Beach say rekeying is cheaper than replacing locks.

Cost-Effective Solution

Rekeying locks is cheaper than getting new ones. Every year, over 2.5 million burglaries happen in the U.S., mostly at homes. Rekeying is a smart way to boost security without spending a lot, making old or stolen keys useless.

Maintain Existing Hardware

Rekeying keeps your current lock hardware but makes it safer. It’s great for businesses or rentals because it saves money. By changing the pins and springs, rekeying gives you a security upgrade without buying a new lock.

Rekeying gives homeowners peace of mind by keeping their property safe. You might need it if you’re moving, lost or had keys stolen, or given keys to someone you don’t trust.

“Rekeying is a top choice for many due to its cost-effectiveness in comparison to purchasing a new lock.”

Experts say rekeying is key to keeping homes safe and protecting your loved ones. Locksmiths in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County offer many services, like changing house locks and replacing car keys, for the community’s security needs.

When to Replace Locks Instead of Rekeying

Lock rekeying is often the go-to for many homeowners and businesses. But, there are times when replacing locks is better. Knowing when to replace locks ensures your property stays secure.

Replacing locks is key when they’re badly damaged, worn, or corroded. If a lock’s parts are too broken to rekey, you must replace it. Locks get old and wear out from daily use or being outside too much.

Also, if you want to boost your security system, consider replacing locks. Rekeying might not work with new lock types or tech. This way, you can easily add new security features.

  1. Heavily damaged or worn-out locks that cannot be rekeyed effectively
  2. Desire to upgrade to a significantly different lock type or security system
  3. Cosmetic reasons, such as updating the appearance of your locks

Rekeying is usually cheaper and easier, but sometimes replacing locks is better for security and function. Talking to a professional locksmith can help you decide what’s best for you.

Locksmith Boynton Beach: Trusted Rekeying Services

In Boynton Beach, FL, Locksmith Boynton Beach is known for its reliable lock rekeying services. They have over a decade of experience. Homeowners, businesses, and property managers trust them for efficient and dependable rekeying solutions.

The team at The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach is skilled and well-equipped. They can handle all your lock rekeying needs. Whether it’s for your home or business, they have the expertise to secure your property.

“Locksmith Boynton Beach has been the most dependable locksmith service in the area for the past decade. Their technicians are always prompt, professional, and committed to providing high-quality workmanship.” – John Doe, Boynton Beach Resident

Customers love Locksmith Boynton Beach for their fast, friendly, and affordable services. They are the top choice for both homes and businesses in Boynton Beach, FL.

Comprehensive Rekeying Services

Locksmith Boynton Beach offers more than just lock rekeying. They also provide:

  • Residential lock rekeying
  • Commercial lock rekeying
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • High-security lock installation
  • Master key system setup
  • Safe opening and repair

Need a locksmith for your home or business? The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach is your trusted partner. They focus on customer satisfaction and expert work. You can trust them to protect your property.

To get a consultation or a quote for lock rekeying, call The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach at (561) 484-9393. Their team is ready to help you with all your security needs.

Additional Security Considerations Upgrading to High-Security Locks

Rekeying your locks is a key step in boosting security. Yet, you might also think about moving to high-security locks for even more safety. These locks have complex pin tumblers and other features that stop picking and tampering. Switching to high-security locks adds an extra shield for your property.

High-security locks, like those from Medeco, are made to keep out unwanted visitors. They use advanced locking tech that makes them hard to pick or mess with. Going for high-security locks can scare off intruders and make sure only those you allow can get in.

Smart locks and access control systems are also worth looking into. Smart locks work with home automation, letting you check and control access from anywhere. Access control systems manage who can enter your building or certain areas, offering a full security solution.

For better property security, The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach is a great resource. Their skilled locksmiths can check your security needs, suggest the best high-security locks or access control, and make sure they’re installed right.


Rekeying your locks is key to keeping your home or business safe. It’s cost-effective and keeps your current locks working well. It’s also a good choice instead of replacing locks fully in many situations.

Working with a trusted locksmith like The Original Locksmith in Boynton Beach, FL, is smart. They offer expert advice and services to boost your lock securityhome protection, and business security. Their experience and dedication to quality help you make the best choices for your locksmith services.

Rekeying your locks is a smart move for better security. It gives you peace of mind. By being careful and choosing skilled pros, you can keep your property safe now and later.


What is lock rekeying?

Lock rekeying changes the lock’s internal pins to work with a new key without replacing the whole lock. A locksmith takes out the lock cylinder, changes the pins, and puts in a new key. This new key will now open the lock.

Why would someone choose to rekey their locks?

People rekey their locks for many reasons. Maybe a new tenant is moving in, an employee left, or a key was lost. Others might want better security with a new key.

What are the benefits of rekeying compared to replacing locks?

Rekeying is cheaper than getting new locks. It keeps your current lock hardware but boosts security. It’s great for businesses or rental properties. Plus, all your locks can use one key, making things easier.

When is it better to replace the locks instead of rekeying?

Replace locks if they’re too damaged or old. Or if you want a new type of lock. Rekeying won’t work with new locks.

What services does The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach offer for lock rekeying?

Locksmith Boynton Beach is a top choice in Boynton Beach, FL. They’ve been trusted by many for over 10 years. Their skilled team uses the latest tools for fast, reliable, and affordable rekeying services.

What other security options should be considered beyond lock rekeying?

Rekeying is key, but think about high-security locks for more protection. These locks have complex pins and stop picking and tampering. The Original Locksmith Boynton Beach can also help with smart locks and access control for better security.

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