Today, almost every Internet user is familiar with Google. Its founder, Sergey Brin, a Jew by nationality, has long thought about the need for a discovery of this kind. His biography is a vivid example of the fact that today it is quite possible to make a discovery, to create a brilliant project.

Sergey’s biography originates in the USSR, so the Russian people can proudly say today that the Founder of Google system, Sergey Mikhailovich Brin, is our fellow countryman, a Russian. Brin Sergey Mikhailovich was born in Moscow in a family of mathematicians in 1973.

His mother, Evgenia, worked as an engineer, while his father was a gifted mathematician. However, in the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Brin experienced great inconvenience: latent anti-Semitism posed barriers to a talented mathematician. After graduating from Moscow State University, he was denied admission to graduate school, which pushed him to the fact that Brin began to work on his Ph.D. thesis “in private”. Mathematicians were not allowed to go abroad to scientific conferences either. But for unknown reasons, he was signed a visa to travel to the United States on a private invitation.

And at the end of the 70s of the last century, families who wanted to change their place of residence began to leave the Soviet Union. One of the first to decide to leave the country was Mikhail Brin. In the USA, he had many familiar mathematicians, so the choice fell on this power. So the biography of six-year-old Sergei took a sharp turn: he turned from a Soviet citizen into an American.


After the move, the father of the family settled at the University of Maryland in the small town of College Park. His wife got a job as a scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Agency.

Sergey Brin, the future founder of Google, during his studies began to amaze teachers with completed homework assignments, which he printed out on a home printer. After all, at that time, even in the United States, not everyone in families had computers – it was a rare luxury. Sergey Brin, on the other hand, owned a real Commodore 64 computer, which his father gave him for his nineth birthday.


Upon graduation, Sergey Brin is educated at the University of Maryland, where his father worked. With a bachelor’s degree in his pocket, the future founder of Google moves to Silicon Valley – the place where the most powerful minds of the country are concentrated. The myriad of tech institutions and high-tech companies in Silicon Valley provide a wide range of choices for those who want to improve their knowledge. Sergey Brin chooses among the whole mass of offers a super-prestigious computer university – that was Stanford University.

Anyone who did not know Brin well could be mistaken in believing that the future founder of Google was a “nerd” – Sergey, like most young studio students, preferred fun classes to boring doctoral studies. The main disciplines to which Sergey Brin devoted the lion’s share of his time were gymnastics, dancing, and swimming. But, despite this, a sharp idea, the name of which was “Google search engine.

After all, a lover of the fascinating Playboy site was sorry for his time and effort to “comb” it in order to look for something new. And, as they say, laziness is the very first reason for progress – and Sergey Brin created a program, independently and personally for his needs, which automatically found everything “fresh” on the site and downloaded this material to the PC of a resourceful young man.


Here, at Stanford University, the meeting of the future founders of Google took place. Larry Page and Sergey Brin made up a wonderful intellectual tandem, which brought a unique innovation to the Internet – the original Google search engine.

However, the first meeting did not at all bode well: both Sergey Brin and Larry Page were a match for each other – both proud, ambitious, uncompromising. However, at some point in their arguments and screams, two magic words flashed – “search engines” – and the young men realized that this was their common interest.

We can say that this meeting was an important milestone in the destinies of both young people. And who knows if Sergey’s biography would have been replenished with the discovery of Google if he hadn’t met Larry? Although today it is generally accepted that it is Sergey Brin who is the founder of Google, while undeservedly forgetting to mention Larry Page.


Meanwhile, Sergey Brin, together with Larry Page, now, having abandoned all youthful amusements, pored over their “brainchild” for days. And in 1996, in the computer of Stanford University, where both young men studied, a page appeared – the predecessor of the now well-known Google search engine. The search page was called BackRub, which translated as “you – to me, and I – to you.” It was the scientific work of graduate students whose names were Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Later, the search page became known as PageRank.

BackRub founder Sergey Brin kept a server with a hard drive in his dorm room. Its volume was equal to one terabyte or 1024 “gigabytes”, if translated into the modern language of computer scientists. BackRub’s principle of operation was based on not just finding pages on the Internet upon request, but ranking them depending on how often other pages link to them, how often Internet users access them. Actually, this principle was subsequently developed in the Google system.

Google Founded

The future founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, became even more established in their decision to continue working on improving the search system, because even this imperfect program began to be used by a huge number of people. For example, in 1998, about ten thousand users applied here daily.

However, the proverb that the initiative must always be punished at this time was very inopportunely realized. Sergey Brin recalls that Stanford professors were outraged that the service began to consume most of the university Internet traffic. But the worst thing for teachers was not even that – the future creators of Google were accused of hooliganism!

The reason for everything was the imperfection of the system. And she even “flaunted” university “closed” documents, access to which was strictly limited. At this time, the biography of the future founders of Google could well have received such a negative fact as expulsion from the university.


Young people were already developing their grandiose discovery, they even came up with the name of the company – Googol, which meant one with one hundred zeros. The meaning of this name was that the company would have a huge base, a huge number of users! But it became impossible to work further on the university computer, so it was urgent to look for investors.

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As it turned out, it’s not enough to come up with a bright name for your company, you also need to be able to convince wealthy people to believe in your genius, to decide to invest your capital. And here Sergey Brin and Larry Page could not find their vein in any way – the majority of potential investors did not even want to talk about the company.

Google Systems

And suddenly, young people were surprisingly lucky: businessman Andy Bechtolsheim, who was among the founders of Sun Microsystems Corporation, decided to help them. However, he did not even listen to the confused speech of the young men, but somehow immediately believed in their genius and success.

Andy, two minutes into the conversation, took out his checkbook and began to write out a check for one hundred thousand dollars, inquiring about the name of the company. And only when they went out into the street, the young people discovered a “mistake”: their investor casually, due to his inattention, renamed their offspring, putting the name of the company “Google Inc” instead of “Googol”.

Now the partners faced a new problem: in order to receive the money on the check, it was necessary to register Google as a matter of urgency. Sergey Brin, together with Larry Page, took an academic leave from the university and began to urgently call friends and relatives in order to obtain some funding to achieve their goal. It took a whole week, and on September 7, 1998, the birth of Google with a million-dollar capital in the account was officially registered.

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