Perfect Lowers: How to Buy the Best Pants for Men

Everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for a well-made coat, dinner jacket, fitted shirt, or cashmere sweater. However, if your lower half appears to have been neglected, none of those mentioned above matters. Simply put, you need to get well-fitted and good-looking pants, and doing so is more challenging than you may think it would be. And this article will provide you with the definitive word on the appropriate length, fabric, colour, quality, fit, and occasion for wearing mens pants. This will help you appear your absolute best when you wear them. Also, you should never make do with pants that don’t fit properly; thankfully, you no longer have to.

  • You Should Always Buy Trousers That Are Half-Lined

Pants made of wool are a safe option, but you should check to see whether or not they have a lining in the thighs. If they do not, you may find that movement causes itchy thighs. The perfect pair of pants would have a tapered leg, a regular waist, and a narrow ankle; this style is classic and will never go out of style. And regarding the appropriate length of the trouser, one could model themselves after the French student movement in May 1968.

  • Pay Close Attention to the Materials Used

You should steer clear of some types of clothes while shopping for trousers. Hopsack, for instance, will never retain its original form, and the same is valid for cashmere. Meanwhile, if the blend exceeds a particular percentage, say 20%, the pants won’t last as long as they otherwise would.

  • The Right Shape Is Everything

Fit is essential since even if the trousers are expertly crafted, you won’t wear them if they aren’t the correct size. So, look at the pants’ interior to observe how the seams are put together. And if the seams are not flat, the outside seams will not lie correctly, and you will need to check to see if there is enough inlay to let them out at a later point. Also, you should avoid pockets that are too short and pockets made of polyester.

  • You Must Not Wear Slim Pants With Suits

Steer clear of pairing slim men’s pants with a suit unless you want to appear as though you belong on The Apprentice. Also, stay away from artificial fibres and the colour white; it’s OK to use light cream. In addition, there is no such thing as having an excessive amount of pairs of grey pants. Also, in the winter, wear flannel, and in the summer, plain weave.

  • Take the Tailoring Into Consideration

Handmade pants should have a rigid waistband, a curved metal fly zip, a hand-finished fly, hem, and pockets, hand-sewn curtains (on the inside, concealing the waistline), and pocket bags of a reasonable size. However, ready-tailored trousers need the seams to be securely stitched, the fabric to be of high quality, and the fit to be accurate.

  • There Is a Time and a Place for Pleats

Pleated pants are significantly more comfortable around the midsection area, particularly when you’re seated. The large pleated pants and boxy jackets that David Bowie donned in his role as the Thin White Duke have always been popular costumes. Additionally, bulky people should probably steer clear of leather.

  • Ensure That the Length Is Appropriate

In an ideal world, if you are short or stocky, you should seek a pant with either a half break or a complete break to stop at the ankle in the ideal spot. In addition, it is well worth the effort to have the hem of your formal trousers angled, meaning they should be one centimetre longer in the rear than in the front. This will allow the pants to fit over the ankle in a much neater manner.

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