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Major challenges of NAAC accreditation Faced by HEIs

A NAAC Accreditation grant for the college from a standard body is a question of pride for several institutes offering higher education. It is a certificate of the quality of education that is provided by the institutes to the students. It is a point of benefit for the student to choose a college that offers education of the highest quality and helps them to choose based on the NAAC score of the institutes.

Further, the NAAC accreditation for the institutes attracts the eyes of the companies and other institutes to offer the students with opportunities and placement offers to the students. The accreditation of the institutes adds value to the degree of the students studying in the institute.

The NAAC approval grants value to the college in terms of standards that are a benchmark for the quality of educational practices that are happening in the institutes. The colleges have to carry out self-evaluation based on the NAAC standards and then apply for NAAC accreditation. The colleges are examined based on the courses offered by them, various departments, faculty, research activities, and other aspects that are important for the growth of the educational institute. After proving that the institution is well suited for the certification with the high quality of outputs, the institutes are granted with NAAC.

Several colleges that provide higher education are being questioned about their performance by the authorities as well as the students who are looking forward to taking admission in the college.

However, getting NAAC accreditation for the institute is a major task that needs to be initiated by the institute itself. The institutes face several challenges going through the whole procedure of applying for the accreditation as well as maintaining the quality of education in their institutes to maintain the NAAC score. Here are a few challenges that are likely to be faced by the institute during the process of NAAC.

1.Expensive nature-

The NAAC accreditation process is of great benefit to the institute if its cost is lower than the advantages it is likely to bring to the college. It is a very long process that requires a large number of funds. It contains involvement from several bodies that are related to the institutes along with various approvals and certificates. The college has to maintain quality of education and help the students learn and grow at a higher rate to be approved for getting high-quality standardization for the college. This whole process is likely to require large capital which has to be spent by the colleges. The colleges have to consider capital as a major point in the case of getting the institute approved for NAAC. Several institutes are likely to face problems with affordability. An accreditation data management system is an ERP solution that can assist the core team members of various committees and programs in the college.

2. Collaboration among several authorities

The NAAC accreditation process requires the collaboration of several heads and authorities of various operations. Several academic units come together to work towards the NAAC process to give whatever is required to be submitted to the people in charge. Even if they have reached a point where all of them are working together towards the NAAC, adjusting everyone’s timings and work in a structure of the institute with other ongoing operations and processes is a difficult task.

Further, there is likely to be a need for the lasting faculty, along with the educators and colleagues who worked in isolation as well as a student body that is likely to be changing their space and entering into the model of higher education. Further, it takes cooperative work from the other aspects of the institutes like HR, accounting, research, and others. Hence, the cooperation from all of these bodies at a time is likely to take time as well as cooperative efforts from all of them. This turns out to be a huge challenge for the college that is applying for the NAAC.

3. Self- Assessment Culture-

The accreditation programs require the institute to maintain high-quality education along with other opportunities and activities such as research, sports, extracurricular, job opportunities along with various other activities that happen in the college. Further, the staff and faculty are well versed with the system of education or markings in terms of attendance or progress of the students that are studying in the institutions. Further, they require the students to be able to be well learned and educated with the knowledge they are gaining from the institutes for a record of past few years.

When applying for NAAC, institutions must ensure that their colleagues’ performance in many areas is up to par and that they are continually improving. Since these processes must be carried out simultaneously with other college activities and operations, this can be a major problem for the team members of the institute.

4.Self-rule of Institutes-

The NAAC procedure can examine the vision, objectives, and characteristics of the institutions. Last but not least, a vision such as this could end up jeopardizing the Institute’s realism and realistic approach En outre, the institution’s authorities must demonstrate its financial management, which can be difficult for schools to maintain in their early development and expansion phases. Evaluating their own work, maintaining it growing, and presenting it to the appropriate authorities could be an issue for institutes. An ERP solution can be used for managing tasks and handling data over years.

Apart from these, several challenges come out during the process, which is faced by the institutes. These are different for every institute and hence cannot be generalized for all of them. Hence, even if getting the college NAAC approved might be beneficial for the institutes, the efforts taken for the approval require years given by the institutes.

These processes can be made easy with the accreditation data management system which will help the institutes to work with transparency and manage various activities that are required by several departments.

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