Cost of Starting a Business in Dubai Mainland

The mainland business setup is a lucrative business opportunity for budding Indian investors to establish their dream ventures in Dubai. Moreover, the cost of starting a business in Dubai mainland is affordable as well. Any company in the mainland region is an inland company that’s free of any legal geographic restrictions.

A mainland company incorporation in the UAE allows you to carry out your business operations in the local markets as well as outside the UAE. In addition, you can enjoy hassle-free company formation services by partnering with the business formation experts at the Shuraa India branch.

What is the Cost of Setting up a Mainland Company in Dubai?

The cost of your mainland company depends on your business operations, license type, location, and much more. However, you can secure a mainland trading license for as low as AED 20,000. Therefore, anything between AED 20,000 and AED 30,000 is a safe estimate.

It’s vital to note that the cost of starting a business in Dubai mainland increases if you need special privileges such as a foreign business name, consent from a governing authority, etc. Furthermore, you can collaborate with the company setup experts at Shuraa India Branch, and we’ll ensure that you don’t overpay at any time while establishing your mainland company in Dubai.

Various Payments You Need to Make to Establish a Mainland Company

Company incorporation in the UAE is hassle-free when you follow the correct steps and make the required payments before the due dates. Here are a few obligatory costs involved in opening a mainland company:

1. Fee for Company Registration

Indian investors need to register their company with the DED (Department of Economic Development) and pay the outstanding fee. Moreover, the amount varies based on the number of business partners, activities, investment plans, and visa applications.

2. Business License Charges

You’re free to choose the business license of your choice in Dubai for your mainland company. These include:

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License
  • Tourism License
  • Agriculture License

You’ll need to make the issuance payment for your mainland license and continue to annually renew it. Furthermore, ensure that your trading license is valid at all times because strict disciplinary action is taken against non-compliant organizations.

3. Office Space Fee

You can choose flexi-desks or go for a virtual office space to procure an official address for your mainland company. In addition, you get personalized offices on rent and this lowers the mainland business setup cost in Dubai. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about selling the real estate property when you have rented the office space.

4. Initial and Trade Name Approval Fee

The payment for the initial approval certificate and business name reservation is a one-time government fee. Moreover, the initial approval costs around AED 120 to AED 150 and gives you a cushion period of six months to complete the defined procedure. Moreover, note that the fee for trade name approval is around AED 620. In addition, an additional payment needs to be made if you desire to use a foreign business name.

5. Business Agent’s Annual Compensation

A local service agent (LSA) helps you with the documentation and other formalities without having any legal participation in your business operations. Therefore, you can enjoy 100% ownership of your mainland enterprise by connecting with reliable company setups agents like those at Shuraa India branch at a reasonable annual fee.

Furthermore, the overall cost of starting a business in Dubai mainland also depends on the Tasheel fee, notarization of MoA, and administrative service fee.

Which Documents Need to be Submitted to Set Up a Mainland Company?

Pre Initial Approval

The list of documents required for initial approval:

  • Passport copy of the mainland business applicant (with visa copy)
  • Registration application form from DED
  • Payment receipt of trade name reservation
  • Photocopy of applicant’s naturalization identification (confined to UAE nationals only)
  • NOC letter for applicant’s current service agent/sponsor (not applicable for GCC nationals)
  • Approvals granted by external governing authorities based on the business type

Post Initial Approval

Following documents are needed once you get the initial approval:

  • Payment receipt of initial approval
  • Office/warehouse tenancy contract attested by the Dubai municipality’s planning and civil defense department along with your location plan
  • Original, duly validated copy of the MoA by the notary public
  • If your business partner is an existing corporate organization in the UAE or abroad, the MoA and the commercial registration certificate should be certified and successively translated into Arabic by the concerned bodies (UAE Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.)

What are the Steps to Incorporate a Mainland Company in Dubai?

Indian entrepreneurs and other expatriates need to follow the steps mentioned to set up a mainland company. Furthermore, each step involves a designated fee that influences the cost of starting a business in Dubai mainland:

  1. Finalize the Business Activities
  2. Reserve a Mainland Trading Name
  3. Rent Office Space
  4. Secure a Mainland Trading License
  5. Open an Account

All these steps are discussed below to make it easier for you:

1. Finalize the Business Activities

Finalize your business operations and send the list of activities for evaluation to the DED. In addition, you’re free to apply for additional approvals in case any of the desired activities aren’t covered by the economic department.

2. Reserve a Mainland Trading Name

Next, you need to select a business name for your mainland venture in the UAE. In addition, ensure that you abide by all the naming regulations maintained by the government. Furthermore, refrain from using insulting terms and use an individual’s full name if you want that as your business name.

3. Rent Office Space

The next step is to rent office space for your mainland establishment. Furthermore, Dubai’s advanced infrastructure empowers companies to enjoy hassle-free functioning, thanks to cutting-edge business solutions and easy resource availability.

4. Secure a Mainland Trading License

Once you’ve completed the steps discussed above, it’s time to apply for a mainland business license. In addition, it’s a document that permits you to carry out the intended business activities in the UAE. Moreover, the business professionals at the Shuraa India branch help you obtain the mainland trading license by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

5. Open an Account

The last step is to manage your visa applications and open a business bank account for your mainland entity. Always choose a reliable bank that offers long-term benefits alongside top-grade banking services.

Set Up Your Dubai Mainland Company

You don’t need to worry about the LLC mainland business setup cost in Dubai when you collaborate with Shuraa’s legal advisors. We assist you in obtaining the initial approval, take care of translation and paperwork requirements, and also help in applying for your mainland business license.

In addition, our end-to-end business setup packages are cost-effective and highly customizable. Let’s connect today to get started!

However, you don’t need to worry one bit as Shuraa India is always there for you. Our legal advisors would walk you through the process and legalities of the UAE business ownership step-by-step so that you can plan accordingly. Get in touch with us for anything related to business formation in the UAE, and we would be glad to assist you.

Click here to book a free consultation with our experts and know more about 100% foreign ownership in Dubai mainland or call +91 80109 90022. For email assistance, mail your query at info@Shuraa.in.

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