Everything About Color Corrugated Steel Sheet

Color coated corrugated steel sheet has great features like durability, versatility, and attractive appearance, which makes it very popular among homeowners, builders, and architects. If you are also considering whether to buy it or not, you can make the final decision after knowing its pros and cons.

Pros of Color Corrugated Steel Sheet

Novel Designs

Color corrugated sheet is shaped by roller machines. Different rolling equipment will form different corrugation patterns. The common designs include trapezoidal-shaped, wavy, tile, ribbed sheet, etc. The various designs make it better fit both modern and traditional looks.

Color Corrugated Steel Sheet
Green PPGI Sheet

Various Colors & Attractive Appearance

At Wanzhi Steel, coated corrugated steel sheets are available in a wide range of colors to choose from. You can choose according to the RAL Color. Also, they offer custom patterns to meet your needs. As we know, color can help highlight or disguise certain features of your house. For example, lighter colors make your roof look taller, while darker colors do the opposite and make a tall roof look less steep.

Light Weight & High Strength

The weight of a colored corrugated panel is less than 10 kg/m2. Thus, it is easy to transport and install. But it has excellent strength so that it can be used as a load-bearing panel as well.

Great Corrosion & Weather Resistance

The sheet commonly uses the galvanized steel sheet or galvalume steel as substrate. The zinc or Al-zn coating provides a protective layer to protect the base metal from corrosion. Besides, the sheet itself has high strength and the corrugated design can enhance his weight-bearing capacity. So corrugated steel sheets are also widely used in roofing or decking applications. Moreover, the color steel sheet also has excellent fireproof performance so that it is not easy to burn in fire. Generally, its service life is more than 20 years. If installed and maintained properly, it can last more than 30 years.

Easy Installation

It’s convenient to conduct because installing the sheets is so quick and simple. So the workload and construction period of your project will be largely shortened.

Low Maintenance

Color coated steel roofing sheets are considered to be one of the easiest materials to maintain. When finished installing your corrugated metal applications, you just need to take an annual look-over to clean up the fallen leaves.


Corrugated color steel can be applied in many different applications, such as roofing, wall panels, wall cladding, fencing, and interior applications.

Color Coated Corrugated Sheet
Color Coated Corrugated Sheet

Cons of Color Corrugated Steel Sheet

Exposed fastener system: Installing the sheets will use an exposed fastener system. That is to say, the hardware used to secure the sheets – whether used in an interior or exterior application – is fastened on the outside of the panels. Therefore, you have to make sure that fastener fittings are fixed and not rusted, and the washers are intact.

Poor sound insulation performance: color coated steel sheet is always very thin so its sound and heat insulation effect are poor. If you want to improve the heat and sound insulation effect, you can choose color-coated sandwich panels.

By reviewing the cons and pros of corrugated steel sheets, it is easy to understand why it is getting very popular. If you want to buy color-coated corrugated steel for your projects, remember to find a qualified supplier.

Different Uses of Color Corrugated Steel Sheet

This sort of material can be used for several different projects. It is really not restricted to simply roofing projects. This will likely include air conditioners, automatic washers, retaining walls, and also ventilation ducts. You can find them used in combination with equipment hoppers and also the creation of various types of stamping parts. Especially, PPGL steel sheet is highly heat resistant and therefore is often manufactured from layers of aluminum that can make it strong and lightweight. This mix of durability, and heat resistance, is the reason why this product is usually employed in these projects.

Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheets
Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheets

How to Choose Right Corrugated Steel Sheet for Roofing?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which roofing sheets you want for your property. You need to decide on the material you want them to be made from, the style, such as whether they should be corrugated, and how the orientation of the property might affect the kind of roofing sheets you pick.

1. Metal Roofing Styles

Before you pick the perfect color for your roof you must first decide on the type or style of the metal roofing panel. Do you want an exposed fastener panel such as ⅞” Corrugated, PBR panel, and 7.2 panel or a concealed fastener panel such as a standing seam?

This decision affects both the pricing of the metal roofing. The type of metal roofing panel that you choose is the starting point for determining which paint system is correct for your roof.

2. Color

At Wanzhi Steel, we have a number of fantastic colors to choose from. If you’ve decided what kind of sheets you need for your property, but don’t know which color finish to go for, here’s how you can make that decision.

  • Take a look at the surrounding area that your property is situated in.
  • Look at the structure’s materials. Brick exteriors often look best with black or dark gray roofing materials that contrast with the rusty red color of the facade. Lighter colors, like concrete gray, look best with brown, gray, or even red roofing. Wood exteriors look best with brown, black, and gray roofing.
  • A lighter colored roof has the effect of making your roof look taller. If you have a shallow pitch or a low roof this could make your house appear taller than it actually is.
  • Darker colored roofs will have the opposite effect and can make a high slope or tall roof look less profound.
  • Spanish style architecture will tend to play off the look of a clay tile roof or an old and rusted look such as Rusted Paint Prints, Real Rusted Roofing, Terra Cotta, and Colonial Red.
    Barns and Farmhouse architecture are often whites, reds, or dark grays such as Regal White, Bone White, Almond, Regal Red, Colonial Red, Vintage.

3. Paint System For Metal Roof

There are two paint systems that homeowners can choose from. PVDF paint and Silicone-modified polyester which is referred to as SMP. The simplest way to describe these two paint finishes is with a good, better, best model. PVDF would be considered “best”, SMP would be “ better”, and Polyester would be “good”. Polyester is inferior to both PVDF and SMP and the cost savings are not significant enough to justify the lesser quality paint. You can choose the paint system according to the use environment and also your budget.

We supply various metal roof sheets, corrugated steel roofing sheets, galvanized roofing sheets, and wall cladding all over the world. All of our sheets are made from the finest steel and all our products comply with the construction products regulations, so you can purchase from us with confidence. Also, we have color coated steel coils, hot rolled or cold rolled steel coils for sale as well. If you want materials to make roofing sheets, or if you want more information about color corrugated steel sheet, please contact Wanzhi Steel right now.

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