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Preventing House Fires

Simple cooking errors, outside wildfires and heating systems are just a few things that can lead to a house fire. The damages that fire is capable of can go beyond anyone’s comprehension until it’s too late. It’s important that homeowners go out of their way to protect their house and yard from fire hazards.


Some appliances are used on a daily basis, such as washing machines and stoves. The more appliances are used, the more likely they are to malfunction and cause a fire. Rags, curtains and oven mitts can easily ignite if they are left near heated cookware. It helps to be extra diligent with these appliances when doing housework. Many people also underestimate how flammable dryer lint is. Even potting soil and fertilizer often have combustible materials that can lead to accidents.


Recreational habits can lead to a house fire when people aren’t careful. Incense and candles can give a nice touch to a home, but they should never be left unattended. Candles are often situated on top of flammable table cloths, which can be disastrous. Homeowners also shouldn’t smoke inside and should always have a smoker’s pole or ashtray on hand.


In case a fire does happen, it’s important to have protective tools set up. A fire extinguisher should be kept in the kitchen since fires often start in this part of the house. Wet standpipe systems Orange County California can keep water flowing through the hose lines without risking a basement flood. Smoke alarms should be spread out throughout the house, especially near areas that use heat. A sprinkler system can provide extra protection.

Fire safety is not about constantly stressing about things that could go wrong, but remaining attentive and prepared. With the right precautions, families can enjoy their home without trouble.

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