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Lessons from the Nashville Bombing: Install Window Security Film

 The 2020 Christmas Day Nashville bombing was a shocking incident, and it took everyone by surprise during a merry holiday time. But as saddening as it was, it yet again proved the importance of taking precautions. While terrorist attacks and natural catastrophes are not always preventable, it is in man’s hands to take necessary measures to reduce fatalities and damage. In this case, the bombing incident was an eye-opener for building owners and architectural experts. And it made everyone realize how important it was to get security systems out there. One of those is the ones that come with Vivint packages.

Among the many security precautions that you could take is installing the window security film. The whole bombing incident prompted many people and businesses to go for this measure. If you don’t know about that incident, read on below to find out all the details.

What Happened in Nashville Bombing?

On the 25th of December 2020, a suicide bomber named Anthony Quinn Warner damaged over 40 buildings and injured eight people by detonating a bomb in an R.V. (recreational vehicle). Loudspeakers around the vehicle warned people to evacuate immediately. The shocking incident occurred on the historic Second Avenue between Commerce Street and Church Street at 6:30 in the morning. Fortunately, there was not much hustle-bustle so early in the morning, so the place was relatively quiet and isolated, preventing mortalities. The culprit, the Warner, was identified by the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) and it was determined that the Nashville Bombing resident acted alone.

The Damage Done

While the city did not suffer from any deaths and fatalities, there was tremendous property damage, and several people were left injured. Three vehicles were utterly burnt post the bombing, 41 businesses suffered damage, and an entire building on the other side of the street collapsed. An AT&T service building was nearby and suffered from significant damages. Network equipment inside the telephone exchange was severely impacted, resulting in a service outage throughout the United States. While backup generators maintained the connection for several hours, outages were inevitable once they ran out of battery power.

The Importance of Security Windows Films 

Many years ago, in 1995, when the city of Oklahoma witnessed a bomb that caused 400 injuries and 168 deaths, a conversation started regarding the safety of buildings. Window film manufacturers concluded that more robust glass windows could prevent secondary damage to the surrounding buildings and residents. Since many injuries are caused by shattered glass miles away from the initial explosion, taking these preventive measures could potentially save people from being wounded or losing their lives. It would also limit the infrastructural damage to important buildings surrounding the catastrophe. And so, the measures were implemented, and many important buildings like the Pentagon and Washington DC, FBI headquarters were secured with the special window films.

Over the years, thousands of buildings around the United States have installed. These windows to protect their residents, employees, and infrastructure. Such buildings include The Library of Congress, the U.S. House Of Representatives, the U.S. Capitol, Transportation and EPA headquarters, the Department of Energy, and many airports.

However, the number of buildings that are protected is not enough. And the recent Nashville bombing is yet another reminder of how important. It is to speed up the process of security window installation. The city was lucky that the bomber did not intend to kill people and chose a favorable time for the residents. However, if it were a busy weekend night, the situation would have been unimaginable. The incident was nothing less than an eye-opener that serious measures need to be taken and fast!


Business owners, organizations, and window manufacturers worldwide need to pay more attention to this issue before a worst-case scenario occurs. Windows protecting a building and its residents require special attention and need to be replaced with glass. That can withhold its shape and stay intact in times of natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks, bullets, and explosions. The sooner everyone realizes its importance, the less damage will occur as a result of these incidents.

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