Does An E-Brake Use Braking Fluid Or Just A Cable?

Special mechanisms are working in a car to rev, run, and stop the engine. The brake system is how a car comes to a pause or stop. There is a specific fluid called brake fluid or hydraulic fluid, which is the main element to apply the brake. 

What is the Function of an E-Brake?

An e-brake is not all reliable to stop a car; however, it functions to lock the wheels in place. It consists of levers and cables mainly and it is one of those emergency options if the normal brakes are not working according to car brakes repair. An e-brake is abbreviated for the emergency brake. Other than this function, it serves as a parking brake. No matter what location you park your car in, whether it is flat, hilly, or inclined; make sure to keep the vehicle locked. E-brakes are manual brakes that work without any hydraulic fluid in the mechanism. 

What is an E-Brake Mechanism?

An e-brake uses simple levers and cables’ mechanics that bypass the car’s hydraulic brake system as it exerts a force on the piston. The piston alternatively applies double force on the pads to block the callipers and clutch the motion in grasp. This is a corkscrew mechanism that abruptly locks the tires. If you apply these brakes at high speed, the vehicle will lose all control and skid. This skidding can lead to an accident as well. You cannot fully rely on either of the brakes. Use the pedal brake first to stop the car and then apply the e-brake to lock the tires in place. This will stop your vehicle and keep it safe from slipping, moving, crawling forwards or backward when parked. 

What is the mechanism of a Hydraulic Brake?

You have to push the brake pedal to boost the brake fluid that exerts the pressure, the driver exerts on the pedal. As everything is linked one way or another, the brake fluid fills the free space from the side and squishes the rotor in between. They enter the braking system with the help of braking lines. Metallic and rubber braking lines keep the fluid sealed inside. The hydraulic pressure from the brake fluid activates the brake callipers. The brake pedal makes pressure on the pistons and causes pad friction when exerted force acts on it.

How does the E-brake Help if Brake Fluid Leaks Out?

 If these brakes fail, then the only option left to halt a vehicle is through the e-brake. As the hydraulic brake uses fluid and it has the tendency to leak in case of serious damage, the e-brake on the hand consists of a convenient lever system. On pulling the e-brake back, the levers come into action and immediately lock the movement of the tires. This is why e-brake is an emergency option in such cases. 


The car hydraulic brake is called so because of its fluid mechanics and the e-brake is manually adjusted. To stop a car completely, you will press the pedal to stop, then pull the e-brake and then turn off the ignition. This was all about e-brakes and their mechanism. 

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