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How to record a podcast from 2 locations?

We are living in an era where technology has improved so drastically that we no longer need to visit people to initiate a conversation. All that is needed is only to make a video call and feel lively. A similar thing is applicable to podcasts also. In case you intend to record a podcast episode from two diverse locations or want to do a recording of a podcast without being present in the same room, now, you will be able to do so at ease. It is trending for several podcast interviews nowadays. All credit must be given to the technological advancements in the production of audio. Since it allows long-distance podcast recording with high-quality results.

Video conferencing platforms:

Are you running out of all the audio equipment or various other gadgets necessary for podcasting? Well, there are many such things that you can utilize for long-distance podcast recording from two distinct locations. Podcast hosts and their guests can make use of several online services to get connected and make recordings of their discussion in top-notch quality.

At this time, the right software for podcasting makes this job easier. Such software will enable you to make a recording of the voices of many people at once. So that you can arrange for the required group of people for an episode. Some of the video conferencing platforms have been listed below.


Skype is considered to be one of the most widely utilized online audio and video conferencing platforms. Earlier, the platform didn’t offer a compact way for recording chats and convos, and users were required to need third-party tools for that.

But recently, Skype brought in the feature of video call recording in the platform itself. Now, you’ll be able to arrange for skype conferences from any part of the globe and perform a cloud technology-based recording to save and edit the podcast later.


Zoom is referred to as another easy-to-use platform for video conferencing, which can be utilized for recording podcasts. This application does not charge your guests. In this app, even if you just make an audio recording. After you finish it, the recorded file will be displayed and stored as a single video file.

All that is needed from your end is to configure the settings to achieve the best quality audio.

Perks of making use of video conferencing platforms for podcasting:

Some of the merits of utilizing popular video conferencing platforms that allow you to record a podcast remotely are as follows:

  • Face-to-face communication:

If you belong to two different locations, it is certain that you will lose the natural conversation rhythm. These video conferencing platforms permit you to view each other that turns on the chemistry back, as you can communicate visually. It is the energy of the conversation that invigorates engagement in the audience.

  • It serves the purpose of your guest doesn’t have a microphone:

Video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype are convenient enough to use if your guest does not possess his or her podcast microphone. A few brand-new platforms let you make a local audio record, but when the mic is not good, you will obtain a poor-quality audio output.

But these video conferencing platforms will let you converse with someone who is using the microphone they have, and most importantly, they can cover the problems of a broken microphone.

  • People are quite familiar with such platforms:

Several people are accustomed to these video conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom. And because these platforms are not new to them. They will not get nervous as they have already used them earlier. This will ensure the relaxation of your guests and make you able to record a good quality podcast.

What can you do with video recording?

You can use vision from your chat for the promotion of your podcast on social media platforms or YouTube. Vision is utilized to make a video, highlighting all the exciting moments from your discussion.

You can also perform the recording of a promo with the permission of your guest. Where they will talk about the episode and tell the audience why they should listen to them. Based on the search intent of your audience, you can upload a particular section of your content on certain platforms like YouTube.

  • Perform local audio recording:

To do audio recording locally, both the host and guest need to get links up via any video conferencing platform like Skype, but they will have to record their audio by using a microphone, which is plugged into a recorder. After the ending of the process, the two different audio tracks require proper syncing prior to making an edit.

Programs like exam can also be used, as long it is installed in both the setups locally. For both of them, you need to do a recording of the audio, and after completion of the process, match up the two recordings.

  • Local recording of your audio provides better audio quality:

In case you opt for platforms like Skype and Zoom. The person who is recording the audio may sound better compared to the other person. To combat this problem, each person may do a recording of their audio locally. Recording a podcast in this method ensures to give you high-quality audio.

In case both of you possess good quality microphones and have proper space to record, you can make it sound similar as if you both are in the same room regardless of your location.

  • You may use a remote recording website:

Some fantastic sites make the mechanism of remote recording much easy. Squadcast, Ringr, and Zencaster are a few popular platforms that you can utilize to invite guests and make them join a session. Audio gets recorded and saved for each person locally so that you can utilize it later for podcast editing.

These platforms have easy concepts, where you invite your guests, and some of them even have an in-built video where you can notice people during recording without making a separate program run. Additionally, the records come with a timestamp of both locations. Thus, you need not waste your time matching up the audios, as the tracks remain already lined up.

How to record high-quality audio if you are recording a podcast from two different locations?

Recording a podcast from two different locations contributes to your flexibility and also renders you with choices as you can converse with many people regardless of their location. If you want to record a podcast via a video conferencing platform or a remote recording site, you must lay your focus on some components to get the best quality outputs. You are required to purchase good-quality microphones, pop guards, and mic stands.

Now, you have to think of a perfect place where you can calmly record your voice notes and ensure that the place has a stable net connection. While recording, make sure that everything else is turned off on your PC, like notifications and other interrupting sounds.

Focus on making the two podcast locations sound like one:

Suppose, if you are in a library, and the other guest is currently in a park. It will be nearly impossible to make them sound alike. Thus, you will need to do the recording in some ambient sound.

But while podcast editing, if you find a change in background noises at some point. You will need to lay down the sound below that point. For tiny edits, recording ambient sound for 10 seconds to 20 seconds is enough. But, for a longer track, you may do it for at least 5 minutes. If you find out that the audio sounds terrible in a particular section, chuck it out.


Recording a podcast from two different locations might not be an easy task, especially for newbies. Whatever you record in your podcast is important, but what is more important is the editing process. It needs to be perfect, and both the audio needs to be perfectly synced, and it must not appear like that it has been recorded from two different platforms.

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