Ethnic: A True Reflection of Pakistani Culture

Online shopping has become very common nowadays especially in this pandemic.  Almost everyone during Covid shifted to online shopping and now people are very much satisfied to shop online at home without the need to take some time and leave their homes to go for shopping.  When looking for any category of shoes to buy, there are a lot of ladies khussa shoes brands in Pakistan that provides online access to the customers as well. Stylo online shopping website has a very user friendly interface to make it easy for the customers to look for their desired shoes.

The website also displays those shoes that are trending and their best sellers as well. Stylo comes with different categories and styles of shoes such as for summers it has a wide range of chappals, sandals, slippers, softys, khussa shoes etc. they all come in beautiful designs and embellishments with an incredible color range. Their appealingly crafted sandal designs are very trendy which catches every eye at a single gaze.

Reflection of Pakistani Culture

Khussa being a forever love of women in Pakistan now comes in a huge variety and different styles and has a separate fan base in Pakistan. Khussa shoes are very popular in festive events whether it’s Eid or a wedding. Nowadays we also see many decent casual wear khussa shoes as well that are very fascinating and adorable.

There are several brands offering female khussa shoes with various designs and colors. Stylo is one of those top brands coming up with beautiful designing of khussa shoes whether it’s a casual, formal or fancy range of khussa. Stylo khussa shoes bring an incredible color range with beautiful embellishments like pearls, beads, embroideries etc. which enhances your outfit and gives a distinguished elegant look. You can also buy khussa online from Stylo’s online website which shows an entire range of flawlessly shaped khussa shoes that no eye can resist buying them.

Khussa shoes

The khussa is a traditional type of footwear used in Pakistan that has its origins in the region’s history and hence forms part of a rich cultural legacy. When looking for shoes to buy, there are a lot of brands and other shops in the market that always comes with a collection of ladies khussa which could match every event or any outfit. Stylo has the best variety of ladies khussa among all since it has an entire range in various styles and designs suitable for every occasion.  Stylo not only brings an attractive range of khussa shoes for ladies but also has a lovely variety of khussa for girls that make them look more adorable and pretty.

Khussa shoes

Now women will rule Peshawari chappals

Peshawari chappal being the traditional footwear of men in Pakistan has now become a trend in women’s footwear as well. As we all are aware that men were ruling Peshawari chappals since forever, now it’s time for women to carry such a beautiful tradition style as their footwear.

Peshawari chappals for women are beyond beautiful as they come in colourful designs, prints or embroideries which are very appealing and suits well with our traditional clothing styles. Stylo has an amazing range of ladies peshawari chappals that come in vibrant colors paired with beautiful prints and designs. You can also buy Peshawari chappals online from Stylo’s webpage without worrying for management of time from your daily grinding activities and go in search for your desired chappal.  Stylo’s peshawari shoes come in a wide variety of designs that complements every occasion.

Since Peshawari chappal has become a trend for women as well, we can see many entering the market but there is a lack of creativity and designing. Every other brand is following the same typical design of peshawari chappal and there are no new variations.

Whereas Stylo brings the best peshawari chappal collection with numerous fashion designings, prints, styles with unique embellishments and embroideries. Women can style Peshawari chappal with any outfit whether it’s a casual wear or formal. These chappals look very elegent and sophisticated and add to the beauty of the outfit. You can find out the best designs of Peshawari chappals only at Stylo that are traditional yet modish and comfy to walk around in them.


The traditional shoes of Pakistan reflecting its culture will always remain a trend no matter how much new variations in footwear comes around. Stylo’s ethnic collection is a true representation of our culture which has been portrayed beautifully in its khussa shoes and peshawari chappals. Stylo offers an excellent assortment of khussas and peshawari chappals that blends Pakistani tradition with contemporary sensibility. Their collection matches truly with everyone and every event, from casual daywear to extravagant wedding wear to decent office attire. They offer a wide collection of indigenous designs and colors to suit a varied range of tastes.

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