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How To Keep Your Marijuana Fresh For A Long Time

Cannabis packaging has gone a long way in recent years. But even still, you are probably left with the age-old concerns of how long marijuana lasts and how to keep it fresh.

Getting your hands on excellent marijuana may not be easy, but keeping it fresh for weeks can be much more difficult. Although packaging has improved throughout the ages, the issue of when it will expire still exists. Although there is no specific rule to the expiry date of cannabis, keeping a few things in mind may help you prolong the life of your marijuana by a few days.

The most dangerous to cannabis’s shelf life is moisture. Overly wet cannabis may also be harmful to one’s health since it promotes mold and mildew.

When it comes to cannabis storage, several variables come into play. Light, air, humidity, heat, and a variety of other factors all have a role. So, here are some clever methods for keeping your marijuana fresh and powerful.

Store in a lidded glass jar

For marijuana storage, glass jars are an excellent, cost-effective choice. They provide an artificially airtight atmosphere that prevents microbial development caused by outside influences, and no air will leak in or out. Jars with rubber (washer-like) seals are much preferable since they readily close. It is also crucial to keep the glass jar dry and clear of moisture since they tend to sweat from the inside out when exposed to air or water. This extra step guarantees that your marijuana remains fresh and mold-free.

Hold off on tossing that medication container just yet.

Another clever method to keep your pot fresh is to use empty medication bottles. The purpose of medicine bottles is to keep their contents dry and free of contamination. Marijuana is also utilized as a steroid and is available from various licensed dispensaries. Do not throw away the bottle the next time you avail of marijuana delivery in Los Angeles.

These bottles are very safe to use and transport. However, there are points to consider before keeping your marijuana. Ascertain that the bottle/container has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. 

Is it a good idea to freeze weed for freshness?

Certainly not. Another frequent misunderstanding is that freezing marijuana will keep its freshness and nutritional value. Cannabis, on the other hand, is neither a fruit nor a vegetable. Your weed may rot quicker than usual. Probably a hundred times a day, we open and shut the refrigerator. It will raise the risk of infection from the microbiological environment outside. There is no need for rocket science.

Vacuum Sealing

Cannabis enthusiasts recommend vacuum sealing. Marijuana may be stored in bisphenol-free plastic containers for a longer length of time, keeping it healthy and fresh. It lowers the likelihood of any humidity-related airborne infection. Many others, however, have opposing viewpoints. They believe that even a tiny amount of Polymer exposure can damage your cannabis. The trichomes found in cannabis may be damaged by vacuum sealing, reducing the effectiveness of cannabinoids.

Dark vs. Light 

A dark, tinted container is always preferable to a clear one. The longer the buds are exposed to light, the less likely they are to remain fresh. Cannabis is an organic chemical. As a result, environmental variables may cause it to deteriorate. High light exposure dries up the terpenes in cannabis, resulting in a loss of fragrance over time.

Avoid Excessive Heat Exposure

Terpenes have a significant impact on the cannabis plant’s fragrance, taste, and even color. The cannabinoids and terpenes begin to boil at greater temperatures. The leaves curl up in parts and acquire brown/yellow patches. These are the initial symptoms of heat exhaustion. Extreme cold, on the other hand, affects the trichomes and makes them brittle. It also depends on the marijuana strain. Sativa strains, for example, thrive in hotter climates, while Indica thrives in colder climates. According to experts, maintaining the temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit extends the shelf life of marijuana.

Do not put anything else organic in the storage jar.

Keep your marijuana to yourself. Some people believe that putting fruits and vegetables in the marijuana jar would assist the bud recover moisture. It is best to avoid falling for these fantastic tricks and remain safe. Adding additional organic matter to a pot holding weed encourages mold and mildew to thrive. 

Containers Made of Titanium

Our main goal is to keep the buds as oxygen-free as possible. Titanium containers are a fantastic choice for storing marijuana if you are willing to spend a little extra money. It allows in just enough air while keeping out any undesirable outside elements. Titanium is your marijuana companion if you do not want to sacrifice on taste.

Packs of Boveda

Boveda packets take marijuana storage to the next level. Uncontrolled humidity levels may harm the bud by destroying the trichomes and cannabinoids found in cannabis. It may significantly change the weed’s strength as well as its fragrance. The RH level is controlled using Boveda packs, including salt and water-absorbent beads. They absorb excess moisture and replenish it as needed.

Humidors for Cannabis

Last but not least, marijuana humidors are a cannabis enthusiast’s best buddy. Invest in a marijuana humidor if you genuinely want your cannabis to stay fresh without all the hassles. These tiny boxes, explicitly made for cannabis storage, are completely airtight and opaque. In addition, they keep the humidity or RH level between 59 and 63 percent, which is excellent for marijuana preservation.

Bottom Line

The priceless trichomes on your marijuana buds, like nearly everything else, aren’t going to live forever. Exposure to heat, light, and moisture causes changes in the molecular structure over time.

High heat, too much moisture, too much air, or too many UV rays cause chemical changes in cannabinoids and terpenes, which decrease the flower’s efficacy. Taste and mouthfeel may also be affected by these variables. So next time you order weed delivery at home, keep an eye on the harvest date on the package and take precautions to prevent exposure to the factors mentioned above.

It is also a good idea to store different strains in separate containers if you have them. Distinct strains have other properties; therefore, combining them is not always a good idea. Keep them apart and appreciate their individuality. The significance of storage is comparable to that of cultivation. Find out what’s best for your friend by digging a bit deeper. So the next time you are wondering why your marijuana went bad, stay calm and browse this article before keeping it.

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