Five Must Haves In Your Wardrobe For Any Sudden Plan

We all are fond of sudden plans. Anyone can come up to you for anything and you have to say “yes” without having a second option. That’s totally okay! Yet, there is always a need to have some go to items, in case such situations arise.

Your wardrobe may have tons of items at the moment. But it will not contain all those things that you will need the most. During the preparation of a sudden plan, you will need a few things that are essential, no matter what the plan is.

Obviously, you can’t just get up from the bed and go out with your friends unless there is an emergency. Everyone needs some time to get ready while requiring all the stuff arranged in the wardrobe.

But how is it possible?

Well, the world is full of items that we need. You just have to wide open your eyes to see what items are really important for you.

In this post, I will uncover all those mind-blowing items you thought were of no use, but actually they are.

Let’s check out in this post what things should be added in your wardrobe to save you from sudden plan problems.

What To Add In Your Wardrobe For Sudden Plan?

1. Handbag

I know how fashionable you are. You like to keep some trendy and chic purses in your wardrobe which look outclass.

That’s pretty fine, but these purses won’t work out every time.

For instance, if you are going on a beach with your 2-3 friends as a sudden plan, will you take any of those classy, glittery purses with you?

Obviously, there will be a big no!

You should have a handbag that is light to carry and look a bit casual. It can be like a tote bag or a cross-body bag. These are some fun options that will make your wardrobe complete. You can always carry such bags to any place, no matter what the plan is.

2. White T-shirts

Similarly, a white t-shirt can solve a lot of problems in your life. Like you don’t have to worry about the fashion sense at the eleventh hour.

Just pick out a white t-shirt and pair it up with any jeans. This looks really cool for any plan and gives a beautiful look too.

Make sure you have stocked at least two white t-shirts. It may happen that you wore that before and soon after putting it in the laundry, your friends knock on the door for the hangout.

Hence, white t-shirts are a game-changer. You can always trust this style because it never goes out of the trend.

3. Hair wigs

This is one of the most important things that you should add to your wardrobe.

Do you know what a girl’s biggest concern is? It is the hair that she wants perfect all the time. But the sad reality is it only gets perfect when we don’t want to step out.

All girls wish to have hair that gives a perfect look, no matter what they wear. However, this is not possible without investing several hours and products in getting the look.

The only thing that can save your time and efforts is the wig. I assure you, wigs can help you out in several ways.

If you buy your favorite wig from any online store like @Zaynting, you can save yourself from many problems. Everyone will love your hair and you can flaunt any style you want. No matter what the plan is all about, a stylish wig can save your day.

You can have contacts with a great lace closure wigs manufacturer. It will provide you with classy yet trendy wigs of your choice. Not only will it make you look flawless but also enhance your beauty to a great extent.

Other than this, you don’t have to worry about the hairstyle. It is the wig with which you can play around and get the desired look in minutes.

4. Shoes To Get Ready For Sudden Plan

Am I missing something?

Oh yeah! Shoes are a lifesaver too.

How can you step out of your house without putting up the right pair of shoes?

You have a sudden plan with your friends, and your friends are taking you to the mall. Do you think sleek heels will look perfect on this occasion? At least not for me.

It is not necessary all types of shoes can go with any plan and outfit. You should have something in your wardrobe that is comfortable, easy to wear, and complement any look and occasion.

The best is to take inspiration from your favorite influencers. They often recommend the stores from where you can buy some casual shoes. These look perfect with whatever you wear. Whether it is a pool party or some birthday call, you can pull off this like a pro.

5. Beauty Essentials For Your Sudden Plan

Let’s talk about some beauty essentials. Obviously, you can’t use all of your time in putting on makeup.

Sudden plan means a plan that is just finalized and you don’t have enough time to get ready. So, how can you put on the makeup that takes a lot of time?

The best is to get your hands on the stuff that completes your look easily. You can put a BB cream, mascara, eyeliner, and a tint. Basically, some new tints are launched in the market, which are multipurpose.

Like, you can use the same tint as a blusher and a lipstick. So, now you can think of saving your time.

Brownie tip: buy some affordable makeup that you can put in your travel bag.


I think this is enough to get ready for a sudden plan. These are the basics that will make your life set and you won’t complain about anything again. This is also a one time investment, so you don’t need to worry about the budget. Let your sudden plan be fun—get up from your bed and pull out all these things so that you can enjoy the plan to the fullest.

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