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Different Types Of Hair Extensions To Alter Your Look

If you are getting bored while carrying the same look with your natural hair, hair extensions are something you can try. Wearing hair extensions can be a great idea to add length or thickness without damaging your natural hair. If you are not much aware of the different types of hair extensions available in the market, you must read the content below. Here we have covered up the most popular types of hair extensions that are available on Chandra Hair.


Wefts are a great alternative if you want to add length, and volume to your natural hair. The weft extensions are one of the most prevalent styles of hair extensions recently available in the market. Wefts are made of real or synthetic hair strands combined with weaving to make a base that can be affixed to your natural hair. The wefts are very easy to use and can be applied with real hair in a variety of ways, such as clips, sewing, bonding, and tape-ins. You can apply them within a few minutes and it can keep up for weeks or even for a few months. There are many types of wefts available in the market like beaded weft extensions that you can choose as per your preference. Have a look at some of the most familiar weft types.

  • Raw Hair: If you are a novice to the human hair extension world, you will be amazed to find different types of extensions in the market. Raw hair is a common type of weft that is made of natural human hair without going through a chemical process. They are usually obtained from a single donor and that’s why they are known as the raw hair.
  • Virgin Hair: Similar to raw hair, virgin hair is also obtained by humans untouched by the chemicals. Virgin hairs refer to hair strands that do not get colored or chemically processed. In simple terms, virgin hairs are entirely and free from beaches, perms, color treatments, dyes, and highlights.
  • Hand-Tied Wefts: Hand-tied wefts are usually made up of hand-tying hair strands onto a ground material. The trail on hand tied weft extensions is considerably thin in comparison to machine wefts. Hand-tied wefts are great for people with thin hair, as they are more flexible and lighter. You can not cut the hand-tied wefts as they already come pre-cut in smaller pieces and can disentangle if they get cut. Moreover, you can sew, glue, or tape Hand-tied wefts into your natural hair.
  • Genius Wefts: Genius Wefts are combined with the best features of flat wefts and hand-tied wefts to develop the perfect weft. Genius Wefts are almost undetectable and as thin as a hand-tied weft. The best thing about genius wefts is that they can be cut down for easy customization, without the trouble of returning hairs that can annoy the scalp.

Where to buy wefts online

If you are looking for a reliable place where you can easily buy different types of wefts, then consider getting it online at Chandra Hair. It offers different types of wefts including raw hair, virgin hair, hand-tied wefts, genius wefts, and many more.

Colored Hair Extensions

If you want to give yourself a completely new look with a slight change in your hair, colored hair extensions are the best way to do so. Whether you want to have a bold look with red hair or a Barbie look with pink, these colored hair extensions are a tremendous way to put yourself on a whole new look. And the best is that you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals on your natural hair. These colored extensions are made up of 100% human hair and are sourced authentically. These colored hair extensions are available in the market in different colors, allowing you to give yourself a new look in a few minutes. Have a look at what colors are available in colored hair extensions at Chandra Hair.

  • Blonde hair extension: Blonde hair extensions colored are available in a wide range whether you pick an icy platinum to honeyed tones. Apart from this, Golden blonde extensions add a realistic, radiant glow, giving you sun-kissed shade.
  • Browns: From light caramel to dark chocolate, brown color hair extensions are incredibly adaptable. Light brown or chestnut extensions are ideal for blending with medium brown hair, giving you a softer and more natural look.
  • Red color hair extension: If you wish to get a vibrant, standout look, red color extensions are the best for you. The red hair extensions are available in different shades including fiery copper, deep auburn, copper, and bright red hues.
  • Blacks: Black colored extensions for hair are the best choice to get an ultimate sleek and classic look. It creates a striking, glossy finish, perfect for adding intensity to your natural look. Black hair extensions are ideal to get fullness and length to your natural hair.

Colored hair extensions are the best way to experiment with different colors and styles without any permanent change in your natural hair. So, whether you choose a natural blond or a red one, carry your new look with confidence and enjoy the transformation.

Where to buy Colored Hair Extensions online

If you are still unable to find the most suitable place to buy Colored Hair Extensions, you must go to the official website of Chandra Hair. It does not only provide premium quality colored hair extensions but also offers an affordable price range.

Clip-ins Hair Extensions

As it is clear from its name, the Clip in Hair Extension is where the hair is fastened with a small metal clip. The clip-in hair extensions are easy to use, you just have to clip them into your hair. These types of hair extensions are usually created with 100% natural human hair. And that’s why they can be styled in any way you want. You can straighten them, curl them, and even dye them.

  • Easy to apply and remove: They are also quite easy to wear and remove, which makes them comfortable as you can wear hair clip with extension whenever you want.
  • An accessible way to add volume and length: It is one of the most popular choices for people who want to add length and volume to their hair.
  • Multiple sets to transform your look: The clip-in hair extensions are available in multiple sets with different colors so that you can choose one as per your preference.

If you are also willing to get a new look with a hair extension, clip-in hair extensions are the best choice. To get a more flawless look, you can talk with a professional hair stylist who can help you pick the most suitable shades according to your persona.

Where to buy Clip-ins Hair Extensions online

If you are interested in buying hair clip hair extensions but are afraid of the quality, we suggest you buy them from Chandra Hair. It provides a 100% guarantee for the authentication of the Clip-ins Hair Extensions.


K-tips, also known as Keratin-tips, are one of the most popular hair extensions that contain a keratin-based adhesive at their root. These keratin bond extensions can be fused to your hair by using heat. This technique is highly favored because of how well they combine with the natural hair of the weaver and how long it lasts.

Moreover, K-tip extensions can be added to small chunks of your natural hair. By this method, you won’t have to bother about wearing the hair in a way to coat them where they are attached. The best thing is that you will not require regular salon maintenance when using the K-tip hair extensions. Here are some key benefits of using them:

  • It provides a natural look: A Keratin hair extension provides the most natural look to your hair, and you will feel like it is a part of your original hair. They are designed to be affixed to the weaver’s hair with keratin bonds in small sections. Thus, they effectively blend into the natural hair and cannot be detected. So, you don’t need to worry about your extensions showing up even if you go outside in the breeze.
  • Can be styled however you like: You can style K-tip hair extensions in any way you want as they allow 360-degree movement. So with these extensions, you can confidently tie a half updo, sleek ponytail, and various other hairstyles.
  • Does not require Salon Maintenance: K tip extensions are very convenient to manage as they do not require salon maintenance like other hair extensions. So once you install them, you won’t have to worry about their further maintenance. You only need to take care of your extensions just like your original hair.

Where to buy K-Tips online

When it comes to buying K-Tips online, no other place can be better than Chandra Hair. It provides genuine K-Tips online at a very meagre price even without compromising the quality.

South Indian Raw Hair

South Indian raw hair is always in demand throughout the whole world, let alone in India. South Indian raw hairs are 100% authentic quality hairs as they do not go through any chemical processing. These extensions from south India are highly famous for their strength, texture, and versatility. South Indian hair is naturally thick, lustrous, and strong strands, making them identical to others. It is because South Indian women use conventional methods to nourish their hair, like using herbal treatments, and coconut oil massaging, and avoid using harsh chemicals. This natural care is the main reason behind the overall health and strength of the hair. This resilience and stability make these hairs ideal for extensions. If you also want to get one to improve your appearance, you can quickly order South Indian Raw Hair online. But before buying them, let’s have a look at the different types of South Indian hair extensions.

Different Types Of South Indian Hair Extensions

The South Indian hair extensions are available in different styles that are enough to transform your overall look.

  • Curly hair extension: South Indian hair extensions are available in curls, which not only give volume and lengths to your natural hair, but also help to alter your overall look.
  • Straight hair extension: If you love the softness of straight and lengthy hair, you can choose a straight south Indian hair extension.
  • Weave hair extension: If you neither like totally curly hair nor absolutely straight hair, then can go with the wavy South Indian hair extensions

Where to buy South Indian Raw Hair online

If you want to buy South Indian Raw Hair online but are not getting to the right place, then you must look forward to the Chandra Hair. It can offer you premium quality South Indian Raw Hair at a very reasonable price

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