Ryzen 5 3600 VS Intel Core i5 10400F

Friends, if you want to make a PC if your budget is relatively low, you will be confused by two new processors in the market.
One is
Ryzen 5 3600 and another one will be Intel Core i5 10400F. These two CPUs have the same price and their performance is quite the same. The main reason for confusing these two processors is the two processors have 6 core 12 threads. With that their price is also the same. Ryzen 5 3600 price in bd is too popular among all. So I will solve this confusion in a short time. With that their price is also the same. What are the benefits of these two products? Which processor is better for whom? In today’s blog, I will talk about that in detail.

First, we will look at what these two processors have in common and what they have in common. As I said before, they 6 core 12 threads. Two motherboard support 65wt TDP.
After this, I will talk about which processor is better in which aspect.

Ryzen 5 3600 VS Intel i5 10400F

*About Ryzen 5 3600 Compare with Intel Core i5 10400F
1. It has a larger L3 cache size.
There are three types of cache in a motherboard. L1, L2, L3. So this cache is totally separated from other code and it will control the power separately.
If we look at Ryzen L3 Cache Share: 32MB cache, 36/6= 5MB per core.
On the other hand, Intel L3 Cache Share: 12MB cache, 12/6= 2MB per core.
So the faster memory will give a more fast performance. Like multitasking or 3D animation making.

2. More Modern Manufacturing Process:
In nowadays Intel has their 14+++ nanometer old technology. I don’t know how much ‘+’ they want to add to their technology. But for Ryzen has its 3rd generation processor based on Zen 2 architecture. It has 7-nanometer technology so it will be faster, smoother, and consume less power than others.

3. Overclocking Support:
We all know Ryzen’s all products support overclocking but Intel doesn’t support it. If we want to overclock our processor then we have to choose a good type of motherboard with a separate good quality cooler. Cause overclocking maker more temperature in the CPU and motherboard. You can get the best quality product with a good ryzen 5 3600 price in bd

4. Higher Frequency Ram Support:
Ryzen 5 3600 3200MGh Dual Channel supported.
On the other hand, Intel support 2666MGh ram.

*About Intel Core i5 10400F Compare with Ryzen 5 3600
1. Higher Turbo Boost Frequency:
Intel support 2.9 to 4.3 GHz
On the other hand, AMD support 3.6 to 4.2 GHz

2. New Release:
AMD: 2019 3rd Quarter Intel 2020 2nd Quater.
Some of you will question me that, why I am telling you about the release time?
it’s the normal thing I know but the release time is important in the CPU market. More latest product gives more newly update service that’s why I told this

We will talk about who will take these two processors in which case: If you want to play a game on your PC or you’re main I want is playing games. Then I suggest you choose Intel i5 10400F. Because it will perform 10-12% better than AMD.
Now if we’re talking about the major task for multitasking, video editing, video rendering, 3D video making, or even higher task then our first priority will be AMD processor ryzen 5 3600 price in bd.
We can able see the Pssmark then we will see the Ryzen is higher with multi-core.
If you want to see the price of Ryzen 5 3600 then visit for Ryzen 5 3600 prices in bd. One thing more, chose the latest CPU and motherboard cause it will help to catch better wifi frequency.

MotherBoard Suggestion:
Please choose your motherboard carefully. Because your all system works in the mainboard that calls motherboard. So if you want to buy a cheaper one then it will cause a huge problem in your future. Because when you are creating pressure on your PC then your motherboard or your CPU will get more heat or temperature and that will cause permanent damage to your PC
So choose your motherboard wisely.
But don’t worry. I will suggest you some perfect motherboard in a very good reasonable price that anyone can afford it.
For AMD use MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX Gaming Motherboard. Or
ASRock B450M Steel Legend Socket.
For Intel i5 use GIGABYTE H410M H Ultra Durable Motherboard.

Conclusion: I know each and everyone wants a great CPU with the best performance. But some of them are not well knowledgeable about this. For that, they faced many problems in using time. If a gamer wants to play the game then he has to buy the Intel i5 10400F. It will give him better performance than Ryzen 5 3600. But that’s for some games not all of the games.
So now who will use the ryzen 5 3600? The answer will be all PC users. Because everyone needs their PC to perform each and every condition.

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