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How to use Samsung Bixby?

Bixby is the very own intelligence assistant of Samsung. The app initially introduced on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus models a few years back. Texts, voices and taps of the user correspondingly will accept as commands. Samsung Bixby can deeply incorporate with the installed device and perform lots of tasks. It is just a tool that collects fewer commands but does more. In fact, the hidden potential of the smartphone will uncover by Bixby. It identifies your preferences and goes through them for you to accomplish more.

Bixby Download

However, the simple user interface, perfect performances and even highlighted features of Bixby made it one of the leading smart assistant applications.

Samsung Bixby smart assistant

As a smart assistant, Bixby carefully follows every single movement of the user. So then the user does not need to go through the same routine any longer. Your tasks will reduce. And even your precious time will never waste. This comes in Advanced Features that users can enable if they prefer automated routines.

When the user commands a task, Bixby will note it right away. It does not need to remind over and over again. The task will perform on time that you wanted to. Tasks that Samsung Bixby Download carries on do not frame to the installed smartphone. It moves through further smart devices as well that connected such as smart TV, smart refrigerator and so on.

If the user wishes to launch an app, find out a contact, make a call or whatever; all he should do is make a voice command. The task will display on the smartphone and start work on it. Do not waste your boring hours when Bixby is there. Find out games, movies, songs and so on will do for you by your smart assistant.

Important facts

Some of the services and features of Samsung Bixby may not be able to use depending on the location/country. The application identifies languages that selected and even pronunciations. Moreover, the user interface of Bixby will not be the same from smartphone to smartphone. It depends on the smartphone model, operating system and even the device model.

Wi-Fi, internet or mobile data is required for superior performance. Moreover, Bixby connects with several apps to support the user by collecting more data. Samsung users with Bixby as a preinstalled app should log in to their Samsung Account is essential.

How to install Samsung Bixby?

Install Samsung Bixby on devices that do not have it as a preinstalled app. In addition, any other Android handset, Windows and Mac are the platforms that recommended trying Samsung Bixby.

  • First of all, make sure that your device has sufficient space to install Bixby
  • Go to the respective source and download Bixby
  • Install it straightaway

Allow permissions and go through options. Make commands that you wish to accomplish through Bixby. Download Bixby latest version when downloading it. Users can get the support of a couple of languages like French, Mandarin, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and so on in addition to English. 

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