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How Doorstep Delivery Of Fuel Has Became A Revolution In The Fuel Industry

Construction site scene in India before 2018:

The machines are halted and inoperable due to an on-site shortage of diesel. Tanks and their drivers are getting hired to get the diesel refilled from the nearest petrol pumps, but both are available at alarmingly high rates due to the last minute urgent order.

While the plans to procure more diesel are getting made, precious operational time is getting wasted, and the shareholders fear a delay in the deadlines being met and a consequent loss in their profits.

Finally, when the diesel arrives, a whole day and a half later, a loss in profit has already been booked. But additional expenses are being endured to ensure the safety of all at the site. Adding further to the loss is an unfortunate spill of diesel during its dispensing.

Shareholders, on-site managers and workers are all left exasperated and exhausted at the end of the tenuous exercise of procuring diesel.

Construction site in India today:

The machines are halted and inoperable due to an on-site shortage of diesel. The on-site manager orders the required diesel quickly via his mobile app.

In a little while, diesel is delivered to the construction site, which is cordoned off for everyone’s safety, using safety cones and signs bought by the delivery agents themselves.

Diesel that has had zero-human contact and is contamination-free; is dispensed without a single drop getting spilt.

The team has had their lunch in the downtime and are refreshed and ready to get back to work. Machines are ready to start working again. No loss is booked, all the stakeholders are happy and content.

 What changed in the three years between the two scenarios:

In 2018-2019, the Government of India passed an amendment to the petroleum regulations that changed the landscape of the fuel industry.

This amendment allowed the doorstep delivery of diesel, making life easier for everyone and opening up tremendous market opportunities for the Energy Sector to benefit and expand from.

To facilitate the growth of this new diesel fuel delivery service and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to grow in the energy sector, the government has passed the amendment in a manner that aids the FuelEnts (or Fuel Entrepreneurs) in setting up their businesses and flourishing in the industry.

 A revolutionary service in the fuel industry:

The doorstep delivery of fuel enables large and small quantities to be delivered safely and securely to the customer’s doorstep.

The entire service is rigorously regulated by the guidelines prescribed by PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) to ensure the safety of all involved. These guidelines factor in every aspect of the service. Including the processes for quality checks on the product (diesel) being delivered and the machine it is being delivered in. Even the exact safety measurements that are to be followed during a fuel delivery are given.

The innovation in the service:

The service though new to India, has existed in the western world for a while now. Its introduction to India comes after incorporating the technological advancements of the west and customizing them to best suit the requirements of Indian customers and face the challenges that the weather and terrain of this subcontinent represent.

One such start-up that efficiently incorporates advanced technology and avant-garde innovation in its service is Humsafar.  The Delhi headquartered start-up leverages its parent company’s 75years worth of experience in the fuel industry of India to bring to its audience value-added and quality-driven services- that enhance their experience with the industry.

Humsafar’s list of services include:

  1. Bowser Fabrication:

Humsafar manufactures or fabricates state of the art PESO approved browsers that go through multiple quality checks before they begin their journeys. They are tested in particular on varied Indian terrains (which include mountainous regions, plains and even desert areas) to ensure that diesel can be delivered to every corner of the country.

Humsafar offers browser fabrication to its fellow FuelEnts with the promise of Bowser+. What that means is along with the bowsers (that come fitted with geo-fencing technologies that dispense fuel only at the present location and are equipped with safety equipment), they also help the FuelEnts establish their nascent businesses by offering them marketing assistance and their app – Fuel Humsafar to gain more customers and build a solid base to grow upon. Humsafar also offers a lifetime replacement for their bowsers- a service that remains unmatched in the industry.

2. Diesel Door Delivery

Humsafar provides diesel fuel delivery service for heavy earth moving immobile equipment at the required sites via their PESO approved bowsers. The service follows every protocol prescribed by PESO to ensure that the diesel delivery is contamination and pilferage free and safe.

3. Safar20

Seeing the fiscal infeasibility of delivering small quantities of diesel via bowsers, Humsafar introduced the Safar20 program. Through this, diesel in quantities as low as 20litres is delivered in PESO approved Jerry Cans that come with a unique number – seven-wire seal.

4. Partnership

Humsafar helps peer FuelEnts grow by offering their expertise and services to help the entrepreneurs set up a lucrative business that has the scope to be scaled to the zenith of success.

Humsafar’s diesel delivery service can be availed via their user-friendly app ‘Fuel Humsafar’ that helps you place orders in three easy steps and then track them.

For more information about Humsafar and its services, please call- +917645076450


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