How Can You Save Your Expensive Smartphone With A Screen Protector?

Smartphones are an expensive luxury that requires care and attention. So, for that, you need to have a phone screen protector. Screen protectors have features like oleophobic coatings that repel oil spills, and they are made of strong tempered glass. However, plastic ones are available too, but glass protectors win the race for many good reasons. 

Why should you protect your smartphone?

Each year and sometimes more often, mobile companies launch smartphones with upgraded specifications and unique features. The new phones are attractive, sleek, and classy, and customers rush to buy the latest models. However, they can be easily damaged, broken or their display screen gets scratched or dented. In such cases, the repair can cost more than the original price of the smartphone. So to save your expensive smartphones from getting damaged, think about their protection now. After all, a high-quality screen protector helps maintain the price of your smartphone.

Types of Screen Protectors:

Phone screen protectors are of different types depending on the quality and material. Plastic screen protectors are thin and flexible, covering only the main screen and not the round edges. They tend to offer less protection if your smartphone falls and gets dirty, scratched over time. In contrast, glass screen protectors are thick, feel like real screens, and have multiple layers that withstand wear and tear compared to plastic protectors. 

Likewise, plastic screen protectors are cheaper than glass ones – their value also depends on the quality of the product used. The more expensive it is, the more likely it got quality features like increased impact resistance or an oil-resistant coating.

Now that you know the two types of cellphone screen protectors, here are some ways in which a protector can help save your expensive smartphone: 

Protects Phone Screen:

An average person uses their smartphones 8 to 10 hours a day. We have our smartphones constantly in our hands, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, texting our friends and family, clicking pictures, or playing games. We continually tap our phone screens which make them dirty, oily, and scratched. A phone screen protector will save your phone screen by creating a barrier between the screen and your fingers. It will prevent any direct damage to the phone screen. Any scratch, dirt, or grime will stick on the protector and not the original screen. In this way, your expensive smartphone screen will stay protected. 

Prevent Fingerprints

Most mobile phone protectors are anti-fingerprint. They are made of lipophobic coating that resists oily marks from fingerprints or food. The coating prevents any appearance of fingerprint smudges on the screen, giving the illusion of a clear and clean mobile screen. You don’t need to constantly clean your phone screen when there is a protector on display. 


The Ultra-clear screen protectors are created from a specific material that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew on the screen, which can cause odor and stain on the phone screen. The specifically formulated coating kills over 99 percent of common bacteria and prevents their growth and transmission. This type of screen protector is optimal for those working in hospitals, schools, and other public places where bacteria tend to breed and where cleanliness is a priority.

Reduce Glare  

Anti-glare screen protectors help cut down the glare on a mobile phone’s LCD screen. They are made of a matte finishing coat and diffusion that decreases the consistency of reflected images. It can help your eyes strain less from having to squint due to the glare coming from their device. These protectors also improve screen visibility by cutting reflections and glare from bright light. In short, it enables owners to use their smartphones for a long period more comfortably by reducing eye tension. 

Scratch and Shatter Resistant

There is always a high chance of your sleek smartphone slipping from your hand and falling on the floor. It can cause the phone screen to sometimes just scratch but can end up getting shattered too. To prevent such uneventful happening, you need to use a phone screen protector. The new smartphones have Gorilla glass which prevents scratches. However, it is not capable of stopping your smartphone screen from shattering. 

A tempered glass screen protector helps protect your phone against wear and tear. Indeed, tempered glass doesn’t bubble or pucker as a plastic screen protector does, and it feels just like the phone’s original screen. It is also comfortable to use for smartphone users. We want to add that tempered glass screen protectors are usually expensive with so many benefits (quality-wise) and protect your smartphone screen long-term. 

Just remember: Always look for more substantial screen protectors that provide durability long-term.

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From where to buy a cellphone screen protector

Here comes the most vital question “where to look for screen protectors?” Well, when it comes to mobile accessories, the list of suppliers is endless – both online and in stores. Therefore, choosing the best one out of so many suppliers is a daunting task? But don’t worry; there are a few ways by which you can determine the authenticity of a cell phone accessories supplier.  

  • Check for the official website
  • How long they have been in business
  • Do they have social platforms? Facebook and Instagram pages are the main ones. 
  • Do they have customers’ reviews on the website and social media pages? 

The above four points are important to analyze before you make purchases. 

Final Thoughts

Every smartphone owner should consider purchasing a screen protector, whether a plastic or glass. This helps them to protect the value of their phone and prevent damage to the screen. Not only can it help save your phone from wear and tear, but it increases the life of your smartphone and extends its durability.  The best part is, you can sell your phone at the same price you bought it. – Esource Parts

Thank you for reading!

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