6 Crucial Tips for Custom Jersey Design

Ever since jersey has become sporting as well as casual wear it has been used as a promotional item for any corporation, or a fantastic piece of sportswear to commemorate an event. Here are primary guidelines to Custom Jersey Design for your brand, business, sports team or fan club.

A Unique, one-of-a-kind jersey design is loved by all. Customize a jersey for your gym staff, sports team, corporate sales team or brand. A Custom Jersey represents unity and teamwork. Design your Own custom jersey with your company’s choice of colours, fonts, and designs to create a totally unique custom t-shirt design that you can be proud of.

custom jersey design
Custom Jersey Design

Here are 7 Guidelines to follow to get the perfect custom jersey for your own company or sports team.

  1. Material Choice is Important

    The Choice of Fabric plays a vital role when it comes to designing your own jersey. Take into the factors such as the activities you or your team will be participating in and the environment. Choose a fabric that is both comfortable and functional. Jerseys for colder weather requires a fleece lining to keep you warm in the winter and a more breathable, light-weighted fabric will opt for hot summer days?
    If you are designing performance-based Jerseys, look into the fabric properties such as flexibility, breathability, and moisture-wicking, which will come in handy for sportswear and athletic lifestyle jerseys. Rich cotton-based fabrics will be suitable for tracksuit tops, heavy jerseys, and team sweaters
  2. Customize and Personalize your Jerseys 

    Get your team members opinion on the custom jersey, after all, they are the one who is going to wear them proud, make them feel like a VIP with a custom jersey design with their name and lucky number. You can either go for printing those logos, number and name or you can get it embroidered Both Printing and embroidery comes with its own pros and cons sublimated printing are prints that are infused into the fabrics which give the printing a long lifespan whereas embroidery has a classy look and feel, though it adds weight to the fabric adding it into hoodies and zip-up winter jerseys for best effect.

  3. Keep it ColourfulGo with complimenting colours you can choose your jersey colour from your school emblem or companys’ logo or from your team mascot. Draft a basic design and ask your team members for their opinion and recommendations include your team in the design process and listening to their feedback builds more enthusiasm among your team members. Also, do background research on what your competitors are using for their colour scheme before you commit to any final colour design.


  4. Add your Logo StrategicallyYou can use your teams’ or brand or company’s name as a logo. Explore around with the placement of your logo design in your jersey and see if it’ll look great on the upper sleeve, the centre of the chest, or off to the side. If you want to go for the maximum visibility of your brand logo, then stick to a large placement in the centre of the chest.


  5. Use a Graphic Design Specialist 

    If you are a newbie when it comes to custom designing jersey for your team or organisation then it is highly recommended to reach out to the experts who will integrate with the work with a design team that understands your needs for a custom t-shirt design.When looking for a design team, look into their previous design work and ensure that you get to work with well experienced, talented, and knowledgeable graphic designing team. Once you’ve done customizing order a mock-up design to see how the outcome of the custom jersey.

  6. Better Teamwork for Better Results

A simple custom jersey can send your team spirit off the charts. Unlock the full potential of your team by boosting their confidence, team spirit and performance.

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