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Is Men’s health really an issue that needs attention?

With the increase in COVID cases all around the world, the panic among the common public is rising. It seems like the repeat telecast of last year where for the first time in our lives we experienced how a nationwide lockdown feels.

But if we go to a little time in past before the advent of coronavirus in the world what were the major Men’s health issues worldwide? It was cancer, AIDS, heart attack, depression, anxiety etc.

Many medical experts came out with the view that 2 out of every 5 men are patients of either any heart-related disorder or a diabetes patient. What kind of society are we building? Earlier in our childhood, we used to play computer games where the whole world was zombies and we needed to shoot as many of them to win the game.

In the 21st century, zombies have been replaced with unhealthy people who are less efficient at performing a certain task.

Some reasons that caught the attention of the world towards men’s health

As earlier discussed cancer and AIDS were mostly present in equal proportions in both men and women. But if we look at the graphs it was seen that number of diseases affected women have decreased significantly with time. Whereas the number of diseases men have upsurged like anything.

When this question was asked to experts as to why more men are diseased than women. The reply was that men are themselves responsible for their decline in Men’s health.

Uncertain sleeping habits

We have often heard in TV advertisements and through doctors that sleep of 7 to 8 hours is necessary. But seriously how many of us really follow this rule. If taken a survey among 50 men 40 of them would be sleeping for just 3 to 4 hours.

Now do not talk of the argument about working at night. Not all men are Elon Musk, most of the boys spend their time watching movies, chatting late at night. This is not an effective work that can be taken as an excuse.

To do any work with full effectivity it is necessary that we are ready with a fully working body of ours. Sleeping for fewer hours makes us feel dizzy all day, lethargy and fatigue finally take over causing a lack of attention in whichever work we do.

Nowadays due to the COVID pandemic, most of the workforce has been shifted to work from home protocol. This has ruined the work-sleep balance most devastatingly. The is a leading firm for all types of health information.

We must strike a balance between the time we allot to work and to sleep. None of them should get more time than another and at the same time, none of them should be deprived.

This work from home culture has caused people to stuck their eyes in front of monitors all day and night. Earlier there used to be a striking difference between home and office and which we could feel as we entered in each of them.

The office was the place where there are people with similar intentions of working with full sweat and blood. It is the place where the vibes are of competitiveness, teamwork, cooperation, and creativity all the time.

On the other hand, a home is a place where we reach after performing all the hardships in search of peace, love, and relaxation. Now both home and work have been mixed up like a puzzle. The person is in his bedroom but is typing on the laptop thinking of the deadline all the time.

The whole family is up for dinner sitting at the dining table but you have still not completed your work. So, you eat lunch alone in your bedroom. The work-life starts taking over the family life but what can one do as in these times no jobs are there.

People are going to sleep at 2 am then again waking up at 6 am as the deadline is coming closer. This stresses the body and the mind which shows its results after few months with depression, anxiety, high blood pressure etc.

Lack of consciousness about food

The food we eat determines how effective we will prove while working on a task. Each of us has to eat differently as each of us has different tasks to perform.

Some of us engineers, some are labourers, some are athletes, some are teachers. Each profession is different and requires a different set of expertise and technique for that one need to use one part more extensively than other.

For example, a labourer has to lift heavy objects regularly, that is his job. So, he will require more carbohydrates and fats as his work is more physical. He does not need to use his creative skills in it.

And for a scientist his job is to do tests in laboratories, think of more ways of inventing a thing. So, in his job he needs to use his sharp brain skills effectively, and not too much physical work is required like that of labour. So, a scientist’s diet may contain large quantities of fibres, vitamins and minerals and little quantity of carbohydrate and fats.

But how many of us really follow this diet plan? The majority of us eat whatever we get. Today an engineer, a sewage cleaner, a fashion designer, everyone is eating the same food. Then how can we expect each of them to excel in their field?

What harm are these reasons causing?

Women are actually more alert about Men’s health. They change to a healthy diet as soon as the doctor advises them. But men even do not abide by doctor’s advice in many cases.

This has caused them to use Cenforce, Vidalista and Fildena from Their system is damaged to the extent that their body cannot perform simple biological functions without the use of medicines.

It is high time that men realise their mistake and rectify them before any serious misfortune may occur to them. Eating a healthy diet with low calorie and low sugar foods should be the first change that men should adopt.

To maintain the overall smooth functioning of the body do yoga and meditation for at least 30 minutes a day.


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