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Investing in MMR Real Estate

The MMR real estate is one of the most significant areas in all of India and that’s why every investor has their eyes set on the prize. Whether it’s local or foreign investors, fiscal reports that reveal profitable statistics convince even first-time investors to try their hand.

However, we can all agree that searching the whole region for profitable options can be overwhelming. So, we’ve highlighted a few areas that you can start off with. Keep in mind that whether you’re looking to buy flat in Thane, apartments in Powai, or standalone properties in Bandra, etc., research beforehand. Your budget, preference and aim of investment will inevitably shape your decision.

So, now that we’ve established this, let’s take a look at the top localities in the MMR(real estate):

Top Areas in Mumbai for Real Estate Investment


Famous for its beautiful landscapes of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mulund is an affordable neighbourhood that appeals to all. Offering state of the art infrastructure that was designed keeping in view the plans of cities like London and New York, this little suburban locality is well-connected with the metropolis. Not only can residents explore the area’s amenities like high-tier malls and top-notch restaurants, but they can also get to anywhere in Mumbai they’d like in a matter of minutes.

Bandra Kurla Complex

The BKC has been the centre of attention for businesses, organisations and corporations who can afford it. Majorly occupied by commercial inventories, the locality features iconic landmark attractions and comfortable residential options. Encouraging employees of nearby companies to have a place close to work, you’ll find the residences to be comfortable and fully equipped. The amenities and facilities that BKC residents can find range from the top of the line institutions, city-centre attractions and beaches to malls, cinemas, eateries, etc.


Thane is an upscale town in Northern MMR (real estate). Although not an outright part of Mumbai, the locality does enjoy close proximity to it. The best part about Thane is that while it offers everything a city does, you still get away from the hubbub of it. Needless to say, having a serene atmosphere to start a family is the dream that can be realized in this neighbourhood. Getting a 2 bhk flat for sale in Thane can be easy considering the luxurious choices you have at such affordable rates.


Juhu isn’t your average to low-tier locality and if you’ve ever been to the area, you’ll understand why. Since it’s a beachfront location that offers scenic views of the watery horizon, some of the wealthiest families are settled here. One of the factors that appeal to every Indian about Juhu is the presence of notable celebrities and influential personalities in the area.

It’s no secret that the area offers everything from fitness centres, sports clubs, eateries, beach resorts, hotels and restaurants to retail hubs, commercial centres, and much more. If you can, investment in this area will surely return high yields whether you flip the property or rent it out.

Final Verdict – The Best Option for Real Estate Investment

Other areas you should consider for investment should comprise everything that a tenant will need. Think of your investment from the perspective of a tenant or buyer. Everything that you would want in a home you’d move into yourself would also appeal to the tenant you rent it out to. With this in mind, set out on your venture and try not to be overwhelmed or hasty with your decision. real estate

How to Invest in Mumbai’s Real Estate in 2021?


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