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Ipage vs Godaddy Which Host Is Better?

Ipage vs Godaddy Which Host Is Better?

Most often, the Ipage vs. GoDaddy issue comes up while picking a web host.

Entrepreneurs naturally want the best for their firm, including the most affordable hosting plan and the greatest website. Both Ipage and GoDaddy assert that they will provide premium web hosting at reasonable costs, making them the top options for most website owners.

Unfortunately, you just need one host for your website.

After utilizing both hosts, I have created a detailed comparison of the two today and provided my frank opinion.

Company Histories

GoDaddy, a publicly traded web hosting business with its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, was founded in 1997. As of January 2016, it was the largest ICANN-accredited web registrar in the world, managing more than 61 million domain names and providing services to 13 million users globally.

In 1997, GoDaddy, a publicly listed web hosting company with its corporate office in Scottsdale, Arizona, was established. It managed more than 61 million domain names and served 13 million users globally as of January 2016, making it the largest ICANN-accredited web registrar in the entire globe.


Both GoDaddy and Ipage have very affordable prices. One plan is offered from Ipage for $1.99 per month; this unique introductory deal is only valid for a short period. The standard monthly rate is applied when renewing.

In contrast, GoDaddy offers three different plans: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Like Ipage, these plans are available at a discounted introductory price that rises as they are renewed. The monthly fees for the Economy plan are $3.99, the Deluxe plan is $4.99, and the Ultimate plan is $7.99. In the next parts, I will go over the variations in the characteristics.

The pricing differences between the two businesses are summarized in the table below:


Introductory price ($ / month)

Price after renewal ($ / month)

Ipage 1.99 11.95
GoDaddy Economy 3.99 7.99
GoDaddy Deluxe 4.99 9.99
GoDaddy Ultimate 7.99 14.99


Both hosting services come with some fantastic features. Overall, I discovered that the feature lists for both Ipage and GoDaddy were pretty comparable and extensive. Ipage has a detailed feature comparison website that contrasts its offerings with those of Godaddy, FatCow, and Bluehost.

ipage vs godaddy

We can anticipate that it will be a little prejudiced since Ipage wrote it. I conducted additional research and discovered some of the most crucial aspects that prospective clients look for. I’ve covered them below:


Unlimited bandwidth is provided for the hosted sites by both Ipage and GoDaddy’s three tiers.

Addresses for Email

Infinite email addresses are available from Ipage. The Economy plan, Deluxe plan, and Ultimate plan all come with 100 addresses from GoDaddy, 500 from Deluxe, and 1000 from Ultimate.

No-cost domain registration

For each of the three tiers, GoDaddy provides limitless free domain registration. For the first year only, Ipage provides free domain registration.

Website Creator

With a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop capabilities, Ipage provides a free website builder. For new web users, this is extremely helpful.

Customer Service

The two standout features of Ipage’s customer care are a successful ticketing system and an online help center. The consumers are given access to a highly-trained technical team by Ipage which is there to assist them and solve their issues in a variety of ways. Customers may utilize any of these methods to get assistance and get their questions answered, from live chat to email to phone calls.

Quick tutorials and FAQs have been created to further assist the users and are accessible directly from the Ipage website. Here, typical issues that clients could have been discussed, along with step-by-step advice and remedies.

I personally found the customer service at Ipage to be very helpful, courteous, knowledgeable about the issue at hand, and responsive. I detest waiting and frequently request a hold, but I had no issues with it using Ipage. The support staff’s customer service skills and demeanor have my full satisfaction.

Ipage offers customer service that is quicker and more cordial than those of companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, and JustHost. Take a look at the accompanying graph, which compares Ipage with the typical response time for web hosting customer care.

The MySQL database.

With its Ultimate plan, GoDaddy provides unlimited MySQL databases, compared to 25 X 1 GB for the Deluxe plan and 10 X 1 GB for the Economy plan. Free MySQL storage is available from Ipage.

Hosting for WordPress

Both Ipage and GoDaddy provide WordPress hosting. The two plans offered by Ipage for WordPress hosting are WP Starter ($3.99/month) and WP Essential ($6.99/month). There are four options offered by GoDaddy: Basic ($3.99), Deluxe ($4.99), Ultimate ($7.99), and Developer ($13.99) a month.

Money-Back Promise

The majority of web hosting providers provide a 30-45 day money-back promise, while some even provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. But in this instance, Ipage stands out. As they have made it amazingly simple to depart, Ipage gives an Anytime Money back promise. The firm is committed to enabling this assurance and gaining clients’ business.

I decided to give it a try and then go with iPage because of that company’s additional consumer protection guarantee. Once their 30-day trial period has expired, consumers may request a prorated refund by our policy. I must admit that I was somewhat taken aback by iPage’s assurance in their offerings.

Ipage vs Godaddy

They are both competitive services. I graded them according to several factors, including customer support, dependability, cost, accessibility to plans, and added features.

In terms of customer support, Ipage triumphs over GoDaddy since it offers assistance via chat, phone, and email, whereas GoDaddy just offers it.

They both appear to be quite trustworthy in terms of consistency. Customers who left online evaluations expressing general satisfaction with both services can be found. According to GoDaddy, its uptime percentage is 99.9%.

In terms of price, Ipage triumphs once more. Even after renewal, it retains its excellent initial deal. Upon reviewing Ipage, I discovered that its single plan offers the same amount of service as the GoDaddy Ultimate plan at a less expensive price. An easy-to-use website builder from Ipage was included, which I found to be very welcome. Small company owners who can’t afford the services of qualified web designers will find it to be quite helpful.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I gave the two services a grade based on these factors.





Customer Service 5 4
Reliability 5 5
Pricing 4 3
Extra Features 4 3
Availablity of Plans 3 5


It’s a close race between Ipage and GoDaddy. When it comes to plans, GoDaddy offers a wider selection.

Additionally, of the two hosting providers, it is better recognized. But for less money, Ipage appears to offer all that GoDaddy Ultimate has to offer. I’d conclude by advising using Ipage.

Ipage Hosting Services in 2022

For each digital project, Ipage allocates competent technological resources in all of its strategies. Ipage’s most well-known and well-liked services include.

Web Hosting

At an unbelievable price, Ipage offers all the resources you want to maintain your website online. It offers quickness, dependability, and an infinite supply of costless, scalable support tools.

WordPress Hosting

A superb website may be made quickly thanks to WordPress capabilities. user-friendly search engines, automated WordPress installation, and updates that speed up the process.

Website Builder

Create a fresh appearance and feel for your website by using Ipage, a brand-new, intelligent platform. For the best place to start, the Ipage service enables bespoke designs.

Cons of Ipage Hosting

When utilizing Ipage, there are a few issues that come up. I’ll list them for you and demonstrate how to get beyond them.

Because perfection is a condition that can only be strived at and battled for, expecting a corporation to supply faultless services would be wildly unreasonable. The following are some potential restrictions one may run into, along with suggestions about how to get around them.

Pros Of Ipage Hosting

The most notable aspects of Ipage are what everyone has to be aware of because it has numerous benefits. Nowadays, a lot of bloggers and business owners, especially newcomers, struggle with making a decision on a Linux hosting provider for their websites. Every hosting firm has unique strengths that set them apart from the competition as well as unique weaknesses.

The key attributes of Ipage web hosting are listed below.

  • limitless storage space
  • Never-ending Bandwidth
  • Totally free domain
  • many email addresses
  • Free advertising resources
  • function Object () { [native code] } of e-commerce websites
  • Free installation programs
  • hosting for WordPress
  • hosting for Joomla
  • WordPress Hosting
  • competent customer service
  • affordable shared hosting
  • Affordable VPS hosting
  • affordable devoted hosting

Here are a few advantages that can persuade you to choose Ipage as a decision you won’t regret.

Limited Options Exist for Unlimited Hosting.

In their hosting plans, iPage provides limitless bandwidth and storage space. However, the iPage TOS make it quite clear that there is a limit that cannot be exceeded.

If you’re a savvy user, you’ll see that the word “unlimited” is typically utilized as a marketing catchphrase to draw in clients. As far as I’m aware, no provider offers limitless disc space or bandwidth without imposing restrictions. Because of this, iPage is the same. Therefore, without going overboard, you may surely use an infinite number of add-on domains from your hosting account..

You must not use more CPU resources than what has been allocated to you, and for the most part, your firm won’t require much space. Only when you go above the limit will iPage suspend your hosting account.

Therefore, keep in mind that this unlimited hosting is just for regular use as you might not be able to have unlimited access for $1.99 per month. If you want to use your account responsibly and in moderation, this is not a huge deal. Years of personal experience have taught me that I couldn’t have been happier with Ipage

Conclusion: Is Ipage a reliable or unreliable web hosting service?

The finest option for novices, bloggers, and seasoned web experts is Ipage. After reading this Ipage review, you can see that the business stands out from competitors by providing a large number of features at a very affordable price. You may rely on it as a trustworthy, cost-effective, and efficient partner for your web hosting.

Hosting Ipage Freebies

When a client signs up with Ipage, a variety of bonuses and services are made available to them that are used to promote the customer’s website. I first received free credits for Facebook Advertising, Yahoo or Bing sponsored search and Google AdWords. These bonuses and features support my effort to sell my website. Along with this, I also had the chance to get assistance from webmaster tools and recommendations for internet marketing.

You Feel Secure With Sitelock Protection

In fact, Ipage has the distinction of being one of the first well-known web hosting companies to provide the SiteLock Security Suite. The spamming hacking efforts can now truly be stopped by customers who were annoyed by them. They can use the suite’s virus and spam detection features to do this.

Everyone is aware of hackers and the difficulties and problems they cause by inserting spam adverts for subpar or even illegal goods onto your website. The proof that you can offer that you operate a genuine website free of phishing schemes will thus reassure the clients. For all of your visitors to see, the SiteLock certificate may be prominently displayed. This is a pretty powerful feature that will make it easier for you to build a reliable and well-known brand of your own.

There’s still more, hold on! I also received free access to the SiteLock security suite in addition to these fantastic features. The cost of it is actually $100! This was a really useful security element for my website, in my opinion.

Consistent Network Uptime

Any web hosting company’s success will be largely influenced by this crucial sector. The network uptime guarantee from Ipage is 99.9%. In all the years I’ve used Ipage, I have never had any network outages. However, in the event that a client has a downtime, they seek assistance from the technical support team, which is accessible to you round-the-clock.

View the following Ipage uptime statistics to see the server uptime over the past 30 days. The server uptime statistics are therefore precise and current.

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