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The Army’s Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

The Army’s Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) is a collection of documents containing supplemental information and instructions used as a supplement to the Army TM. It provides an interactive electronic version of the technical manual for easy searching and retrieval of content. The IETM also includes tabbed pages to find links to related topics within other publications on a single topic page.

Why should I use the IETM instead of paper manuals or other electronic media sources for technical information on Army equipment and systems?”

IETM is an interactive technical manual for Army equipment and systems. IETM Army provides live hyperlinks to referenced sources, including the Handbook of Equipment Technical Data (HTDT) which can be downloaded in PDF format from this site so that a user can quickly research data related to specific pieces of equipment or other subjects.

  • The use of IETM is free and available to anyone with an internet connection.
  • The IETM is a centrally sponsored website that provides access to the entire series of Army manuals, service publications, technical bulletins, training aids/products (e.g., PowerPoint presentations), directives, and other information needed by Soldiers in day-to-day operations.
  • IETM is a joint effort of the U.S. Army Materiel Command, Training and Doctrine Command, Combined Arms Center, and TRADOC G–16.

How can you find what you need in the IETM’s online index, search engine, and browse pages?

The IETM’s online index, search engine, and browse pages are designed to help users quickly find what they need. The IETMs’ user-friendly interface is intuitive for the most basic Internet browser. When you go to one of those three main areas (index, search or browse), a clear statement appears at the top:

Index: The IETM index is a list of every chapter and page in the manual. Each listing includes an icon that identifies the type of content or classification level (i.e., unclassified, restricted). You can click on any heading for more information about its contents, including pages, summary text, and a list of IETM titles.

Search: You can use the search engine to find specific information quickly by entering terms in one box at a time. The IETM database contains more than 20 million words that are indexed for fast searches. A built-in “help” button is available if you need assistance.

Browse: The IETM interactive browser allows you to browse through the entire database of manuals and create your own navigation path. You can explore each document from its table of contents or with a keyword search.

CD ROMs: Computer discs are available for most IETMs in which all chapters and pages are stored on the CD. When you use a CD, the IETM software and database are also installed on your computer.

Download: Documents may be downloaded to your hard drive for printing or offline browsing from any node in the IETM interactive browser.

Database Details: The Army’s Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) is a system of 15 databases that provides content and design specifications, technical drawings, photographs, illustrations, and video for Army engineering projects.

IETM included: The IETMs cover the following topics: Armored Fighting Vehicles; Artillery Systems; Automotive Maintenance; Bridge Engineering; Building Construction Methods & Techniques–Steel Reinforced Concrete; Bulk Storage; Communications-Electronics Systems.

IETM access: Users may search all databases or restrict the results to only those that are relevant to their needs.

IETM software updates: The system automatically notifies users of new versions of the Army’s Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETMs) and Database Updates as they are released.

Technical notes: Users may add technical notes to any IEMT for personal use. These are not saved with the document and must be manually typed into each new note box on subsequent visits.

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