Custom eyeliner boxes

Eyeliners are used to enhance the look of eyes particularly used by women. Eyeliners are consider the most crucial component of eye makeup products consumed widely. Different categories of eyeliners are available in the market. Custom eyeliner boxes are used to retain the quality and shelf life of eyeliners. They are basically used to accentuate the overall appearance of the eyes. custom boxes are all set to produce one-of-a-kind boxes for its prestigious (respected) clients by catering to all their needs and requirements.

Key features:

  • custom die cut packaging boxes accurate sizes for all products
  • enhance product presentation with innovative styles and design
  • high quality, well-manufactured and long lasting materials
  • state of the art high quality printing services best for branding
  • delivery within 10 working days once your design finalized

Custom eyeliner boxes: make your eyes glamorous

Eyeliner is the most used product for ladies to beautify their appearance. Women who tend to use eyeliner on a regular basis look sick without applying it. So, if a basic makeup tool can give you advantages as fantastic as this, you’ll have to retain them in secure and lovely packaging. Packaging plays a vital role when it comes to retail items, for instance, the way you present your products speaks about your style, values, and creativity you put into it. That’s why custom eyeliner boxes are an integral element of the advertisement of your item or brand. custom boxes have personalized eyeliner boxes that can be customized in the color, material, and style of your desire.

Add radiance to your eyeliner boxes

If you’re searching for eyeliner packages of liquid eyeliners, cake packs, or gel pen eyeliners, our boxes add a special beauty and magnificence to your goods. Optimize your eyeliner boxes with the themes and color of your eyeliners. The boxes must be printed in a way that illustrates the eyes in a glamorous way to attract the attention of ladies. In a makeup store, hundreds of eyeliners are displayed on their shelves in different packaging but customers choose the one that looks more enchanting to their eyes or that is of high quality.

Incorporate add-ons along with finishing to your custom eyeliner boxes

You may add die-cut window panes, inserts, or lamination and foiling to give them a finishing touch. Customization refers that they can be manufactured in any size, shape, and style with additional tabs or flaps to accommodate your needs. These boxes are quite economical and help you save a lot. These boxes are necessary for not just a glamorous impact but for the protection of enclose eyeliners as most eyeliners are contained in glass jars or bottles. With the efficient services of custom boxes, you will get everything perfectly. You can also add inserts, die-cuts, as well as other add-ons to make the outlook of your custom eyeliner boxes interesting. Implementing different design and finishing options will definitely work great. Custom boxes possess a vast variety of these options and can create your boxes amazingly without any hassle.

Intriguing materials and customizations to stay unique

Custom boxes offers intriguing (interesting) customization options to let you design custom eyeliner boxes that turn heads towards it automatically. It creates a remarkable initial impact on clients and ensures that they acknowledge your items for a long time. The most tempting thing is that the personnel of cpp use is exquisite yet strong and durable materials that can easily bear hurdles. We use top-notch eco-friendly stocks including kraft, cardboard, paper board, bux board, and corrugated cardboard. We use the type of materials as per the product or the preference of clients. Moreover, inks that are utilized to print the boxes are also sustainable and easily printable. The primary purpose of custom eyeliner boxes Wholesale is to generate custom eyeliner boxes that will intrigue buyers at one glance. The utilization of enticing hues and appealing layouts also provides them a really charming appearance. We rely solely on our clients’ expectations of what they anticipate from us. Customers may order custom eyeliner boxes in whatever form, size, color, or design they desire. They only need to provide us with general directives, and we will develop packaging precisely to their specifications.

Eyeliner boxes

Eyeliners are consider one of the essential elements or products use in eye makeup. Eyeliners are available in several forms, such as liquid, gel, cake, and powder. Custom eyeliner boxes assist in preserving this item of makeup utility in its original condition and quality for an extended period. They also enhance and accentuate their style and elegance. These boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. They can be die-cut in several ways and include extra sleeves, pockets, and partitions.

Custom eyeliner boxes and packaging

Women are fond of creating attractive eyes and eyeliners are widely used for this purpose. Whether it is gel, liquid, or pen eyeliner, each requires special packaging to retain the quality of the product. The cosmetic companies use attractively designed eyeliner boxes for this purpose. The packaging is create from high-quality material to provide maximum protection to your products and increase their useful life. In addition to it, eyeliner box wholesale plays a significant role in the promotion of your brand. It gives a unique identity to your products and makes customers choose your brand over others. offers an array of customization for eyeliner boxes. You can have them printed in favored shapes, sizes, and colors. Having trendy images, clip art, and lettering on your custom eyeliner boxes would make them likable to the consumers.

Artistic eyeliner boxes not only package the product but also serve as an insignia of a cosmetic brand. A marvelous eyeliner box would display your eye makeup range more effectively. Designing an eye-catching eyeliner box requires professional expertise. Emenac packaging UK is a prestigious (respected) printing press that has been catering to the packaging needs of a multitude of businesses worldwide. The dedication to delivering outclass services has earned us acknowledgment in the niche. We are prefer because of:

Perfect prints

Our state-of-the-art digital and offset presses, in collaboration with the latest techniques, make printing a worthwhile experience. Despite providing the lowest market rates, we have never compromised on quality and design. provides immaculate customization options to help you get the most innovative eyeliner boxes. Customer satisfaction and product excellence are trademarks of our company. We provide numerous customization options for eyeliner boxes.

We can do every modification to your eyeliner boxes that are practically claim possible for this type of box. If you have particular design preferences with you, we make sure to follow them with necessary amendments to best fit your requirements. However, suppose you do not have any design in hand. In that case, our expert team of graphic designers can offer you numerous design options to choose from, keeping in mind your requirements and the end purpose or utility of your packaging.

Interesting customizations to stand out

The custom boxes provide an attractive customization option to create an eyeliner packaging that stands out from the crowd. It puts a memorable first impression on the customers and makes them remember your products for a long. The use of enchanting colors and attractive patterns gives them a beautiful display. We entirely depend on customers’ expectations and what they expect from us. The customers are free to choose from any shape, size, color, and style of custom eyeliner boxes. They have to give us basic guidelines and we will design packaging precisely according to their expectations. It’s your choice whether you want to introduce a logo, a die-cut pattern, windowpane, insert, or any other add-on option to display your eyeliner case more professionally.

Advanced printing and specialize finishing effects are apply at the end to attract customers at first sight. Eyeliner boxes have the weight and ingredients of the product print on them, which enlightens the customers about the products they are buying. The packaging boxes also protect the eyeliners from getting scratch. Liquid eyeliner pencil boxes with enticing colors tempt the onlookers into checking out the eye pencils.

Give your eyeliner box a creative touch with delightful color schemes and attractive artworks. For your creamy eyeliners, a sleeve box is a great option. Eyeliner pencils should be pack with embellishing accessories like ribbons and bows. Tip eyeliner boxes should have innovative eye motifs. Eyeliner gift boxes you intend to launch on special occasions should complement the event. Make an impression with catchy custom eyeliner boxes!

Custom eyeliner boxes

There are many varieties of eyeliners in the makeup industry today, and the competition is as strong as ever. The custom eyeliner boxes are your chance to get your customers’ attention and money with no effort.

Maybe you’re trying to market a liquid eyeliner, a pencil type, or even an eyeshadow that can be use as an eyeliner. We can make any custom-tailored eyeliner box for you. Pick a box from our gallery of 3000+ die-cuts for eyeliner packaging, or request your specific sizes. With premium paperboard and embellishments, your chic boxes will be worthy of appearing in any luxurious magazine.

Our minimum order goes as low as 250 pieces, so you can order small quantity boxes without worrying about overstocking.

Find your box in the library below and get in touch for a quick quote.

If the size you’re looking for isn’t list, click the button below and fill in the information. One of our friendly staff members will help you create the perfect box.

Order the perfect eyeliner boxes for your brand

Each brand has its specifics, but there are for sure some standard guidelines that can help with the success of your eyeliner boxes. Check the shortlist below!

  1. Light yet durable eyeliner packaging

The eyeliner is often reapply throughout the day, so it is carried around in a bag. Similar to mascara boxes or lipstick boxes, the eyeliner packaging needs to be light, easy to handle, and resistant enough to face multiple uses. You need a top-quality box that looks professional and doesn’t tear or smudge.

At Emenac packaging UK, we use premium paperboards available in different levels of thickness and with various coatings.

You can get:

  • white, brown kraft, or metalized paperboard
  • matte, gloss, or soft-touch coatings
  • straight & reverse tuck boxes, tuck top boxes, display boxes
  • boxes with cut-outs, inserts, and hangers
  • inside & out printing
  1. Custom eyeliner boxes with a visual impact

They say that eyes are the windows of the soul. On a similar note, you could say that the eyeliner packaging box is the window of your brand. Customers judge the packaging and decide to purchase or not by comparing the eye liner boxes on the shelf. It’s the perfect opportunity to make yours stand out.

Here are some elements that can help:

  • metallic fonts – make the copy more visible
  • pictures of eyelashes – show how the eyeliner can help
  • pictures that show or suggest the type of product – some people look for a specific type of eyeliner (for example, liquid or pencil)
  • cut-outs – let customers see the product
  • the color of the eyeliner – useful to show, especially if you have a line of products
  • mention key-properties of the eyeliner – for example, if it’s water-proof, it’s great for wings or the number of hours it lasts

Choose from a variety of embellishments to make your eyeliner boxes catch the eye:

  • hot foil stamping
  • embossing
  • debossing
  • spot UV printing

An easy to label eyeliner box

People value their skin and appearance, and they check the ingredients with care every time they make a new purchase. It is very important to include all the relevant information on your eyeliner box.

You will also need to comply with the FDA’s regulations, so a makeup label can be a very beneficial tool to use for your brand.

By using a label, your product information will always be at hand. Order your eyeliner boxes and matching labels from us, and save money and time. The process is very simple, and we have a very short turnaround.

Emenac packaging UK – Eyeliner packaging one click away

Place your order today and get your custom eyeliner packaging box at the best price. We are a full-service printing facility located in the UK. Your boxes will be done at the high standards and deliver in the shortest time. We make the packaging ourselves, from scratch, which means:

  • we can offer lower prices
  • we have full control over the process and can customize the boxes as you wish
  • we can assist you with every step of the process

Moreover, we offer free proofing before printing, we can send you free cad templates for your designer, and you will have access to an admin panel where you will be able to see the progress of your project in real-time.

Get your quote and bring your dream eyeliner boxes to life!

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