How To Remove a Stain from Silk?

Silk is a delicate fabric that does not support the use of all detergents, many products, including 100% natural, can help us depending on the type of task. This is how to detach your silk square quality scarf. This is how to detach your silk square scarf. To have silk fabrics in good shape with our silk nighty online. It is to avoid spill of any stain on your silk clothing. And it can also cause colors in silk fabric to fade. Thus, resulting in a faded appearance.

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Stain on the silk what to do?

Sodas: moisten the stain then rub with a cloth impregnated with glycerin. Learn more about making silk, absorb with a paper towel and rinse. Fruits: dab a cloth soaked in lemon juice or acetic acid mixed with 90° alcohol on the stain. Then rinse thoroughly. Learn more about washing silk scarf.

Discolored silk what to do?

Dilute 90° alcohol and acetic acid in water. Dampen a cloth with this solution. Rub the stain gently then rinse. For the spinach, use water with a little ammonia and then wash in water with a piece of white sugar added. Rub with a cloth soaked in 25% diluted ammonia, then with a cloth containing hydrogen peroxide and rinse.


You’ve just put on some pretty white pants or your pretty clean scarf and suddenly it’s a disaster: you discover a nasty bloodstain. How to remove this stain immediately? Follow the leader.

How to remove a stain from silk?

To remove an ugly bloodstain, there are many “grandmother’s” remedies that are easy to implement. The first solution to test is that known as “sparkling water”. Grab a bottle of Badoit or Perrier and get to work! Pour a little sparkling water and gently rub the stain.

Then let it dry. With this quick fix, the blood stain will be gone in moments. You can also simply rub the stain with cold water and Marseille soap. But above all, avoid hot water which will encrust the stain in depth, with the added bonus of the appearance of a halo! Another alternative is to soak the bloodstained garment in a large basin… of milk. From time to time, you will rub to remove the residue and you will done with.

Silk stain remover

Another solution, more “Cartesian”, go to your favorite supermarket, detergent section. A less ecological solution but sometimes more effective, especially when the stain covers. You will find a whole range of stain removers and among them, special stain removers to remove blood stains. Formulated for the most part with low active oxygen, they are particularly effective.

Silk stain remover tip

Against a blood stain, often a simple wash is not enough. To make it disappear for good, consider prewash products. These pre-wash stain removers will deeply unclog the stain for enhanced effectiveness. Big names such as Vanish or K2R have developed very practical guns to best target the stain removal action. To test!

Silk perspiration stain

Rub with a cotton swab moistened with 90° alcohol diluted with water, if the stain persists, add acetic acid or lemon juice. For tea, same method, adding spirit vinegar. Then rinse with clear water.

How do you remove sweat stains from silk?

Do not use undiluted vinegar on silk, always add water. It is best to test on a hidden area of ​​the garment to make sure the vinegar solution does not discolor the fabric. Although silk is washable, dyes are often not washfast.

If color blocks or printed, test color fastness for best results. Silk can also have finishes that can washes off; For example, smooth silk can become rough. Perform a water test to ensure the best results.

greasy silk grease stain

Oil, butter, mayonnaise or make-up. Anything greasy: If the stain is fresh, put talc or Sommerer clay on the stain. Wait a few moments for the powder to absorb. Rub then gently wash with Marseille soap. If it has dried out, simply wash it off, leaving the Marseille soap to act for a few minutes. If the dirt is too encrusted, use a cotton ball soaked in ammonia water.

bleach silk stain

For bleach, there is nothing to do, it is radical, you can just limit the spread, bleach is always radical. For a stain of water from perspiration: Rub with a cotton swab moistened with 90° alcohol diluted with water, if the stain resists, add acetic acid or lemon juice. For tea, same method, adding spirit vinegar. Then rinse with clear water. If the stain is dry, rub it with lemon juice. If the silk discolors, dab with a cloth impregnated with alcohol vinegar.

Removing water stains from silk

A water stain will disappear on its own, a bleach stain is irremediable.

silk bleach stain

Remember: never to use bleach, to Learn more about washing silk. in cold or lukewarm water, never boiling water and never let it dry in the sun.

Coffee stain on silk

Rub with a cotton swab moistened with 90° alcohol diluted with water, if the stain persists, add acetic acid or lemon juice. For tea, same method, adding spirit vinegar. Then rinse with clear water.

Removing silk red wine stains

Dampen with absorbent paper then pass a barely damp sponge or cloth and rub gently, if necessary, wash with Marseille soap.

silk deodorant stain

Silk is a very fragile and delicate fabric, and that is why we love it so much. On the other hand, for maintenance and cleaning, silk requires a little more caution than a classic fabric.

Remove silk lipstick stain

There are certain golden rules to respect concerning the maintenance of silk. Above all, do not twist or rub it, you risk breaking the fibers and deforming the fabric forever. The silk never boils and can be washed at a maximum of 35 degrees. Be careful with the cleaning products you use to clean it, prefer a mild soap or even a shampoo.

Discolored silk

Avoid whitening products and bleach which could cause it to turn yellow. Take care to wash the silk by hand and each piece separately to prevent it from fading or staining when in contact with other fabrics. Finally, never dry silk in the sun because it will discolor. Find out more about soft warm winter scarves.

Removing silk perfume stains

If the stain is not dry, then consider soaking your chic silk scarf very quickly in a bath of warm, slightly soapy water, this can prevent the stain from settling in and remove it simply and quickly.

Detach faded silk, dress garment

On the other hand, if the stain is already dry and encrusted in the fibers of the silk, then you will not be able to use rubbing alcohol which you will place on a clean cloth to rub the stain. In some cases, lemon can have quite good results, or even a mixture of a few drops of ammonia with water.

If the stains are greasy, then turpentine may help. In any case, use a clean cloth to detach your silk scarf , then rinse it with clean water to remove any product residue. Discover the wild silk scarf stole

Remove ballpoint pen stain from silk

Practical advice for everyday life to help you take care of and protect your fabric from the accidents of everyday life. Practical tips for removing a stain from a fabric and making the textile damaged by the ballpoint pen look brand new. Some advice, tips, and tricks for everyday life, useful and that you can easily achieve without complicating your life. stain pen fabric

silk ink stain

Practical tips for removing a pen stain. Our tips and tricks for cleaning stains are easy to apply, just follow these specific tips for pen stains.

In order to make a pen stain disappear on the silk, here is the procedure to follow

To do this, equip yourself with absorbent paper

  • With a sponge
  • From a towel
  • Hairspray or nail polish remover.
  • Now everything you need in hand here is the tutorial to remove a ballpoint pen stain
  • You will first need to place the towel under the scarf,
  • Dampen the in-between stain on your silk scarf using the sponge
  • Then come and put some solvent on the stain
  • Place on absorbent paper or blotting paper which will absorb the ink by capillarity.

If this technique recommends by most of professionals to remove a ballpoint pen stain from silk. It will be applicable to most textiles. However, I recommend that you test the use of the remover on a small area before applying it to the stain.

Solvents of ink stains

Indeed, the solvent can be a relatively aggressive liquid on certain textiles. Other products can use to remove the stain and you can find ideas in this article which teaches you how to remove ballpoint pen from leather.

Recommending in particular the use of cleansing milk, white vinegar, lemon or micellar water seeming to adapt perfectly to leather, such as a handbag, or gloves. Indeed, leather is relatively different from silk, cotton, or wool textiles and will react differently.

Silk felt stain

Removing stains is easy! Start by removing the stain by patting with a small, slightly damp sponge, then let it dry. Then place paper towel over the stain. Spray the back of the fabric with a little hairspray or nail polish remover. Finally finish by patting the fabric with an absorbent towel.

If the stain still does not come off, apply stain remover to the fabric before washing, wash in hot water and let air dry. For the silk, do not twist or rub and above all do not use which will discolor, use alcohol at 90°. Leave to act and then wash off with lukewarm water. If it is a Blanco stain, use nail polish remover. Discover wild silk stoles.

Silk vinegar stain

On cotton or wool, soak a clean cloth with acetone or methylated spirit, alcohol at 90 or even lemon juice. For other more fragile materials, use white vinegar. Alternatively, you can use hairspray which is very easy to use and has shown to be effective in removing a roll-on style stain. Always rinse after spraying. For leather use baby cleanser, apply gently after using the hairspray technique. Discover the evening stole range.

white silk stain

Tips for easily removing a sweat stain from a textile. As you know, sweat stains are those that leave yellowish marks on your clothes. And this happens very often when it comes to white textiles, especially in the armpits. Sweat can also stain your clothes at the collar. But no matter where you come from, a sweat stain is never easy to remove. This article provides you with some effective tips to help you get rid of sweat stains on your textile more easily. Discover the collection of Russian scarf   and woolen shawl.

Remove sweat stains from silk

Clean oil stain on silk

The methods to use depend on the nature or material of which your garment make. Thus, for a white or light garment, you must wipe the sweat stain with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. If it is a colorfast fabric, you should dab the sweat stain with a cloth soaked in an oxalic acid solution.

Then dab with another cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide after rinsing it. For woolen clothing, you can remove perspiration stains using slightly diluted white alcohol vinegar. When your garment simply discolors by sweat. All you need to do is quickly soak it in a bath of white spirit vinegar and water. Learn more about Chinese silk.

silk yellow stain

A product like ammonia can have quite extraordinary results when it comes to removing perspiration stains. However, you must handle it with great care to avoid possible inconvenience. So, put yourself in a ventilated room and avoid breathing it. Also, make sure your hands fully protect with household gloves.

Finally, for your delicate fabrics, dab the stains with a cloth soaked in lemon juice, slightly diluted or not. Afterwards, you let them dry for a while before washing them. Also adapt the advice according to the fabrics in question and your needs, always do a test on an inconspicuous part of the fabric before applying chemicals.

Detach wild silk

Silk is a fragile fabric; in which case it will be best to take your men’s luxury silk scarf to the dry cleaners or dry cleaners. To do it yourself follow these few instructions, do not rub the fabric, do not bleach and do not machine wash at more than 30°, do not put in the sun and wash separately. You can use alcohol vinegar or ammonia to wash silk, but be careful before going it alone.

silk tie stain unties

For a blood stain use ammonia then hydrogen peroxide, then a damp cloth to rinse. For the ink stain use lemon juice until the stain disappears. And finally for the wine stain the talc will allow you to absorb the wine, let it act for 20 minutes and remove. To finalize the cleaning, use rubbing alcohol with half the water.


However, if you are not careful, even the best quality silk clothing can stain. To avoid this, be careful when wearing and storing your silk clothing, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to prevent silk fabrics from shrinking. With a little care, your silk clothing will keep looking great.

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