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RichmondSuper Reviews 2021 – Is This Broker Your Ticket To Success Or Failure?

The Forex world is full of scammers. I won’t say that it is impossible to find a firm that you can trust with your hard-earned money, but it won’t be wrong to say that choices are very much limited. You need to carefully go through the options and thoroughly analyze all the important aspects to cut down as much risk as possible. Being a trader for the past 10-12 years has given me an edge that I have mastered the art of spotting a fraudster. I must say this comes with experience and unfortunately a lot of financial losses.

When I was struggling as a trader, I had an idea regarding how imperative it was for a trader to join a Forex Firm and especially with the technological advances and unimaginable ease they had to offer it became evident that in the near time forex firms would evolve as a necessity. I think that time has already arrived but now picking one is not as easy as it used to be. This is mainly because whenever there is a surge in demand, we see people heading to the market with multiple intentions. Some come to fill the demand and supply gap, while others rush in to take advantage of it by trapping the innocent.

You will hardly find anyone in the industry, who has not been exploited at hands of these, in some part of their early trading lives. So, this is just to give you an idea that you should not let such imposters make you quit or lose interest. I decided to write this review after observing repeatedly that many young buds are being entrapped more and more now. Although there is no way you mark yourselves completely safe from their venoms, there are multiple ways you can try to keep yourself relatively safe. In this review, I’ll give you reasons why I have been trusting RichmondSuper for a long time now and what makes me stick to it despite some shortcomings and margins of improvements.

I will try to address it in a manner that you all get the chance to see how an experienced and established trader looks at his broker. There are always areas that you cannot think of compromising on such as security, efficiency, reliability, etc. And then there are matters that fall a little low on the priority list.

This takes me to my decision-making strategy. Be it any choice in my life, I have developed a habit of making a list with high priority items on the top, and the low ones at the bottom. This helps me easily figure out what exactly I am looking for. When I have my options narrowed down, I turn it into a checklist and now I can easily make otherwise hard choices. If you all develop this habit of seriously analyzing the pros and cons beforehand, then trust me you are bound to succeed.


  • For platforms that run online, one of the first things that you look for is how user friendly the website is. RichmondSuper has clearly succeeded at this by coming up with a highly interactive website that is super easy to use. If you have never operated such a website before or you are not into technology, you will never feel baffled. This is because the web page is put out in a manner that is self-explanatory. All important options are highlighted to set them apart from the less important ones. The Website is also very engaging. I like how videos have been incorporated to make your overall working experience even more engaging. The website is a blend of both dark and light colours which come together to make the website more catchy. The company logo at the top is linked to the webpage, so no matter where you end up exploring the website, you can go back to the main page with a click.


  • Security is another factor that has to be simply flawless and free of loopholes. I have seen people getting back to square 1 because of unsatisfactory security measures of the frim. It is not only about your money only,  but you also need to be equally cautious about your private information being leaked. Before joining this platform I spend weeks figuring out if this platform takes satisfactory security or not. While in this process, I went through all the Legal documents with my lawyer. After reading them, he himself was amazed by the extent of transparency shown and this was the time when I had a feeling this would work for me. After that, I contacted my seniors who have known the broker for a longer time, they said they had never heard of any cyber-attacks or security breaches. All these years, I have myself seen how the broker keeps the client’s security first even if it comes at the cost of their own profit.


  • Account segregation has been done in a way that all traders get everything they need without having to pay for unnecessary features. A total of 5 accounts are being offered;  Trial, Passive Income, Portfolio Management, Retirement and Heritage. The Trial Account is the most basic one and it is for young traders who are still undergoing a learning process. For this account, a minimum balance of $250 is needed and in return, you get 200+ tradable assets, market review and flexible leverage. Heritage being the highest one requires a minimum balance of $250k and has much more to offer. If you opt for an account and your business grows to a point where you need more, then you can easily upgrade to any of the higher accounts. I have been using the Heritage account and I must say all offered features have helped me a lot throughout my venture.

RichmondSuper Reviews 2021

  • By now it must be clear to you how the firm runs on a single principle of Client first. Their top priority is to facilitate the clients and this can be seen all over the forum. I would like to talk about how the firm lets you make use of four payment options like Wire Transfer and VISA. multiple options have been added considering that people from all around the globe make use of the website and hence the introduced methods should work for all of them. I am using Wire Transfer and VISA more often. Also, I would like to mention that all the transaction information is kept private and there is no way a third party can have access to it.


  • The website can be accessed from multiple devices like your smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. This is a feature that lets you travel without carrying your laptop. I was on vacation with my family and I wanted to make a deal. I remember how I was upset to realize that I did not bring my laptop. It was then when I remembered that the website works on the phone too. I made my deal and thanked the forum for taking care of customers’ needs so well. I also find it particularly commendable that you need not install complex software or applications on your devices, in fact, all you need is an internet browser.


  • When I was carrying out my research, I had it in my mind that I can never find a platform that is perfect but I can look for something nearly perfect. When I used RichmondSuper I felt some issues that I’ll talk about here with the hope that they are addressed soon.


  • RichmondSuper runs by default in the English language which is great but more languages should be added. This is being said keeping in mind that traders from all around the globe make use of this forum and not all of them understand English that well. I have seen a lot of forex firms lack this but since RichmondSuper has always been ahead of its competitors, I expect this issue to be sorted soon.


  • Customer Support at RichmondSuper is great. I like how the representatives are extremely professional and well trained but they are not available 24/7. If you come across a problem on weekends, either you drop an email and wait for the reply or wait for Monday to have one on one conversation. Also, one international number is not provided on the website which makes the calling option useless for most of the customers.

RichmondSuper Reviews 2021

Concluding Remarks

RichmondSuper is more like my business partner now because of the trust-based relationship that we have developed. I must say a good platform is not only about maximizing profits. In fact, if you find yourself learning and improving along with making money then you can say your choice was the right choice. I hope you all end up on your right platforms soon.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

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