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Home Improvement

How to Decorate An Accent Wall

Do you have an awkward wall in the corner of the room and don’t know what to do with it? Your best bet would be to transform it into an accent wall. The trick about accent walls is choosing the right wall in the room to draw attention to, but the real secret to making a statement lies in the way you decorate it. Decorating an accent wall the right way will not only make an impression in a crowded room but can even create the illusion of additional space.

Every home has its own personality, and there are several innovative ways to decorate an accent wall based on that.You can choose to experiment with paints, wallpapers, natural textures and even personalize it with artworks or photography, you name it. Creating an accent wall in your room can give your home the makeover it needs, and can change the entire vibe of your home.

Here are a few innovative ways to decorate an accent wall:

1.Create a Gallery Wall

Consider a wall to be a blank canvas for you to fill and bring to life. One way to do this is to personalize it by displaying vintage photographs and even curating stunning artworks to add to the wall. Further,  adding a personal touch can make a room feel cosier such as stylizing it with photographs and artwork with a particular colour palette. This can provide an aesthetic look to the gallery wall, hence making it stand out more.

2.Use the Right Paint to Make a Statement

Another way to create a lasting impression on your room or home is by playing with a variety of paints. Many people follow the trend of painting an accent wall a shade lighter or darker than the rest of the space. While this does add an effect, do not limit yourself to just similar shades when you can choose entirely different colours as well. Painting an accent wall a bold colour, different to the rest of the room can create a stronger impact. However, it is important to take into account the tones and accents of the room and make sure that the chosen colours complement the room and not contrast it.

3.Utilize Various Textures

Textures provide a home with a refined look. Depending upon the design of your home you can select various textures to create a statement wall. Some of the most fashionable textures include the faux stone wall, exquisite marble and reclaimed wood pieces. Each of these, if positioned correctly, gives the room a striking appearance. For example, most modern contemporary homes have open-concept layouts, this type of setting gives a perfect excuse to set up a faux stone wall as a semi-partitioner. Due to the excessive space, this accent wall works effortlessly and sits perfectly in the room. While a more classy and chic home would appreciate a gorgeous marble wall to make a statement, on the other hand, a cosy home would prefer natural woods as they add warmth to the space and seem welcoming. Even making use of wooden panelling can provide a home with a rustic appeal.

4.Wallpapered Accent Walls

Often, people who prefer to not commit to permanent options such as paints and textures can opt for removable wallpapers. These wallpapers come in a range of creative designs, right from contemporary designs with 3-D effects, pop art, geometric patterns, which make a wall interesting, to more subtle vintage designs such as florals and solids, leaving a pleasant appearance. The best part about wallpapers is that anytime you feel like switching it up, all you need is some glue and the next selection of wallpaper and you’re good to go and redecorate.

5.Shelving Accent Walls

Built-in shelving elevates the design of any blank wall while maximizing storage space. What’s great about built-in shelving is its dual purpose: it makes an excellent bookcase while keeping the accent wall as the focal point. This ingenious design adds charm to any room. Therefore, painting the recesses of the shelving a bold colour contrasting the rest of the room would create a bigger statement.

Do you feel like escaping the monotony of your home and wish to bring some life to it? Then spice it up by creating your own unique statement wall. Living in luxurious modern homes like Kasu Homes in Goa leaves you free to choose your own vibe -be it classy or rustic. Accordingly you can stylize your home, accentuating it by adding a personalized touch. With the right home and improved living space, the possibilities are endless.

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