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Grow Your Freelancing Business using TikTok

With over 1 billion monthly users, TikTok is one of the most essential social media apps for any business owner. If you haven’t taken advantage of this benefit yet, now is the time to get started. For freelancers, TikTok video ideas are one of the best ways to interact with your current customers and attract new ones. From content creation to video editing, we are ready to teach you everything you need. Read on.

1. Sign up for TikTok Pro.

All business owners who want to grow their business on TikTok should sign up for TikTok Pro. This enhanced version of TikTok allows business owners to extend the functionality of their apps. To register your account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your TikTok account on your phone through the app.
  • Click the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Find and click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Click the “Privacy & Settings” tab.
  • Click “Manage My Account”.
  • Choose Convert to Pro Account.

Here you can share additional information about your business and access TikTok analytics. TikTok Pro helps creators like you track the performance of their videos on a regular basis. The numbers can give you an idea of your engagement and reach. You can view different timelines and learn more about your audience. Like any other content creator, you can understand your audience and create content that fits their interests.

2. Communication with other content creators.

All influencers are on mostly TikTok. Anyone can create content and gather subscribers. Take advantage of this community and work with others in your niche. Find other authors in your industry and/or near you. You can use TikTok’s search bar to find influencers to interact with and potentially collaborate with.
Using a simple search, you can see the influencer’s follower count, content, and more. Increased interactions from your audience help you decide whether to work with a certain influencer. Consider adding them to your PR list if they pass your checklist.

One of the most common examples is TikTok’s Mucinex Halloween campaign. They worked with a variety of influencers to create a zombie campaign. They showcased how Mucinex products can help you transform from zombies to party-ready. You can get inspiration from these collaborations and do similar things.

Getting Started Without an Influencer

Most small business owners don’t have the money to spend working with influencers. However, this does not mean that TikTok cannot be used. Follow influencers in your industry and use trends and hashtags to organically build relationships. You can offer x-deals or sample products in exchange for a mention or shoutout. If your product is really good, they may recommend you even without expecting something in return.

3. Brainstorm video ideas on TikTok

When you’re ready to make a video for yourself on TikTok, you need to think about what you can offer to your viewers. This is where freelance experience comes in handy. If you are a writer, you should share your writing tips. If you are a craftsman, you should share a video with assembly instructions. Challenge your freelance specialties to create videos that entertain and educate your audience. For instance, TikTokers like Kort and Nate provide building tips, voiceovers, work tips, and more.

Ultimately, you need to show that you have the right knowledge of the subject you’re talking about. Use videos to give viewers the information they need. But you have to prove it with a short video. Unlike platforms like YouTube, TikTok offers a tight schedule. Therefore, you must express your views quickly.

A recent study found that the average human attention span shortened from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today. Meaning, keeping your videos short and concise increases the chances of getting your message across to your viewers.

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4. Join the TikTok trend.

Hitting trendy sounds and hashtags is one of the best ways to expand your TikTok page. Users who like these trends are more likely to see your videos on their personal homepages. This will help you attract more followers and leads. Before posting a video, you need to search for the most popular hashtags right now. Then you can use this hashtag to attract more viewers. Joining these trends can help your video (and profile) go viral. Other video features

Other video considerations to keep in mind include accessibility and ease of viewing for people with disabilities. The easier you make your content, the more likely people will see it. One of the easiest ways to make your video more accessible is to add subtitles. This is great for deaf or deaf people. Users who have muted the app can also continue to scroll and navigate. So you can get more traffic, more likes, more subscribers, and more customers.

5. Post your video by word of mouth.

We can’t guarantee that your video will go viral overnight. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of your video going viral. You can dub movies first. This indicates the smoothness of the transition from the end of the video to the beginning of the video. On other platforms, it doesn’t matter. However, on TikTok, you can influence the way people view and interact with your videos.

Check if you’re editing your video with smooth transitions from one part to another, and from end to end. Second, grab your audience’s attention as quickly as possible. You need to create a quick video that your audience can react to in some way.

In conclusion, we need to do is to create several parts for our video. This encourages people to go to your TikTok profile and watch more videos. Here, they are asked to subscribe to receive the second, third and fourth of the latest viral videos. If you want to get the most out of TikTok for your freelance business without spending money on an expensive editing software, try our free online video editor for TikTok. Marketing your small business does not have to be costly. Create videos that inspire, educate and entertain. 

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