Five Best Loyalty Program Plugin for WordPress

It is more difficult to retain loyal customers than to gain new customers. Most website owners face issues keeping their loyal customers for a long time since they also get involved in acquiring new customers.

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The best practice is to fulfill the needs of your existing customers and never take them for granted. Create new opportunities and offers to keep them engaged in your business and do not give them a chance to switch to other businesses.

In this blog, you will learn about creating a loyalty program using the top-notch and most popular loyalty program plugin on WordPress.

But before moving ahead, let us discuss some of the key benefits of loyalty programs.


It is simple, rewarding your customers on making purchases or performing activities on your WordPress website or WooCommerce online store is termed a loyalty program. It helps in harnessing your potential customers and never let them convert.

There are multiple benefits of loyalty program WordPress plugins, but here are a few of them.

  • Customer retention becomes easy by rewarding points, discounts, and exciting offers to your customers.
  • Your customers always remain happy with your services and offer and stay on your business for an extended period.
  • Existing customers refer their connections to your business to make purchases. The referral program is the best way to increase customer listing by keeping your current customers as well.
  • The marketing becomes easy and automatic. The website owners will not have to spend the considerable costs to market their businesses if your customers are already bringing new clients.
  • It builds a rapport with your customers, and they never take your business for granted.

Let’s now explore the loyalty program WordPress plugins. Happy Reading!

1. myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin

One of the best WordPress loyalty programs plugin with the well-maintained points management system to reward the customers on making a purchase from your online store or on performing any activity that keeps your customers engaged with your business and increases the chances of their long relationship with your business.

myCred simply gamifies your website with the incredible techniques that increase your number of customers without spending a single penny on other marketing strategies.

With the myCred plugin, you get access to more than fifty useful add-ons and third-party integration support. The digital reward system includes points, badges, and ranks offered to your customers on achieving particular tasks and buying your products or services.


A website owner can create a loyalty program for the customers using the myCred unique specialties listed below.

  • Manage your customers’ points and balance them according to their achievements.
  • Reward your customers automatically on achievements.
  • Customers can make purchases by using the buycred add-on that enables them to use their points on buying products.
  • Reaching point limits can be turned into coupons which can be redeemed afterward.
  • Allot the points, badges, and ranks to your customers and create a leaderboard to differentiate the customers with the most earned rewards.
  • Encash your rewards into real money using the cashcred plugin.

2. Gamification for WooCommerce (Reward Users with Points, Ranks, Badges & Discount Coupons)

Opt for this option if you are really interested in improving your sales experience and are eager to increase your customers.

Gamify your WooCommerce online store without spending on marketing efforts and loyalize the customer experience. Using this plugin, a website owner can build a referral system that gives a chance to the customers to refer their connections to your WooCommerce store and earn points and discount offers.

A perfect system for both B2B and B2C platforms that helps in boosting user experience and bring more business to your website.


A website owner can create a loyalty program for the customers using the Gamification for WooCommerce unique specialties listed below.

  • Offers digital rewards such as points, badges, and ranks to the customers on performing particular activities.
  • The referral system provides an opportunity for the referrer for earning rewards.
  • Allows the customers to use their earned points on shopping from your online store.
  • Generates the coupons once the customer earns high ranks and badges.
  • Gives the power to the customers for converting their maximum points into coupons.

3. HostPlugin – WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugin

HostPlugin is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin specifically designed for implementing the loyalty program for your websites. It offers digital rewards such as ‘Points’ to your loyal customers on performing the particular activities.

This plugin enables the website owners to retain their customers and never let them lose, meanwhile gaining new customers by building an enriching rewarding experience.


A website owner can create a loyalty program for the customers using the HostPlugin unique specialties listed below.

  • Free rewarding system for the WooCommerce online stores.
  • Offers rewards to the customers on creating an account and making purchases.
  • Enables the admin to increase or decrease the customers’ point management system.
  • Admins have the authority to choose the customers who are eligible for rewards and who are not.
  • Display all the points history of the customers on both admin and customers sides.

4. YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards

YITH comes under the automated rewarding system plugin category that brings enormous traffic to your website by attracting customers with its loyalty program features.

All you need to do is to configure the system properly and then let it handle your entire rewarding process. It is a Freemium plugin that offers different features for both free and paid users.

With YITH, a website owner can easily loyalize the customers and never stop increasing sales.


A website owner can create a loyalty program for the customers using the YITH unique specialties listed below.

  • Whether a customer creates an account, makes a purchase, or reviews any products from your online store, he will be rewarded with points.
  • Allow or restrict the option for free shipping on making a purchase using the rewarded points.
  • Notify the customers via email whenever their points get updated.
  • The minimum value of points is set for the customers to redeem points.
  • Drive instant conversions with its loyalty program discount offers.

5. Gratisfaction – Loyalty Points plugin for WooCommerce

A WooCommerce loyalty program plugin works efficiently to grow the customers of your online store and increase the retention rate of your existing customers with rewarding systems.

It is a well-known plugin that does not require marketing strategies to drive conversions, boost sales, and increase followers and subscribers.

Using the festivals and offering discounts to your customers is another way to loyalize your existing customers and make them refer you to increase your customers’ list.


A website owner can create a loyalty program for the customers using the Gratisfaction unique specialties listed below.

  • Offers full customization for your customers’ loyalty program point systems.
  • Get points on reviewing the WooCommerce products.
  • Refer and earn programs help website owners to increase their customers.
  • It also offers a reward to the customers for signing up for the newsletters.
  • Customers have the power to spend their points by claiming rewards, from coupons to physical rewards.


That would be all for today. We have discussed the loyalty program WordPress plugins with their innovative features and introduction. You can pick out any of the following plugins that best fit your website.

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