Discover The 9 Different Varieties Of Headphones

Don’t know much about headphones? Here’s an analytic view of the different types of headphones you can get in the market today.

The audio industry has expanded to fill a wide range of product categories, from great, extravagant names to modest, high-quality ones. The entire headphone market is a maze for people like us. Because of this, we must comprehend the many headphone types, or at the very least, the ones that you will need.

But it’s simpler said than done to pick one. You would usually walk in circles trying to choose the best headphones to buy. Hopefully, we’ll be dealing with this today.

You would be in a better position to evaluate and purchase the appropriate earphones after reading this. So let’s get going!

Headphones vs Earbuds

We first should differentiate between headphones and earphones. Although of a technical nature, knowing the difference between the two is key. This is particularly true when categorizing the actual products you’ll be choosing.

At the end of the day, the more you know about headphones, the better your personal choice would be, right?

This will assist you in comprehending these two broad sorts better. I use the word “appreciation” since none of these things are innately superior to the others. What matters is whatever option is best for you.


The basic design includes two separate speakers—one for each ear—connected by a bridge or piece of material that covers your head.


Earplugs, on the other hand, are directly introduced into the ears. Some items have unique design features to improve fit or hold on our ears.

Four Types of Headphones

There are 2 additional categories for headphones. They can first be categorized according to how well they fit and how they generally look. Second, they can be categorized based on how the ear cups are made.

In the following sections, we’ll explore each of these four categories in further detail, so sit tight!

Over-Ear Headphones

As their names imply, completely enclose your ear. Consider it as if two cups were truly surrounding both of your ears.

Advantages of over-ear headphones

  • Comfortability: One of the main benefits of over-ear headphones is this. Manufacturers are able to insert as much foam as they can due to the size of each headphone. To provide optimal enjoyment, this offers a very comfortable cushion.
  • Sound Quality: Sound engineers have a lot of room to add parts and chips to make tones sharper because of the standard size of the headphones once more. Because of this, people who are super picky about quality prefer over-ear headphones.
  • Noise Isolation: Have you ever entered a room that is soundproof? That’s how over-ear headphones feel, at least. Only your ears can hear the sound and quality that are included inside each pair of headphones. The position of the real goods and the thick foam lining enable this.

Disadvantages of over-ear headphones

  • Portability: The biggest benefits of over-ear headphones come from their size. However, one of the headphones’ flaws also stems from its big build. Since over-ear headphones are the largest and heaviest, they might not be the greatest option for persons who are constantly on the move.
  • Cost: Recall the components and chips we discussed earlier. They aren’t exactly inexpensive, though. The development of cutting-edge technologies to enhance sound quality is the moment and costly.

Who should buy over-ear headphones

All who wear glasses would benefit from over-ear headphones. Instead of pressing on the ears themselves, these earphones press on the space around the ears. The temporal bone and ear cushions would thus be under less strain. It won’t affect the location where you keep your glasses, to put it simply.

Advantages of on-ear headphones

  • Portability: Is it true that one headphone’s drawback is another’s advantage? On-ear headphones are far more portable than over-earphones since they are lighter and smaller.
  • Style: More design and stylistic freedom are possible thanks to their small size. Admit it, because of their massive size, wearing over-ear headphones outside breaches conventional fashion. On-ear headphones are the best option for style.
  • Better suited for more activities: On-ear headphones are more lightweight and less cumbersome. Moreover, they are good and safer for outdoor use because they do not lock up sounds too much.

Disadvantages of on-ear headphones

  • Comfortability: On-ear headphones adhere to your ears, unlike over-ear models. According to my experience, this could get really uncomfortable, especially if used regularly.
  • Sound leak: Do you recall the elevator scene from 500 Days of Summer where Summer approached Tom after hearing him playing music? However, not everything will always go according to plan. People usually find sound leakage uncomfortable.
  • Noise isolation: There’s a good likelihood that outside noise is also coming in if your music is leaking. On-ear headphones did not satisfy those who are super picky about sound, and that is a reality.

Who should buy over-ear headphones

The biggest benefit of on-ear headphones is their size, so if you think you could use this, you should definitely get them. More specifically, commuters and those who don’t want heavy earphones need to give this some serious thought.

Closed-Back Headphones

These headphones have hard cages or outside shells, as their name would imply. They were made this way so that the sound from the speakers would only travel in one place: into your ears.

Advantages of closed-back headphones

  • Noise Isolation: Noise wouldn’t be able to readily enter the ear cups because of their strong outer shell. The chief difference between closed-back and open-back headphones is noise isolation.
  • Sound leakage: The similar idea of noise separation is used here. Closed-back headphones prevent sound from quickly escaping because they are covered. Actually, the major objective of these shells is to stop sound from traveling in all different directions.
  • Better Bass: Bass tones have a hard time resonating inside solid objects. You may be sure to lock in all those heart-pounding tones for your ears only by adding a sturdy cover. In fact, because of the compressed air inside closed-back headphones, you could almost feel the ear cups themselves pump.

Disadvantages of closed-back headphones

Breathability: The permeability of closed-back headphones is possibly their biggest hindrance. Experience and countless accounts suggest that because of inadequate ventilation, closed-back headphones usually always result in wet ears.

Who should buy closed-back headphones

The use of closed-back headphones is suggested for artists. These earphones are excellent for studio use because they stop any noise from getting into or out of your ears. Fewer distractions, less sound bleeding, and better monitoring result from this.

Open-Back Headphones

Open-back headphones have unnecessary plastic that allows for more movement. This suggests that sound can travel both into and away from your ears.

Advantages of open-back headphones

  • Audiophile-level sound quality: Some people think that listening to music shouldn’t be done in a cold environment. In contrast to closed-back headphones, The end effect is a more detailed sound with a wider soundstage.
  • Breathability: No more profusely sweating ears. Open-back headphones are more comfortable for hours of listening since they are properly ventilated. 

Disadvantages of open-back headphones

  • Sound leakage: As you might have expected, open-back headphones can never match the advantages of closed-back headphones. These headphones clearly have sound leaking issues, so if that’s a concern for you, you might be looking at the incorrect item.
  • Noise isolation: Open-back headphones include gaps that allow noise to enter. Although the music is heard in a more natural setting thanks to these openings, a noisy background would probably destroy the experience for you.

Who should buy open-back headphones

Consequently, for home users who wish to get the most from their music listening, open-back headphones are suggested. Additionally, open-back earphones would be helpful for sound mixers and music producers as they generate a more exact and organic sound.

Two Types of Earbuds

Onto the earbuds now!

There are 2 types of earphones, and they are worn differently. The one was not constructed to move as deeply into the ear canal as the other, despite the fact that both sorts were intended to go inside your ears.

The discussion of earbuds (earphones) and in-ear monitors will come in the next parts. Let’s get started.


Earbuds are designed to perfectly fit inside your ears and rest outside the ear canal. Additionally, compared to their in-ear counterpart, they have larger speakers.

Advantages of earbuds

  • Affordability: There is no mistake that earphones are much less expensive than headphones. However, earbuds are slightly more costly than in-ear monitors when you compare their pricing.
  • Comfort: Earphones simply rest outside of the inner ear. You can be sure that using these didn’t create you to experience ear pain or comfort issues.

Disadvantages of earbuds

  • Noise isolation: Since earphones were not designed to go all the way into your ear holes, there is a higher likelihood that noise will sneak and inside leak out. Specifically, when your earphones are loose, this develops.
  • Fit: Compared to in-ear speakers, earphones are more prone to cause fitting issues. This is because of the fact that earphones are made to merely sit outside the ears, where they can easily come unraveled.

Who should buy earbuds

Budget-conscious people are advised to use earphones. If you don’t care too much about sound quality, you can basically find them anyplace for a very low price.

Additionally, think of earbuds as the middle ground between that rest outside your ears and in-ear monitors that go within your earholes. Earplugs are the best bets, to put it simply. This is the best course of action if you are undecided about which type to purchase.

In-Ear Monitors

In-earphones, also known as in-ear speakers are earbuds with an extended framework and a silicone tip. This design enables this particular style of earphone to permeate the ear canal millimeters further.

These earphones’ tips can be made with different sizes and materials per request. This instantly creates an advantage over all other types of earphones in terms of shape.

Advantages of in-ear monitors

  • Customizable fit: This is possibly the most important gain that in-ear headphones can provide. Three pairs of silicone tips in three different sizes are usually always included along with these earphones. There are more possibilities to find the ideal fit the more advice there is.
  • Noise isolation: A few millimeters down in your ear holes, in-ear trackers are used. It would be similar to wearing earphones because the tips of the earphones would completely cover the ear.
  • Sound Quality: The sound is closer to your earholes thanks to these earphones. Since you can hear more of the sound when it is closed, the sound quality might appear to be better in this scenario.

Disadvantages of in-ear monitors

  • Comfortability: Ironically, comfort and confidence can still be a problem despite the changeable size. This is because of the fact that, regardless of the thickness of the materials used for the ear tips, they will still be resting on a very delicate area of the ear.
  • Having to find the right ear tip size and material: Getting the right advice can be complicated on its own. You could enjoy the other sort of earphones more if you don’t enjoy experimenting with different sizes and materials.
  • Safety: The in-ear monitors deliver sounds that are the closest to the ability to hear since they go furthest into your ears. When using these earphones, above 60 to 85 dB can harm them.
  • Hygiene: In-ear headphones may also take sand and dust right into your outer ear in addition to bringing the sound closer to your earphones. Because of how sensitive this area of the ear is, infections are always a danger.

Who should buy in-ear monitors

In-earphones are ideal for people who are continuously on the go because of their general friendliness and portability. These earphones should be extremely useful for commuting and sportsmen.

The quality sound that in-earphones offer should be appreciated by artists and performers as well. In fact, if you attend many performances, you’ll notice that the performers wear these while on stage.

Finally, in-earphones would be a favorite among people who enjoy watching ASMR videos. The same goes for people who create ASMR videos.

To discover more read the full article on Discover The 9 Different Varieties Of Headphones


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