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Kitchen Stone Backsplash Ideas

While we as children are told that the kitchen is the part of the house where people cook food (and sometimes eat), we realize that the kitchen is more than that as we grow up.

“Kitchen. Noun – A gathering place for friends and family. A place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love.”

We believe this is one of the most accurate definitions of a kitchen.

The kitchen is about the feel of warm food and aromatic spices. But if you ask an interior designer for Home Renovation Dubai, they would tell you that pretty spice racks to store those spices and an elegant stove are equally important.

What is a Backsplash?

A backsplash is basically any material of your choice that helps to cover the space between the counter and the cabinets on top. Backsplashes are usually designed in kitchens and bathrooms.

A backsplash can be an excellent means of displaying your choice and taste in the interior while you decide on the material and pattern. It would be extra to say that there are hundreds of backsplash options to choose from.

Why Do You Need a Backsplash?

Every kitchen lover wants their kitchen to be gorgeous and practical at the same time and that’s what backsplashes are for. If you have been a part of the architecture and designing of a house, you must know the importance of a backsplash. If you don’t we are here to tell you everything about it.


The first reason to have a backsplash in the kitchen is how gorgeous they look. There is a vast variety of materials and designs for backsplashes that you can choose from. From marble to tiles and stickers in all sizes and patterns, creating a backsplash is utterly easy.


Who wants their kitchen walls to have oil stains all over them? Not you! They provide a pretty-looking covering on your wall to avoid the oil stains as they do not come off the paint. It is easier to clean a backsplash made of marble, tiles, wood, or any other such material.


Backsplashes are an excellent way to exhibit your aesthetic sense to your guests through the kitchen. A well-designed backsplash shows that you care about the details.

Ideas for Kitchen Stone Backsplash

Louis Parrish said, “If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.”

So, let’s get started on organizing your kitchen by choosing the right backsplash. Stone kitchen backsplash is quite trendy nowadays and it would be great to have one in your kitchen. Have a look at all these stunning ideas to see which one represents your vibe and kitchen interior perfectly.

The Classic Brick

Bricks never go out of fashion. Have you ever wondered, why? Bricks give you the feel of being closer to nature and feel the warmth as compared to tiles. Having brick stones is an excellent choice if you like traditional looks and want to play safe. The stacked brick backsplash look is timeless, and a great choice if you do not plan on changing the backsplash frequently.

Matching Stacked Backsplash

If you have always wondered that the kitchen appliances are out of place and do not match your kitchen, it is the right opportunity to blend them in. You can go for a simple, stacked backsplash like the brick one, but choose a color that matches your appliances. However, we believe that it is not necessary to have everything match perfectly, but opting for contrast is also considerable.


Travertine is among the top choices for kitchen backsplashes, and we understand why. It gives your kitchen the perfect look between a modern and an orthodox setup. The texture of the backsplash combined with the gorgeous color pleases your eye as soon as you see it. It is not only pretty but also durable. You would not regret spending money on this!


White is an amazing color that feels absolutely peaceful and calm to the eyes, and that’s what we all need in the kitchen. Especially if you have a white-themed kitchen and thinking of Home Renovation Dubai, it would be great to add a white stacked backsplash to your kitchen and complete the look. You can also add borders of a different sort if you want to pair with it some other hue.

Rustic Stacked

You will be amazed at the variety of backsplash options, particularly in stacked stone. The reason is the long-lasting quality and evergreen look of the stacked brick feels eternal and you can find them in numerous colors and textures to match your kitchen interior. If your kitchen is more towards a rusty, copper, or gold hint, choose a stacked stone in rustic appearance to go with it.

Tumbled Marble

We doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t like tumbles marble. Marble can never be the wrong choice for kitchen backsplash as it is easy to clean and seems expensive at the same time. If you have a small kitchen, adding marble can lift its look instantly. It looks equally good in larger kitchens with matching interiors.

Polished Travertine

To satisfy the modern designer in you, there is nothing better than polished travertine. It helps cover anything on your wall that does not look nice and leaves you with a perfectly looking wall. You can find it in an assortment of shades that you think fit your choice the best.

Onyx Slate Backsplash

Onyx slate backsplash looks another perfect idea to get your hands on. Like the other stone backsplashes, the end-look is pretty with a really nice texture. Find it in the color you want to add to your kitchen. Add them to the interior by themselves or pair another stone to give an abstract look.

Go Abstract

Talking of pairing two kinds of stones together, why not go absolutely abstract and opt for mix and match. Nothing can go wrong when you are combining more than one kind of stone for your kitchen backsplash. Just remember to take care of the color combination and how they come out in the end.

Warm Backsplash in White Kitchen

White kitchens are a dream of almost every kitchen owner and it stands out among other kitchens of similar design. But have you thought of going for a different backsplash color than white? If you love experimenting with your kitchen interior, this is your chance to go for unpredictable. Enchant your guests with the combination of a white kitchen and beige stone backsplash.

Go Black

Yes, go black! Like white is a favorite in kitchen interior, so is black. If you do not have a white kitchen, you can instead go for a classy black backsplash that you don’t see in many homes. Go all black or pair with onyx and get the look that compels everyone to praise it.


Kitchen renovation is one of the most critical parts of Home Renovation Dubai as you spend a memorable time in the kitchen with your family, cooking and eating. Having a backsplash helps you finish the rather incomplete look of the kitchen and save your walls from looking untidy. Interior experts at Exotic Interior Studio love to design backsplashes that bring the “you” out through them. Find out the right kitchen stone backsplash that offers a nice appearance and functionality at the same time.

Happy renovating!

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