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Diapering a Newborn? Here’s What You Need to Know

One of the first responsibilities we acquire as parents, which perhaps scares us a little, is changing our baby’s diaper. The responsibility goes from choosing the most appropriate baby diapers and placing the diaper pants correctly to using the products that help our baby to feel comfortable and avoid discomfort and infections. The truth is all the parents go through the same drill of trying to learn about diapers by watching tutorials, visiting such classes, and talking to the experts. To help the expecting parents of the new generation, here is all the essential information they might need in terms of diapering to make that time more joyful and stress-free for both the baby and their parents. 

What Type of Diapers to Choose?

There are various types of diapers available in the market. That goes from cloth diapers, normal basic stick-on diapers, diaper pants, organic diapers, and many more; the real question arises, what kind of diapers are best that helps with minimum leakage and is easy to wear for the baby? After researching and reviewing various kinds of diapers, we have concluded that Diaper Pants have become a common favorite of mothers and babies! It not only helps with minimal leakage but also offers a hassle-free and fun way to change diapers. They are available in the scented and unscented form offered by various brands around the world.

Steps to Change your Baby’s Diapers

During the first month, parents will frequently have to change diapers. Although each baby has its rhythm of bowel movements and urination, it is estimated that you will have to change diapers eight times a day at least. Regularly check your baby’s bottom for any wetness before and after feeding and napping, especially to protect them from any rashes or irritation. Here are a few basic steps to follow for a hassle-free diaper pant change

  • Before changing the diapers, ensure you have everything you need ready and at hand, like fresh diapers, wipes, creams, etc. 
  • Make your baby lie horizontally, preferably on their back, to remove the dirty diaper easily
  • Carefully lift your baby’s legs and simultaneously remove the diaper slowly
  • Wrap the dirty diaper and clean the bottom area with wipes
  • Ensure that your baby’s bottom is dry and fresh (you may use powder or cream as per your baby’s skin needs) before you change to new ones
  • If you are using the basic diapers, place the diaper below your baby’s bottom by lifting tiger legs and wrap it around their belly to secure them completely
  • If you are using the easy-to-wear diaper pants, then place your baby’s legs in their respective holes and pull those pants, and Voila! Your baby will be in new diapers in no time

How Often Must You Change Your Baby’s Diapers?

There is a general rule that says we should change baby’s diapers every two to three hours. The reason is that newborn babies usually urinate approximately every time and defecate three to five times a day. Such a frequency would prevent the baby from spending too long in a dirty diaper. We should thus avoid some of the complications by regularly keeping an eye on our baby’s bottom. Therefore, if we want our baby to be completely clean most of the time, we need to know their routines very well and accordingly take action.

Brands like Mamaearth have Plant-Based Diaper Pants for Babies that check all the criteria. They are toxin-free, natural, comfortable, and stretchy diapers with no latex, harmful chemicals, or fragrances. They are perfect for relaxing travel expenditure or those long, undisturbed naps at home. 

Such diapers are made from natural ingredients like corn starch and Aloe Vera that help with better absorption. Minimal leakage and are friendly to their sensitive skin. They even come with 12-hours of advanced leak protection, keeping the baby comfortable, dry, relaxed, and happy. That’s not all, Mamaearth Plant-Based Diapers absorb 2X better than other pant diapers in the market. And the best part? These pant diapers are biodegradable, making them good for not only your little one but also the environment. Utilize the benefits of Plant-Based Diaper pants and spend less time struggling with their diapers and more by playing with your little bubs. 

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