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A Complete Guide To Select a Modern Wedding

Modern wedding guide: Weddings in India are generally considered a multi-day affair full of all the happy elements. Generally in the pre-covid phase, We have the habit of inviting literally EVERYONE we know, even though we have met two days back, you are invited. But due to this pandemic situation, it has become really important to take care of ourselves and others by taking mandatory safety measures. While this pandemic is here, we cannot afford to be careless. It would take a good amount of time for everything to be normal like before. While the effect of this pandemic is not going away anytime soon, we can’t just sit and wait for this pandemic to get over; We have to learn to live with it by taking proper safety measures like wearing masks properly and sanitizing hands on a regular basis etc. As they say, the show must go on! 

Weddings are a pious and auspicious occasion that marks new beginnings for the couple. Plan a modern wedding and sticking to it is difficult due to lockdown and the pandemic. We are here for you with this complete guide to plan a modern wedding. But what is a modern wedding? And what makes it different from the usual weddings? If you ask, the answer is AWARENESS. Awareness about one’s taste, theme, environment, waste reduction etc.

If you are someone who is planning to go for a modern wedding and confused between the options and kind of feeling short of ideas then worry not, you have landed in the right place. This article would guide you to plan a modern contemporary wedding and inspire you with some amazing ideas that you can ideate at your wedding. Start taking notes! 

A complete guide to select a modern wedding: 

1.Themed wedding party

                                                      Image source:

All modern weddings have one thing in common that is a pre-decided theme for the wedding. And deciding a theme for the wedding gives your wedding planner a broader idea of everything you want. Whether it is a sunflower wedding or monkey wedding or monsoon wedding, they all look aligned and chic. Single themed wedding party looks flamboyant without any doubt.

2. Go for offbeat attires and their colour palette and patterns

                                                   Image source: Mohsinali photography

We know there are a certain set of stereotypes regarding how an ideal wedding should be. Groom should wear this in that colour and vice versa. So Instead of going for traditional colours and attires try experimenting with different colour palette and attires with different silhouettes and patterns. It would make your look stand out as a couple. These days modern weddings include couples opting in for pastel colours for their wedding outfits and décor.

3. Know the food taste and preferences of your guests

                                                         Image source:

Knowing the food taste and preferences of your guests will help in reducing food wastage at weddings. Couples nowadays are concerned about the waste generated at their wedding. So, keeping the menu or getting the plate of your guests personalised according to their food choices would ensure less food waste.

4. Go for a contemporary colour palette

                                              Image source: Makenna Brylee Photography

Choosing the colour palette of your wedding wisely according to the modern colour family would dramatically change the whole look of your wedding décor. And it would make your wedding look ultra-modern and chic. The modern colour palette includes off white, tan, white etc colours. These colours have the affinity to make the look of your wedding uber-modern and luxe. 

5. Digitalise your wedding

                                                Image source: Jessica Pledger photography

In this digital world where nothing is left untouched from being digitalisation, then why would weddings remain left behind in this race? Level up the digital game by making a couple of hashtags and asking your guests to use it and tag both of you on Instagram. So when anyone searches for your hashtag they get every photo of you on Instagram. The second amazing thing you can do is to make your own website solely for your wedding purpose which contains all the information regarding your wedding. And this would ensure everyone including a family from both sides and guests updated with each and every detail leaving zero space for confusion. 

6. Take personalisation level up a notch 

                                         Image source: Shaadi shaandaar by Harmeet Chana

Modern weddings nowadays are all about giving a personal touch to the weddings whether it is personalised napkins for wedding invites or having a photo collage of both you with your loved ones, gives so much information about the bonding you have with your loved ones. Just keep one thing in mind while personalisation is to not mention the dates anywhere because it would create a problem for you in case you want to shift your wedding to a different date. 

7. Add modern décor elements 

                                              Image source: @purpletreephotography | Instagram

Adding modern décor elements at your wedding would change how your wedding is going to look overall. Modern pieces such as modern florals, neon text lights, photo booths, cages, lanterns etc can be adorned in a different way to attain a modern wedding look. Changing the traditional way of using décor pieces such as light strings, floral chandeliers can make any wedding look flamboyant and modern.

8. Making Eco-friendly choices

Modern weddings nowadays are eco-friendly. Couples are more aware and keen to make eco-friendly choices than ever. And want a wedding that has less waste generation. Using digital invites instead of paper ones. And keeping the food and arrangements in sync with the number of people that are going to show up at the wedding. Using silver cutleries instead of plastic ones etc can promote less waste generation at weddings. 

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