Main Agricultural Tools to Simplify Farming in India

If the farmer gets less crop production, then one of the main reasons is also not using the right agricultural equipment in the fields. Many agricultural implements are made in the country, but most farmers are unable to use them. Even today, some farmers are doing farming even without a tractor. In such a situation, the fields are not prepared well, and crop production decreases. Main agricultural tools are help to solve all farming related problems.

Let us tell you that for a good yield of crops, the farmer needs agricultural equipment for spraying, tilting, digging etc. In today’s time, many new technologies are being developed in the agriculture sector. Farmers have to use those techniques on time so that farming becomes successful. Today we will give information about some special agricultural implements related to agriculture, which every farmer should use. Main agricultural tools equipment is practised with the tractor, and the New Holland 3630 tractor is best for handling these types of equipment. The remarkable thing is that some of these agricultural implements are also subsidised.

Farm Equipment That Simplifies Farming

  • Roto Seed Drill
  • Planter
  • Sprayer
  • Straw-Reaper
  • Rotavator
  • Disc Harrow
  • Cultivator
  • Planter

Roto Seed Drill

The gears of this machine are extreme and powerful. It is mainly used for post-harvest sowing. Along with this, it is also used for crushing and mixing debris. Its use saves fuel and conserves moisture in the soil, spreads seeds and fertilisers. Its price starts from around 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. A maximum subsidy of up to 50 percent can also be available.

Use of Roto Seed Drill

  • The use of roto seed drills saves fuel
  • Conserves moisture in the soil
  • Seed is propagated
  • Fertiliser spread


This agricultural equipment is usually mounted behind the tractor to sow the seeds in rows in the field.


This is a drug dispensing device. With its help, it can spray pesticides and fertilisers on crops. Hence, it is also called a medicine dispenser. It is made in several models, such as a disposal sprayer, portable power sprayer, knapsack power sprayer, mist dust sprayer etc. Its price starts from around 3500 rupees to 50 thousand.

Straw Reaper

This machine does the work of making straw. With this, the remaining crop residue in the field is cleaned. It is operated by a tractor. Its price starts from about 2 lakh 50 thousand to 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees. A subsidy of up to 50 per cent is also available. Appropriate farming equipment helps in increasing the production of the crop. Farmers who already have a tractor, then they can take some more agricultural equipment and add it.


It is also called a rotary tiller. Its primary use is in breaking and digging the soil. This machine is mainly used behind the tractor.

Use of Rotavator

  • It is used for ploughing all types of soils.
  • This machine saves fuel.
  • Prepare the cultivated soil immediately so that the soil moisture of the previous crop can be used.
  • This machine works smoothly in wet areas.
  • This machine can plough a depth of about 125 to 1500 mm.
  • The sowing of seeds is quick.
  • Rotavator is used to remove crop residues.
  •  Can fold this machine in any way.


This machine is used to remove weeds from the field and sow them. In addition, this machine is used to loosen the soil. This is also used as a  main Agricultural Tools in farming.

Cultivator machine is made in many ways, such as spring tine cultivator, rigid tine cultivator, rigid tine shovel, bar point cultivator etc.

Use of Cultivators

  • This machine prepares seeds.
  • Works to heal the soil.
  • Controls weeds.

Disc Harrow

The soil is broken and levelled by this machine. Along with this, it is used to destroy weeds. Please tell me that this machine is pulled from the tractor. It has metal teeth attached to it. It is prepared in many ways—for example, spring harrow, roller harrow, chain harrow, disc harrow etc.

Use of Disc Harrow

  • Levelling the soil using disc harrow
  • deep ploughing


This agricultural equipment is usually mounted behind the tractor to sow the seeds in rows in the field. It is attached to the tractor with a draw-bar.


To drive these machines, we have to take the help of tractors, which is a farm machine. So let’s know about the tractors in detail. Tractor is the primary tool used in modern agriculture. It is a vehicle that is designed to provide more traction at low speed. It also does pulling agricultural equipment, luggage trailers, trolleys etc., attached behind it. 

On top of this, some such agricultural equipment is also installed, driven by the power received from the tractor. Various tractor models are available in the Indian market of the tractor, but the tractor can easily handle these farm equipment. 

We hope this exciting information about main agricultural tools  is helpful for you. If you have any difficulty in your mind related to this information, don’t worry. Please stay with us and wait for our new blog. 


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