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Life lessons we can learn from Indian Defence forces

The Indian Defence forces are one of few sectors that is respected and honored by the Indian Citizens. They have unique class and ethics that makes them exceptional from the rest of the population. Sacrifice, determination, valour, discipline, these valuable ethos have earned them respect of the whole nation. The freedom and security we enjoy today is the fruit of blood shed by Indian soldiers in the battlefield. They have successfully deterred every hostility with gallant efforts. Every youngster of the country should follow their footsteps to condition their mind, body and soul. 

Nowadays, burgeoning youth have a distinct passion for joining the Indian defence forces. The active participation of youngsters in the defence forces made it the largest volunteer force in the world. The Indian defence forces recruit personnel by conducting various exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc. 

As a defence aspirant, you’ll be pleased to learn some important life lessons from Indian Defence forces. Have a look at the points written below: 

Some wish to enter the Indian defence forces right after their higher secondary studies, so they appear for the NDA exam. If anyone seeks splendid guidance for the exam, they can join the Best NDA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

  • A well disciplined life

Personnel of Indian defence forces are revered for living a well disciplined and mannered life. They adhere to proper daily routines like, being punctual, stand up for what is right and behave as per basic civic sense. If you are aiming to join the Indian defence forces, shun gluttony and laziness. Also, try to maintain a healthy and disciplined routine. You need to eschew bad habits, to live a life of heroism.

  • They are all rounders

The Indian Defence forces have produced some exceptional officers. Some soldiers like Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and Milkha Singh have made India proud in sports on an international level. Gallant stories of officers like Captain Vikram Batra and Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw still give us jimjams. The defence forces give utmost importance to co-curricular activities such as social service and sports. Besides showing excellence in the battlefield, defence personnel are proficient in handling additional challenges. They are intellectual and fearless, but are also boosted by a zeal to maintain a well-rounded personality. Let this zealousness run in your veins as well.

This level of dedication in soldiers has persuaded a large number of youth to join the Indian defence forces and serve their motherland. They can easily enter the defence forces by qualifying the CDS exam. If anyone needs astounding guidance while studying for the exam, they can link with the most esteemable CDS coaching institute in Chandigarh.

  • Values of loyalty and Integrity

Indian soldiers bear the absolute quality of loyalty and integrity. Their dedication and commitment remain unaffected in the toughest conditions and even in face of danger. Soldiers have the most pure friendships as they are not based on caste, race, class or religion. Their strongest virtues include fidelity and unity. Every defence aspirant should germinate these values in themselves.

  • Humble and treat everyone with respect

Soldiers of Indian defence forces treat everyone with great respect whether it is a soldier of other rank, senior officer, child or a woman. Their respect is not measured on the basis of gender and rank. It is believed in the Indian defence forces that every human being is worthy of respect. This graceful attitude should be followed by all individuals and all organizations. To gain respect, one must believe in giving first.

  • Positivity and resourcefulness 

After seeing death and destruction so closely from the eye, every defence officer believes in living life to the fullest. A soldier in the defence forces is able to make the best of any situation and overcome negativity. They have trained their mind to see best in every situation they encounter. In the worst of the situations, a soldier is always ready to attenuate the damage and improve the conditions. This optimistic attitude and zealousness is commendable and inspiring.

  • Sincerity and selflessness

It is easy to earn for oneself and live a luxurious life, but fighting for people you don’t even completely know is worth appreciating. They believe in fighting for a greater cause that is for the betterment of the whole nation. Their selfless duty has won the hearts of millions in the nation.

There are three diversions to the defence forces, one of it is the Indian Air forces. So, if you want to join the Indian Air forces, appear for the AFCAT exam. While studying for the exam, you can prefer to join the most prestigious AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh.


The important life lessons every Indian citizen can learn from the Indian Defence forces is elaborated above. One should learn these important values as these values can help you ace every aspect of normal life. If you are a defence aspirant, it will be better to build all these values in yourself.

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