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Attention Mobile App Developers: Five New Development Opportunities in iOS 15

If you have been paying attention to Apple (and who doesn’t), you know that they have announced iOS 15, the new operating system that powers Apple devices. Included in this upgrade are crucial security fixes and interface changes. If you are a developer, you know that these updates always include plenty of opportunities for new mobile application features and products.

In this article, we focus on five new or upgraded features and functionality that can provide opportunities for innovation, new products and additional features in existing mobile applications.

Weather and Notes

For businesses or developers who wish to expand the capabilities of applications that encompass functionality and features related to weather or geographic positioning, the new weather and notes features provide plenty of opportunity. Many industries can leverage these features, including logistics and delivery, agriculture businesses, businesses focused on outdoor events, parks and recreation and many others. New features include a graphical display of weather details, a dynamic, large screen map that updates to reflect weather conditions, detailed displays that include the position of the sun, the rainfall, etc.


For businesses with global reach, these features will be a big help! Apple provides Live Translate, and Apple Translate enables users to translate text in any application loaded onto the Apple device. Users can employ spell check, and communicate in numerous languages using content for social media, video and text editing. These new features allow businesses in hospitality, travel, media, education, non-profit and outreach and global corporations to communicate using voice, text and camera, and to work with native keyboards for various languages. Businesses can develop and monetize on this platform.

Image Recognition

Image Recognition allows users to search files with photographs, rebuild images, and leverage technology to identify images in places, messages, people, and technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The features can be used to identify locations, people, objects and texts within an image. These new features allow businesses to employ image recognition for things like plant or bird identification, location and geographical location, farming, calorie tracking using images of entrees, online shopping sites to compare items across multiple vendors, etc. The application can also be used in mobile apps that are designed to recognize faces and objects, to perform image searches across the web, etc.

Focus and Reduce Distractions

This new offering may not sound like much but it can be used for businesses to present home screens and specific applications designed to provide a custom focus for a business user and mitigate distraction or the bleed through of other apps and tasks that will take focus away. It might also be used for educational offerings, healthcare and fitness, or cities providing a local app to direct visitors to sites, mass transit, etc.

Digital Wallet

The Apple wallet has been redesigned and integrated with Safari so that users can swipe and navigate between tabs and wallet entries. There is also support for additional keys and smart access to unlock homes, offices and cars. In addition, the wallet improves security for online payments, provides a history of transactions, and enables users to add debit and credit cards and transfer funds using Apple Cash. Businesses that provide online payment for products or services, non-profit businesses that teach money management, businesses that offer security products and smart products for the home and businesses engaging with contactless payment opportunities can use these features to easily and quickly process payments. These types of features can be integrated with third-party apps and used in museums, amusement parks, and many other vertical industries.

If you are a developer, an IT consultant, an internal IT staff member or a product manager with a great idea for a Apple or hybrid mobile application, there are many ways you can leverage the new features and functionality within the iOS 15 environment. To explore mobile application development for iPhone, iPad, or Smart Watch, you need to engage an IT consulting partner to help you conceive and develop your mobile application. For more information about Mobile app development services, visit our Blog.

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